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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE SNEAK PEEK UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Image Best picture quality on offer from Samsung 2 Design World’s first 21:9 curved TV 3 Unique Only 21:9 format TV available from Samsung 105-INCH CINEMASCOPE CURVED UHD TV While not being a mass-market product, the US0,000 retail price tag on Samsung’s new S9W curved UHD TV may cause some hesitation among buyers, but the Korean manufacturer says the new 21:9 TV is now market-ready (with around 14 weeks delivery time). The cinemascope format is of course ideal for watching films, which – even in Full HD on a 16:9 TV have black bars top and bottom. Upscaling is done in a four-step process to ensure quality. Purchase of the 110 kg TV comes with full-service installation. » CityCube HALL B / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Exceptionally “bright” lens 2 OLED Viewfinder 3 High quality video + HDMI clear output for uncompressed video recordings BIG QUALITY IN SMALL PACKAGE Sony continues to forge new ground in the digital camera field with the development of new kinds of sensors that greatly eliminate “noise”, and allow for very versatile shooting. The Sony DSC-RX100 III boasts a 1-inch 20.1 MP Exmor R sensor for extreme low-light shots, an F1.8 Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens (24-70mm) and a built-in SVGA OLED viewfinder. » HALL 20 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Allows users to stream images from a smartphone to the TV 2 Adapts to any TV with an HDMI port 3 Compact and easy to install SCREEN SHARING MADE SIMPLE An emerging trend in new LCD TVs is screen sharing – allowing users to “throw” content from their mobile device onto the TV. The Wireless Screen-Share-Adapter from Hama connects to the HDMI slot of an existing television, and wirelessly transmits the entire screen contents of the smartphone or tablet one-to-one. Images and sound are transmitted in 1080p HD quality. The adapter is suitable for Android devices with Android version 4.2.1 or higher. » HALL 10.2 / STAND 101 34

CONSUMER LIFESTYLE SNEAK PEEK UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Audio quality No compromise despite small size 2 Comfort Lightweight design and four sizes of ear-sleeves for perfect fit 3 Value for money Consumer friendly price points Sennheiser CX 5 00g black set INNOVATION IN THE FOREGROUND SENNHEISER KEYNOTES AT IFA – BUT ALSO INNOVATES WITH NEW PRODUCTS At the Innovation Media Briefing in Berlin this summer, the audio specialist presented its new CXheadphone series for the first time, showing a small selection of the IFA novelties. "Innovation" is the defining theme of the Sennheiser keynote at IFA – looking at the future of the audio world. The outstanding sound performance of the CX 1.00, CX 2.00, CX 3.00 and CX 5.00 is based on a new driver technology and a specific acoustic design. As a result, the in-ear headphones achieve an exceptionally clear sound image in all frequency ranges. » HALL 1.2 / STAND 202 Michael Langbehn Head of PR, Panasonic Germany UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Flexibility No need for cables or docking stations – and music available in any room of the home 2 Music Choice Users can enjoy not only music stored on their smartphone or tablet, but also streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer. 3 Sound Quality Panasonic is renowned for the quality of its audio reproduction and the ALL system is no exception. Stephanie Guo Marketing Manager (Euro-Market) Hisense International Co., Ltd., with new ULED TV. UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Exceptional contrast and black levels 2 Improved colour reproduction 3 Much lower price point than OLED HISENSE TO INTRODUCE ULED TV IN EUROPE Already announced at the beginning of the year, ULED (Ultra LED) technology by Hisense is an LCD TV featuring an advanced form of direct LED backlighting with local area dimming. While local area dimming is not new, Hisense have developed patented “Scene Engine Technology” algorithms designed to improve not only contrast ratio but also colour performance. This is done through fine backlight control, using a high-powered video processor. Hisense demonstrated its 55XT900 ULED UHD TV side by side with an OLED TV at the IFA Innovations Media Briefing, and while not claiming it is equivalent to OLED, the demonstration showed that it is very close, and, as Hisense points out, at a much lower price point. Claimed contrast ratio of the model on display is 1,000,000:1. Planned rollout for Europe is in Q1, 2015. » HALL 6.2 / STAND 202 PANASONIC WIRELESS MULTI-ROOM SOUND SYSTEM As the trend for wireless multi-room speakers grows exponentially, Panasonic is coming on board with a very attractive new range of speakers, announced earlier this year, but now finally hitting the market. The so-called “ALL” system has three different sized speakers and is based on the Qualcomm AllPlay smart media platform. The larger speaker boasts 80 watts output – for the living room. The “ALL 3” speaker is for medium to small rooms. The smallest module can be linked to an existing home Hi-Fi or home cinema system. Rollout has been taking place over recent weeks in Europe. » HALL 5.2 / STAND 101 ///// NEWS PANASONIC TO LAUNCH FIRST UHD TV WITH SAT IP SERVER INSIDE When users receive their satellite signal at home, the new TV becomes a “sat server” transforming the signal to an IP format, which can be transported via Wi-Fi in the home to all rooms or even in the garden. The system is officially being launched at IFA, and rollout will occur following the show in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. IFA International • Monday 1 st September 2014 35

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