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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE SNEAK PEEK UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Dimensions Small and easy to store 2 Safe and healthy Chemical-free cleaning 3 Versatile Can be used for hand-held cleaning or floor cleaning LIGHTWEIGHT BUT POWERFUL – THE NEW KÄRCHER SC1 With the lightweight (1.5 kg) SC 1 Premium steam cleaner, Kärcher brings a unique solution for the cleaning of smaller surfaces to the market. With just one click, it turns from a hand-held cleaner into a steam mop thanks to an easily connected floor nozzle. It is suitable for households with little storage space and covers all the same applications as its big brothers. It can be used after only 3 minutes heat-up time thanks to its newly developed boiler with a high pressure of 3 bars, and like all Kärcher steam cleaners the new small model cleans without chemical agents. A study by the renowned Enders laboratory has confirmed that this cleaner eliminates 99.99% of all household bacteria. Available from October 2014. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 109 CLEANER AIR – HEALTHIER LIFE Based on a 3M brand active carbon antibacterial filter for very fine particles, the Medisana Air cleans a room of 20 sq m three times a day, but with very little energy consumption – around one Cent per day according to its manufacturers. The unit silently cleans the air of dust, pollen, odours and bacteria. It has an LED “filter full” indicator. Medisana will officially release the new air cleaner at IFA with retail price of around €80. » HALL 6.1 STAND 117 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Cool Design 2 Technically highly advanced 3 Low power consumption UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Home Cinema Star Combination of UHD with excellent audio 2 Elegant Design Silvery aluminium bezel finish 3 Extended recording functionalities NEW LEVELS OF ENTERTAINMENT FROM GRUNDIG The new Grundig Fine Arts 65 FLX 9490 SL boasts not only UHD resolution but also 60 watt SRS StudioSound HD with front output speakers and the additionally integrated 30-watt woofer to deliver a convincing home cinema experience. The top of the line Grundig model includes SMART inter@ctive 3.0 and polarising 3D technology, as well as USB Recording 3.0 with extended recording functionalities. » HALL 23 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Miele legendary quality 2 Clever navigation system MIELE LAUNCHES INTO ROBOVAC MARKET GERMAN PREMIUM MANUFACTURER MIELE HAS ENTERED THE ROBOTIC VACUUM CLEANER MARKET, LAUNCHING THE MIELE SCOUT RX1. The Scout is characterised by Smart Navigation, good cleaning performance and the excellent charge and durability of its lithiumion battery pack. The Scout RX1, which Miele's Bielefeld plant developed in collaboration with a young Korean robotics specialist, which also manufactures the product exclusively for Miele, incorporates a systematic navigation system. This means that it covers the area to be cleaned in parallel tracks instead of randomly criss-crossing the room, the more common approach adopted by the majority of models which use chaotic navigation. The Scout RX1’s systematic navigation system achieves more reliable coverage while saving time and battery power. » HALL 2.1 / STAND 101 3 Long lasting battery 32

CONSUMER LIFESTYLE SNEAK PEEK UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Secure Works via Bluetooth with secure (TÜV approved) proprietary system 2 Flexible Can be used in combination with other Beurer products such as scales, blood pressure monitor etc. 3 Sleep tracking Each morning gives a report of how well the user slept. BEURER ACTIVITY SENSOR FOR HEALTHIER LIVING After the successful introduction of the Beurer HealthManager, Beurer is launching a new product group into the health management system under the title "Activity". In this context, the health specialist is introducing the new AS 80 activity sensor at IFA. The new activity sensor continuously records the user's physical activity and transfers the data to the Beurer HealthManager app via Bluetooth. As part of the activity tracking, the user's number of steps, distance covered, calorie consumption, activity duration and achievement of daily activity targets are displayed. One special feature of the AS 80 is the sleep tracking function, with which the user's movements during sleep and sleep duration are recorded overnight. » HALL 4.1 STAND 205 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Virtually indestructible Heavy-duty polycarbonate shell to withstand drops, knocks and falls 2 Remington’s most powerful clipper 7.4V Motor System 3 Professional cut performance 350mm/s REMINGTON INDESTRUCTIBLE HAIR CLIPPER The team at Remington say they understand consumers want high performance products with lasting power and endless durability. At IFA 2014 they will launch the Virtually Indestructible Hair Clipper, which, they say, will perfectly suit these needs. Professionally powered and virtually indestructible, this clipper is built with the same materials found in power tools, ready to withstand long-term, regular usage and still deliver optimum power. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 104 IFA International • Monday 1 st September 2014 33

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