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Preview Edition - IFA International

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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE 2014 Trends As the most important sales season of the year arrives, it’s vitally important that retail buyers and channel partners “get it right” when making their choices. IFA Berlin this year as always features the products that will have the biggest impact on market activities for the coming period. IFA 2014 puts the spotlight on the latest trends from all areas of the industry. Large TV sets with elegantly curved screens, Ultra HD for amazingly sharp images, smart TVs with high performance operating systems, wearables offering a universe of new applications, 3D printers with amazing capabilities, audio streaming on many different types of devices – the list goes on. Let’s take a look at just some of the highlights. Consumer Electronics Trends at IFA 2014 The onward march of innovation in SMART TV ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: design and technologies TVS – A NEW SILHOUETTE The latest generation of television sets presents elegantly curved screens, a silhouette that emphasizes a completely new approach to design. Concave screens were already being displayed by a number of manufacturers last year. Within just a few months these experiments with new screen shapes have developed into a significant and innovative trend. One particularly interesting technical aspect is that this trend not only encompasses very thin OLED screens made of flexible materials, but also the more complex LCD models with LED backlighting. The novel shape can also influence the visual impact in a highly effective way: the curved screen often gives scenes an additional depth and plasticity. This is particularly evident in one of the most impressive innovations at IFA: the large screens with an ultrawide aspect ratio of 21:9, very similar to the Cinemascope format in which viewers feel drawn into the scene. Another field of innovation at IFA sees screen prototypes that can transform a completely flat surface into a curved shape and vice versa. By pressing the remote control, a motor is activated to move the screen into the required shape. END OF YEAR RESOLUTION Just when you thought Ultra HD was the limit, be on the lookout for even more resolution in the future. Ultra HD TV sets show images made up of more than eight million pixels, giving a resolution four times better than Full HDTVs. Over the past two years we have seen the onset of very large UHD TVs. However this year another trend will be towards smaller screen formats offering Ultra-HD. When, it comes to Ultra HD content, media organisations, network operators and the electronics industry are already heavily involved with this new technical development. Numerous forums and technical demonstrations at IFA will be dealing with the production and distribution of Ultra HD content, while international videoon-demand platforms are getting ready to offer movies in Ultra HD. Today, consumers can already create their own holiday videos in Ultra HD quality. High-quality SLR cameras are now available that are capable of shooting Ultra HD videos. IFA 2014 will be presenting a number of other Ultra HD recording devices, from action cameras and traditional camcorders with Ultra HD capability to compact system cameras. And of course, any slide show of one’s own digital photos is so much more impressive when viewed on a large Ultra HD screen, revealing all the previously hidden detail. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE INTERFACE AND APPS: ANDROID AND WEBOS ON SMART TV Smart TVs can access an increasing number of media libraries, internet video rental services, programme recommendations, online games, Within just a few months the experiments with new TV screen shapes have developed into a significant and innovative trend. social networks and information portals. But while the number of apps available on smart TVs is growing at a remarkable rate, there is also a corresponding need for improved interfaces that can provide a clearer IFA International • Monday 1 st September 2014 23

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