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Preview Edition - IFA International

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News Bringing the Future to the IFA Show Floor IFA TecWatch in Hall 11.1 is where research hits the marketplace More than 50 companies will make IFA’s TecWatch the place to discover the technologies aimed at tomorrow‘s markets. In addition to the exhibits, IFA TecWatch hall also features an outstanding programme of presentations, papers and panel discussions. The exhibits cover a wide range of themes including the Super HD solutions of tomorrow, the combination of virtual and real worlds (augmented reality), the “cloud”, numerous new apps ranging from entertainment to services for smartphones, smart home technologies, wearables, and the exciting new location (geolocation and indoor location) technologies. Just to give show-goers a taste of what’s in Hall 11.1, here’s a quick guide to a few of the exciting stands: WobbleWorks will show 3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen. 1 1 The Potsdam start-up awaju who provides energy efficiency products and services for private households, will show the internet-service WATTlive to explore electricity consumption at home. 2 E Ink Corporation will be there as the world’s leading innovator of digital signage and electronic paper display technology (EPD). 2 3 BitTubes GmbH, a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, will be exhibiting “non-linear video” which allows the viewer to interact with objects within the video and to access any kind of supplemental information. 3 All the way from San Francisco comes the LIFX: the reinvention of the light bulb. LIFX is a wi-fi enabled, multi-colour, energy efficient LED light bulb you control with your iPhone or Android smartphone. 4 Locoslab GmbH will show low-cost products and services for RF-based indoor localization and object tracking. From Silicon Valley, Matterport creates immersive 3D models of indoor spaces. They hope to improve the way people conceptualize indoor spaces with its 3D modeling systems. 5 You won’t want to miss the solar Clicc system, where you can configure a small high efficient solar panel (that comes in many colors) into groups. 5 Munich-based startup tado highlights the first geolocation app for heating that can detect where the residents are and then sets the temperature accordingly. If that list of new developments isn’t enough, TecWatch brings together an impressive number of TV, broadcasting, cable and satellite companies to show their vision of the future: for example, ANGA (Association of German Cable Operators) represents the interests of 150 companies related to the German broadband business, among which are Kabel Deutschland, Unitymedia Group, Tele Columbus, Kabel and others. 4 iZone is the Apple of Our Eye It’s well-known that Apple itself doesn’t exhibit at industry trade fairs, not even the specialized ones named after the company. Yet Apple is an industry leader whose every action affects so many in the consumer electronics market. The iZone is a special exhibition area in IFA Berlin dedicated to Mac and “iTech” products, accessories, software and apps. Based in Hall 13-16, you’ll find more than 70 companies exhibiting. For the past three years this area has grown each year, reflecting the fact that iZone was the first marketing platform for iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories in Europe. Today the iZone reflects the style and creativity of this market segment with the very latest product designs. IFA International • Monday 2 nd September 2013 21

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