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News EDITORIAL Richard

News EDITORIAL Richard Barnes Editor-In-Chief Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin, Dr Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin, Cornelia Yzer, Senator for Economics, technology and research, and Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu signing the symbolic agreement in the Berlin City Hall. Dear friends of the trade, retail and press, This edition of IFA Berlin 2014 is all the more remarkable as it lies at the crossroads of several major macroeconomic phenomena and changes in governance among certain leaders. Our 5 print editions and online Review of IFA international are – now more than ever – designed as a decision support tool: ensuring you do not miss anything when it comes to these changes and their implications for your business. The economic recovery for the sector has now been confirmed by GFK (see p1) at the precise moment we are witnessing a newly-assumed leadership by several Chinese companies in the TCG sector, both at the level of the products themselves but most importantly in their communication (see for instance this year’s IFA International advertising coverage). In this context the opening keynote of Samsung’s BK Yoon could not be better timed for the world’s press and analysts to better understand Samsung’s vision and ambition to maintain their position of leadership in the market. Other keynotes will doubtless also create their own waves, not the least Intel, where a major product announcement is in the wings. Indeed, since growth is truly the keyword at IFA this year, the ambitions of manufacturers are made clear throughout IFA Berlin thanks of course to the keynotes, but also on the ground itself: • In the exhibition halls, with the expansion and improved positioning of the exhibition space of the major challengers; • On the stands themselves, with a broadened offer - including HA and mobile - and a growing range of products; • In IFA International, the veritable source of all relevant show information for professionals and the press, through increased and more effectively positioned BtoBtoC advertising. For Retail and Trade purchase managers, IFA Berlin will now more than ever be THE PLACE TO BE to stay abreast of these developments, so vital to the future of their organisations. We wish you all a very successful IFA Berlin 2014! It’s Good for Berlin, it’s Good for the Industry Messe Berlin and gfu sign new agreement: Berlin confirmed as IFA location for another five years to come Thanks to the extension of a contract binding the German trade organisation – the gfu – with Messe Berlin until 2018, the German capital is comforted in its position as a trade fair Mecca. The symbolic signing of the new agreement took place earlier this year in the presence of Berlin’s Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit and the Senator for Economics Cornelia Yzer in the gallery of the Berlin City Hall. Mr Wowereit underlined the fact that among leading fairs, IFA is one of the most important for Berlin: “It brings benefits for hotels and catering establishments as well as being of fundamental importance for the city as a location for technology.” Cornelia Yzer, meanwhile, thanked the organisers for continuing to put their trust in the city. “Berlin is a hotspot for the products and solutions of tomorrow. That is why IFA and Berlin are so suited to one another, because this leading event for consumer electronics and electrical home appliances provides an impressive picture of the latest technologies and how they can be used." BERLIN AND IFA: A SUCCESSFUL COMBINATION For its part, the gfu continued to praise the management of Messe Berlin, and the city itself, for their dedication to making IFA such a major global success. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu, Hans-Joachim Kamp, said, “This is a solid basis for the success of our IFA, and we shall continue to work closely and intensively to ensure its continuation. I would like to thank the IFA team at Messe Berlin, who have always provided strong and reliable partnership.” So why is the partnership so successful? Dr. Christian Göke, Chief Executive Officer of Messe Berlin, explains. “Messe Berlin and gfu have been combining their core skills for more than 40 years: familiarity with the market and expertise in the events field. We look forward to continuing to strengthen this proven partnership in the long term. Working together we shall continue to develop and consolidate the successful model that is IFA.” Messe Berlin and gfu have been combining their core skills for more than 40 years IFA International is a CLEVERDIS Publication • 65 avenue Jules Cantini - Tour Méditerranée – 13006 Marseille, France • Tel: + 33 442 77 46 00 •Fax: + 33 442 77 46 01 • SARL capitalised at e128,250 • VAT FR 95413604471 • RCS Marseille 413 604 471 • • • During IFA: Press Center – Hall 6.3 – Room 411 • Tel: +49 (0)30 3038 81450 • Fax: +49 (0)30 3038 81457 • • • Publisher: Gérard Lefebvre • Publishing Director: Jean-Guy Bienfait • Managing Director: Jean-François Pieri • Project Manager: Bettina Badon • Editor-in-Chief: Richard Barnes • Editorial Coordination: Bianca Newby, • Editorial team: Stuart Braun, Neil Crossley, Andy Fry, Bob Snyder • Photos: David Nivière • Art Director: Hélène Beunat • Design & Page Setting: Guillaume Kaercher, Guillaume Vinrich • Webmaster: Benjamin Ras • With the participation of: Pia Dewenter, Samridhi Sundrani, Monia Tazamoucht •To contact them : first name.last • Cover: © Messe Berlin GmbH © CLEVERDIS 2014 - Registration of Copyright September 2014 Information presented in this publication is purely indicative in order to illustrate subjects contained therein. No guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of data or content at time of printing and thus the latter should not be used for professional or commercial ends. While all efforts have been made as to accuracy and pertinence of content and data contained in this publication, CLEVERDIS may in no case be held responsible for the consequences, whatever their nature may be, that may result from the interpretation of this data or content, or any eventual errors therein. Any reproduction of the content of this publication, even partial, by any means whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without the prior autorisation of the publisher. Any copy, whether by photography, photography film, magnetic tape, disc or other means constitutes a forgery, liable to punishment under French law according to the legislation of 11 th March 1957 covering copyright. All brands cited in this publication are registered trade marks and/or belong to companies which are their respective proprietors. The publishers and editorial staff decline all responsibility as to opinions formulated in this publication by those interviewed or cited therein. Their opinions are entirely their own, and are included with the understanding that they contain, to our knowledge, no malicious intent. The inclusion of all texts, photographs and other documents supplied by those included in this publication imply the acceptance by their authors of their free publication therein. Documents and photographs will not be returned. It should be understood that this publication contains forwardlooking statements that involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. All statements other than statements of historical fact are statements that could be deemed forward-looking statements. Risks, uncertainties and assumptions include assumptions relating to the timing of the recorded date. If any of these risks or uncertainties materialises or any of these assumptions proves incorrect, actual results could differ materially from the expectations outlined in these statements. Cleverdis assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements during the period of publication. Photo Credits and Copyright: All Rights Reserved. 4

News The Final Countdown With IFA just around the corner, show director Jens Heithecker paints the picture for a spectacular event IFA punctuates the sales year at the most important time, setting the tone for the holiday sales season. We asked IFA Director Jens Heithecker how industry sentiment feels as we arrive at IFA 2014 We have learned over the years that in some ways, IFA is independent from the development of single markets, but of course we know in Western markets, in Europe and Japan, we see the pressure on the industry coming from price competition and lower demand for TVs. But the mood at IFA continues to be optimistic. This is not just inspired by hope for better times, but due to the fact that there are positive developments in the connected consumer electronics market, where certain product categories have been performing very well. We have especially noted that some of the Japanese manufacturers are beginning to get more grip in the market again. They have new line-ups with very positive expectations. We also had a major impact this summer from the Soccer World Championship in Brazil. The Chinese companies are also emerging even more than in the past… We have seen this development now for a couple of years, but what is different this year is a push in marketing and a development of structure and strategies for western markets. They’ve made huge steps forward in developing strategies, establishing their brands in western markets, bringing in products of a higher standard in a higher price range. That’s very different to three or four years ago, when Chinese manufacturers already exhibited, but with products that were still low on the We have especially noted that some of the Japanese manufacturers are beginning to get more grip in the market again learning curve concerning requirements of western consumers. Tell me about the IFA+ Summit It’s a very new development. Usually in the past, we had a media conference, organised by the media board of Berlin and Brandenburg. Despite being very happy to have this conference, we felt there was a lack of international topics, of international speakers, and of international attendees. So we separated the conference from our trade show and decided to develop our own conference with a different, very modern format. We won’t be seeing the “usual” speakers on the stage, or the “usual” kind of conferences you’ve seen in the past. We are just starting this year with a conference of one and a half days, and it’s not only about media, but about the entire range of IFA topics. That’s the reason we called it the IFA+ Summit. It’s not about recent products – you can find product innovations at the booths at the show – and that’s for the retailers, the buyers, for the next retail sales period. At the conference, we try to bring together the new entrepreneurs, developers and visionaries for this industry in one place alongside IFA. And of course, we try to cover all the important topics for the future of consumer electronics, home appliances and the consumer communication markets. It means we’re talking about the smart cities, we’re talking the connected world, we are talking about mobility… but with the idea of bringing in the visions of what the long-term run will look like in the next five to ten years. The conferences will be in English as well as German, and international attendees will be able to follow, share and discuss with the panellists and speakers. What will be the most remarkable changes at IFA this year? The most visible sign of the development of IFA this year will be the new hall – the CityCube – replacing the former Deutschland Halle. It’s the first time we have Jens Heithecker IFA Director been able to enlarge the capacity for our exhibitors in the past twenty years! We are very happy to have the chance to fulfil more requirements for our exhibitors this way. The hall has two levels. The upper floor is taken up by one exhibitor, Samsung, and the lower level has the new convention centre for IFA – hosting all our congresses and international keynotes. Following the move of Samsung from Hall 20 to the new CityCube, there have been a lot of other moves at the show. It means some big exhibitors can be found in new halls with new presentations, surprising trade visitors and journalists in the best way! Messe Berlin and gfu recently signed a renewal agreement for the continuation of IFA in Berlin for the next five years. Most people think it’s normal that IFA should be in Berlin, but this is thanks in great part to the work done by Messe Berlin and the city officials… Yes. On the one hand we are very happy that it’s a “standard” that IFA is in Berlin and should be run by Messe Berlin, and we support this impression and really appreciate it. On the other hand it is important to know that Messe Berlin is not the owner of the brand, which belongs to the gfu – the industry association. We are just the facilitators – organising the show in the best possible way. We were happy that the industry has acknowledged the successful work of the IFA team at Messe Berlin and that they feel we do it in excellent partnership with the gfu. IFA International • Monday 1 st September 2014 5

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