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News Hans-Joachim Kamp

News Hans-Joachim Kamp Hans-Joachim Kamp studied Business Administration Management at the University of Hamburg and started his professional career with Philips in Germany in 1975. Apart from his gfu responsibility, Hans-Joachim Kamp is also chairman of the supervisory board of Messe Berlin and chairman of the supervisory board of Philips Germany. gfu – the PR instrument of the CE and HA industries In 1973, eleven leading companies of the consumer electronics industry in Germany founded an association with the name of “Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Unterhaltungselektronik“ as a general “PR Instrument” for the Consumer Electronics industry. In 1986, the association’s name was changed into “Gesellschaft für Unterhaltungs- und Kommunikationselektronik, gfu mbH” with its registered office in Frankfurt/Main. Today there are 13 members: Astra, Bosch, Canton, Grundig, Loewe, Metz, Nokia, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and Technicolor (Thomson). Giving Markets Positive Momentum The gfu – the industry association behind IFA – a driving force for the industry Each year, IFA bolsters business at the most important selling time of the year. We asked Hans- Joachim Kamp — Chairman of the supervisory board of gfu, the industry association behind IFA — whether the show’s success can be measured… In 2012, we recorded an order volume of more than 3.8 billion euros. On the one hand, this makes IFA an outstanding marketplace and on the other hand the most important trade fair worldwide for the sectors of consumer electronics and home appliances. How important is IFA to the industry at large in Europe and in the world in terms of putting a positive spin back on the CE and HA industries? IFA traditionally gives the markets positive momentum. It is at the ideal time before the bestselling time of the year from October to December when preparing for the Christmas season that around 35 percent of sales are realised. These are an essential stimulus for both industries. IFA has become the world's most successful event of its kind. It's thanks to the German vendor representations that make up gfu that the entire industry is thus able to move forward, not only in Germany, but worldwide. What are your aims and objectives in this respect? In developing the IFA concept, we did not rest on our laurels from the past, and will continue to refrain from so doing. We will continue to expand IFA as an ideal marketplace for trade and industry and an important meeting place for the sector, as well as increasing its international importance. In addition to that, we are continuing to adapt the concept of IFA to new business fields that arise from increased networking within the entire home electronics sector as such and from social challenges. Here I mean demographic change for example, as well as the need to deal intelligently with resources that are becoming even more scarce. What is the concrete return for local industry representatives - the owners of gfu - of the internationalisation of the show? We read about the result of our work in the significance of IFA as a melting pot of sectors and a contact forum for management and CEOs from consumer electronics and home appliances. We were able to achieve significant progress in recent years and whoever has something to say in the two industries comes to Berlin. A few additional facts: Since 2008, the number of international visitors has doubled. And during the same period, the share of representatives from international media has grown by 60 percent. All this shows that IFA also offers local industry representatives unique opportunities for global networking. Hans-Joachim Kamp Chairman of the supervisory board of gfu Vice President ZVEI “Since 2008, the number of international visitors has doubled. And during the same period, the share of representatives from international media has grown by 60 percent.” 10

News The View from the Top The vision of the leading figure of Berlin’s worldrenowned show grounds, Dr Christian Göke for IFA 2013 Dr Christian Göke CEO of Messe Berlin The reason for IFA’s success is its clear concept that brings the interests of the industry and retailers together under one roof. Its increasing international appeal of recent years has made IFA a world leader. What do you see as being the highlights of IFA 2013? Smart Home and the digital revolution can’t be more present; there are profound changes in every aspect of people’s lives. Especially the smart approach of IFA, combining Consumer Electronic and Home Appliance products and devices is outstanding. Smart Home, Connectivity will be a major trend at IFA 2013. How important is IFA for the local economy in Berlin? IFA is an important economic factor for the German capital. In 2012 the economists of the Investment Bank Berlin (IBB) calculated that IFA accounts for about 112 million euros for Berlin's economic performance. This include, “(...) IFA accounts for about 112 million euros for Berlin's economic performance.” IFA continues to grow as the world’s most important consumer lifestyle event. We asked Dr Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin, why the show is so successful. for example, spending by visitors at hotels, restaurants and many other services. In addition to the direct revenue, other indirect effects are added. How important is it for the global economy - and why? For the industry and trade IFA is the year’s leading event, with orders at the last show totalling more than 3.7 billion euros. Nowhere else in the world can you find more new products, innovations and gadgets. Berlin is the venue where the industry prepares itself for Christmas sales of consumer electronics and home appliances. IFA is of global relevance for the introduction and positioning of new products and brands. How is progress going on the new hall, and what will this add to the offering at IFA? The construction of the new hall CityCubeBerlin is progressing. The opening is on schedule for the first quarter 2014 and we are very much looking forward to it. IFA is at its capacity limit when it comes to rented space, which means we can no longer offer adequate placements within the halls and that’s unfortunate in many ways. Nonetheless we are pleased to face the challenge. Consequently we can’t wait to take the multifunctional exhibition and congress hall in operation. Messe Berlin: Dr Christian Göke CEO as of July 2013 In December 2012, a regular meeting of the Supervisory Board of Messe Berlin confirmed the appointment of Dr Christian Göke as the new CEO of Messe Berlin GmbH as of 1 st July 2013. Raimund Hosch, who held the post for a number of years, retired, leaving the company at the end of June 2013. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of gfu, Hans-Joachim Kamp welcomed the decision: “Over the last twelve years, together with Raimund Hosch, Christian Göke has overseen the positive change which the company has undergone and consequently is in the best possible position to master the challenges that lie ahead. I am very glad that an internationally highly respected expert is taking over the company, someone who represents continuity in a business in which personal commitment matters so much." Dr Christian Göke, who qualified in business and has a PhD in Law, has been COO of Messe Berlin GmbH since April 2000 and previously held posts with Messe Frankfurt GmbH and Roland Berger & Partner. Commenting, Dr Christian Göke said: “I wish to express my thanks and happiness to the Supervisory Board for the trust it has placed in me and until the changeover I intend to continue the good work with Raimund Hosch.” IFA International • Monday 2 nd September 2013 11

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