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IFA Sneak Peek Broadened Horizons for Grundig IFA 2013 Innovations Media Briefing: Power Briefing of Sennheiser Grundig carries on its transformation from a “consumer electronics to home electronics” company with a continued focus on extending their range of products for IFA 2013. Having entered the kitchen segment in 2010 with small appliances, Grundig have introduced white goods for the first time. It’s another step to covering the full range of products for the home. Despite a general slow-down within the TV market, Smart TV remains the strongest segment for Grundig with sales quantities nearly doubling in the first half of the year and the company in fourth place in Germany with a 7.1 per cent market share. Smart Audio also experienced significant growth at 38% and Grundig will be presenting 14 new products, as well as eight newcomers for the DAB segment. Among the new products to look forward to at IFA are the latest multi-function oven GEZDS 47000B with steam assist, which allows for the simultaneous preparation of different dishes without mingling flavours, and the very smart looking Vision 9 Digi 9000 frameless TV featuring a chrome foot. Intensive specialist training will be offered to retailers. Building Momentum After 70 years at the leading edge of headphone production and design, Sennheiser is launching into the future with a new range of street-savvy headphones aimed at the youth market. The German audio pioneer will aggressively target young mobile consumers at IFA 2013, mainly via a new Momentum series of on-ear headphone range that combine fashion-forward minimalist design and the usual professional quality sound and components (see feature on this product in our product spotlight – page 40). 'Designed for the Senses: Built for the Independent' is the catch phrase for a line available in a range of retro colours designed to reflect the individual lifestyle of each user. At the IFA Innovations media briefing, held in the German capital, it was appropriate that the line was said to be inspired by the streets of Berlin, a magnet for young, creative people from the world over -- the product featured in a video clip of a fashion shoot in Berlin. The street/youth culture target was affirmed by Katrin Huss, Director of Customer Relationship Management at Sennheiser. "The new Momentum On-Ear embodies an urban style that’s focused on high performance and the finest materials – on style and substance. They are the perfect choice for those who demand top quality and want to express this through their own personal style." De’Longhi, one of Italy's best-known makers of quality small appliances, will again use IFA to showcase its latest coffee machine innovations; and to stay ahead of the pack in an increasingly crowded kitchen appliance market. From simple, lower price manual coffee machines to highend fully automatic models, De’Longhi is also trying to appeal to young consumers via vintage and retro-inspired ranges inspired by the heyday of Italian design. The Icona Vintage collection is a chic, stylish homage to the best-selling Icona range from the 1950s, and is the perfect complement to minimalist contemporary kitchen design trends. In addition to a set of matching manual coffee machines, the set includes kettles and two and four-slice toasters. The Icona Vintage is the only breakfast series in the market that offers three Coffee Goes Retro different types of coffee machines (both for filter coffee and espresso), which De’Longhi says will be an important point of difference at this year's IFA. But beyond the focus on aesthetics and the "spirit of La Dolce Vita", the range also combines technological innovations that will offer more unique selling points. For finer and creamier froth when making coffee specialties like cappuccino, De'Longhi has further developed its patented automatic milk frothing - improving the interaction of air and foam for a froth that connects better with the coffee. IFA 2013 Innovations Media Briefing: Power Briefing of De'Longhi Siemens Works Towards the “Modern Living Environment” As urbanisation continues to create a greater need for individuality, family and personal interests take centre stage in a new socioeconomic era. These factors are top of mind for Siemens who regard simplicity as the way forward and are concerned with offering products that are more intuitive and can bridge generations, but also maximise the possibilities of “connected” technology. Recognising a trend for household objects developing into prestige items, Siemens present home products with “power and design”. Specifically this might take shape of the new dishwashers that give sparkling results and no water spots in as little as 20 minutes thanks to Zeolith drying; a pushto-open function allows seamless integration into the modern handleless kitchen. A green conscience is critical for the end-consumer - and the new iq 700 and iq 800 series washing machines offer a cycle using 50 per cent less energy (equal to 30% less energy than A+++) and automatic dosage of cleaning agent and water. Siemens iq 800 washing machine 34

IFA Sneak Peek “Cromargan” from WMF The business of small domestic appliances has developed into an integral part of the WMF enterprise since the launch of WMF Consumer Electric (CE) in 2011. WMF place great value on continuing the clear and consistent design language they are renowned for in their range of counter-top appliances, which allows for a multitude of combinations while maintaining a harmonious aesthtetic. At IFA 2013, WMF will be presenting their own world first: The WMF LONO Coffee Pad Machine will be the first coffee pad machine made out of “Cromargan” - a WMF patented high-grade stainless steel in a glossy matte appearance. This conveniently compact coffee-maker joins 14 other products from the My Cromargan Kitchen Set. With a recommended retail price of Euros 119,99, the LONO is aimed at the lower price segment. The LINEO range introduces a handmixer in a stainless steel casing with 700 watts. The Edelstab (‘noble wand’) as it is known in German promises superior mixing results and of course fits right in with the other components of the WMF Cromargan kitchen set. IFA 2013 Innovations Media Briefing: Power Briefing of WMF The revolutionary topic at Toshiba is Ultra HD, picking-up on the consumer criteria number one when it comes to TVs – picture quality. At 8.3 million pixels the screen is so sharp as to make previously unnoticeable details visible and creating a 3D-like effect in 2D. The Toshiba concept for 2013 includes Internet via Toshiba Satellite P50- A-11L, HDMI connection, SD card reader, upscaling, 6 kernel processor, 4K Clearer Vision from Toshiba! resolution, 4K game mode. Toshiba Cloud TV includes HTML5 television with personalised suggestion and intelligent search function. Most interestingly the function allows for remote diagnostic; the ‘support’ button enables the help hotline to upload systeminformation and identify problem or possible setup errors. Cloud TV is available on models in the 500 Euro plus segment. The entertainment notebook Satellite P50- A-11L features modern design with neat features like split screen functionality and DTS Studio Sound courtesy of the cooperation with Harmon Kardon. Another highlight is the Excite Write, an android tablet with advanced handwriting software, several camera functions, pixel pure display and lush sound, again through Harmon Kardon speakers. “From High Tech to Shy Tech” This is the new direction for Samsung, who pick up on the findings from trend scouts TrendONE. The term describes the switch from complex devices with multiple switches, cables and buttons to intuitive interaction interfaces; surface technology that blends into our everyday surroundings. In terms of specific product developments there is the ATIV Q, a hybrid PC with four flexible user modules and a SC770 display; the Galaxy NX Android System Camera with 3G/4G LTE Connection allows the immediate sharing of professional level images. Premiering at IFA 2013 is the S9 Timeless, UHD Smart TV with five interfaces and 4X Full HD picture quality and the UHD TV F9090 in a minimal highend design featuring the “One Connect Box” which does away with the need for multiple unsightly cables. Other notable products at IFA include: the washing machine with WLAN enabling status updates and a troubleshooting app, the French door fridge RF905VCLASL or the vacuum cleaner SC20F70 with a “dust-sensor” to regulate suction. Journalists gravitate around the Samsung stand at IFA 2013 Innovations Media Briefing IFA International • Monday 2 nd September 2013 35

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