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Preview Edition - IFA International

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CONSUMER LIFESTYLE SNEAK PEEK Giving the Media Food For Thought Sebastian Lindemann - Head of Communication Philips DACH explains his company’s stand concept at the IFA Innovations Media Briefing in Berlin You’ve created an amazing “space” for the journalists at the IFA Innovations Media Briefing in Berlin, please tell us the background to this. Sebastian Lindemann Head of Communication, Philips DACH Philips really likes the idea of the IFA Innovations Media Briefings. Last year we had a small booth. This year we considered the trend at IFA, which is towards the “digital home” or smart home. So we decided to build our own digital home at the Media Briefing to show the journalists the concept behind it. Philips has a lot of digital innovations, such as a connected coffee machine, connected TV, connected sound systems and connected lights. So we built four rooms – a kitchen, a living room, a working room and a bathroom, and we integrated our digital solutions within these rooms. So even though we have different companies making some of these Philips branded products, you are making a joint effort in marketing Right. We want to tell a brand story coming from Philips – that Philips is an innovator in digital solutions, and we have integrated this concept into this stand. So communication is all essential in an exercise like this? Getting the right message to the journalists about how this all fits together? Yes, we want journalists to get an idea of how to write a story. Not just a story about a new product, but a story about the digital home concept, in which they can set the new products as part of the story. The feedback, not only from the journalists, but also from industry professionals from the gfu and IFA, is excellent. They have been really fascinated by this brand concept, and they really like how we have introduced our digital solutions within this digital home. APP MY COFFEE The Saeco Grandbaristo Avanti is the first coffee machine that works via an app on a smartphone or tablet. While originally announced as a concept in 2013, this summer in Berlin – for the IFA Innovations Media Briefing – was the first time it has been presented to the press as a working model, and is sure to create a stir at IFA. The Saeco GranBaristo Avanti will allow users to create the perfect espresso, latte macchiato or any coffee drink with their smart device. » HALL 22 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS EASE OF USE Once you set up the app for each users’ personal tastes, just press the button and the coffee will appear REMOTE USE POSSIBLE The user can programme the machine from another room without leaving their guests QUALITY The quality of the coffee is assured due to premium manufacturing 36

CONSUMER LIFESTYLE SNEAK PEEK New Blood and New Products for Loewe With the arrival of investors the company launches an entire new product line-up - to be seen for the first time at IFA Martin Steib Head of Product Marketing, Loewe The management team of Loewe are back in smooth waters again after the turmoil of previous months. “The last months were basically driven by the fact that the new investor is on board,” says Martin Steib, head of Loewe’s Product Marketing. “This was important for us, because last year, as you know, we have been going through very tough times and with the financial and organisational situation now resolved we can focus on the product side much again.” At IFA 2014, Loewe is replacing its entire TV lineup, perhaps the first time in the history of this company that one line-up has been stopped, and replaced with an entirely new one. At the IFA Media Briefing in Berlin this summer, journalists were given just a glimpse of what will be introduced at IFA, as much was still in development. The company’s newfound strength has come from local investors. “There are two investors who have put their personal interest into Loewe, so they have both a financial and a strategic interest in the company,” explains Steib. “They came on board earlier this year after the first attempt to find an investor was not successful in the end, and that made the situation more complicated.” NEW PRODUCT LINES Loewe’s new range is entirely based on UHD technology, with the sole exception of the 32-inch TV, which is in a different market segment. Each product line will have its own “personality” and characteristics. The Art line will feature instant channel zapping, the Connect line will feature advanced multi-channel recording functions, the Reference line (next level up) will focus on connectivity and sound performance, and the top of the line, the Reference “masterpiece” – a curved UHD model to be revealed at IFA – will be a brand icon and, according to Steib, “It will have a certain presence, simply by its design and by the materials we are using and the exquisite craftsmanship.” Connect Linie 40 Connect Linie 40 LOEWE CONNECT Watch one channel while following another in picture-in-picture mode, and recording a third TV programme with the integrated hard disk recorder. All this and more is now also possible using a mobile device. Loewe Mobile Recording enables users to program the television via the Loewe Smart Assist app for Android and iOS – in case they can't make it home in time to record the movie. UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Recording DR Plus function with built-in hard drive and possibility to watch one channel and record two others 2 Connectivity TV can be controlled and recorder can be programmed by smartphone or tablet 3 Sound Audio decoding function to enhance home cinema audio With one terabyte of storage capacity, a large number of programmes can be recorded and archived in high definition. The hard disk recorder also doubles as a video server that can be accessed with other Loewe devices in the home network (DR+ Streaming). Users can even pause the current programme and continue watching from a different device in another room (DR+ Follow-Me). » HALL 6.2 / STAND 201 IFA International • Monday 1 st September 2014 37

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