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spotlight on taiwan

spotlight on taiwan Region See it first at IFA 2013! Five not-to-be-missed innovations from Taiwan Taiwanese manufacturers are again innovating and launching new products at IFA. Here is a glimpse of some of the exciting products on show this year. Key USPs Seamless transferring of files Works with multiple devices Free value-add software Mobile Multiple Docking Station Wins iF Design Award J5create has announced that its JUD500 UltraStation has won the iF Product Design Award for 2013, taking the award against 3,011 other entries. Consequently, the UltraStation will be recognized with the renowned iF label. The j5create JUD500 Ultra Station, an intelligent USB 3.0 laptop docking Key USPs Combined mouse and camera Synchs with social media Seamless switching from camera to mouse operation station that provides a host of connectivity options for ultrabooks, laptops, and MacBooks, offers multiple ports in one sleek design. In addition to allowing a second monitor to be attached via HDMI or VGA connectors, the Ultra Station has connections for Ethernet, speakers, microphone, and other USB 2.0 and 3.0 peripherals. The Ultra Station is an ideal solution for expanding your Ultrabook or MacBook into a full size workstation. » HALL 7.2B / STAND 104X Key USPs Instant Time Lapse Video Automatic compression No stitching and converting PC to Mac Bridge PhotoFast, creator of ultra fast and small memory cards, has united iOS and Mac/PC devices with the launch of the second-generation i-FlashDrive HD, a two-way storage device between iOS and Mac/ PC. i-FlashDrive HD allows you to seamlessly transfer, view and share documents, images, video and audio files between a multitude of gadgets and iDevices without the need for Wi-Fi, network signal or battery power. The i-FlashDrive HD is the only flash drive of its kind to be licensed by Apple. It is compatible with the iPhone 5 and other devices with Lightning adapters as well as 30-pin connectors. i-FlashDrive’s free corresponding application delivers the ability to upload, organise, edit and manage files across multiple devices, including PC, iPad, iPhone and more. » HALL 15.1 / STAND 212 Key USPs Added connectivity for laptops Hot design Expands Ultrabook to fullsize workstation To See the Unseen: World 1 st HDR Time Lapse Camera To record a slowly changing scene at a much faster pace and open up a whole new world of photography, e.g. flowers blooming, sunset or moonrise, landscape, construction long term process and more time consuming activities, Brinno is here to help. Brinno’s new TLC200PRO has superior technology in power saving and it’s instant HDR time lapse video which makes time lapses as easy as using a point-and-shoot camera by pushing one button for maximum 45 days recording in 4AA batteries (1 snapshot/min). After the shooting stops, the TLC200 Pro automatically compresses the time lapse into a single clip. So, it's not a series of JPEGs; there is no stitching and no converting! » HALL 7.2B / STAND 115 More Than A Mouse The Cam Mouse by Genius combines a 1200DPI mouse with a 2.0M pixel camera, bringing you the best of both worlds. While cameras on notebook monitors are awkward and unwieldy, the Cam Mouse is as easy to use as a small hand-held camera. Plus, it can seamlessly switch between mouse and camera modes in a split second, by sliding open the lens cover. The Cam Mouse also makes it easy to share your photos with friends and family. It syncs with social media sites, enabling instant photo uploads. In addition, the Cam Mouse provides photo-editing tools and scans QR codes. » HALL 17 / STAND 111 Key USPs Multi-screen Multi-room Works with all kinds of devices Any Screen In Any Room Askey’s Home TV Gateway & Whole- Home DVR enables multi-screen and multi-room viewing experiences on a wide range of popular IP devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and all connected TV equipment. » HALL 3.2 / STAND 213 Best in class Home TV Gateway & Whole-Home DVR Enabling Multi-screen & Multi-room awesome experience on popular IP devices such as Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, and connected TV equipments. Applications on all possible Programmable Hardware Devices. Welcome Broadcaster & Application Provider DVB-S DVB-T DVB-C Internet Hbb TV ch 4. TV ch 1. ch 2. ch 3. Smart Phone Tablet Notebook SAT>IP is a brandname from SES. Certification pending 44

Green Page OLED TV is Greener… LG Electronics has announced that its curved OLED TV has been certified energy efficient and designed with the environment in mind by three separate certification bodies: Intertek, the European Commission and the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT). “Today’s definition of innovation is as much about how small a footprint a product leaves on nature as it is about technological advancement,” said Il-geun Kwon, Head of the LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company R&D Center. “Our latest OLED TV is proof of our unwavering commitment to designing and manufacturing the most energy efficient products without sacrificing any of the benefits that they bring to our customers’ lives.” To earn the Green Leaf Mark from Intertek, a product must be able to meet the most stringent set of performance and manufacturing standards. In addition to employing a comprehensive battery of standardized tests to evaluate a product’s environmental impact, Intertek also investigates the technologies and methods used throughout the manufacturing process. LG’s CURVED OLED TV has also been awarded the European Commission’s EU Ecolabel. This prestigious label certifies that a product has been manufactured without negatively impacting the environment. LG curved OLED TV Towards 2018 Panasonic continues on the road to a greener future Panasonic Europe’s head of sustainability, Michael Langbehn has just returned from Japan where he was investigating the latest developments in sustainable development being put forward by Panasonic. We asked him what he saw… First I saw at Shioashiya the Panahome company, where they are selling Panasonic houses, completely equipped by the company. They are extremely energy efficient, generating energy through photovoltaic panels and fuel cells, with storage in Lithium Ion batteries. The houses are equipped with “clever” home energy management systems (HEMS), which, coupled with energy efficient home appliances and consumer electronics, allows for a reduction in energy demands and CO 2 emissions. Panasonic has been working for some time on becoming the world’s greenest electronics company in the year 2018 for its 100 th anniversary. How are you progressing towards this goal? We are of course trying to increase the efficiency in the total product life chain, beginning with a reduction in energy consumption in our factories. We are also trying to avoid the use of road transport. Before a product goes into manufacture, we test it in a special department in terms of recyclability, and it may be sent back for re-engineering in order to meet increasingly strict criteria. What makes Panasonic different from other companies when it comes to being “green”? Firstly, our founder, Konosuke Matsushita implemented such thinking into the DNA of Panasonic, as the first product he sold was already a recycled product. He had an exceptional relationship with his employees, who were always very important for him. So from its very beginnings, sustainability was at the heart of the company and this has carried over to today. It’s not just shortterm “greenwashing”. It has much more substance compared to other companies. What visibly makes your products greener? It’s of course the energy efficiency of the product itself. An example is our heat-pump driers where we have leading products in the market. In consumer electronics, our TV sets were the first to achieve A++ energy efficiency. But as I mentioned, while our products are increasingly energy efficient, the efficiency of the production chain is also a key element. Panasonic is currently developing the Fujisawa energy efficient “concept” town in Japan. How is this coming along? The town, 50 kilometres outside Tokyo, is based on the site of a former Panasonic production plant. The village will have 1,000 households – all interconnected. The target is that the town’s CO 2 emissions will be reduced by 70% compared to what it would have been in 1990. Most of the energy needs will be produced in-situ from non-polluting means, reducing the need to rely on the grid. People visiting Tokyo can also get a glimpse of the future at the Eco-House project… Yes, it’s right next to the Panasonic Center in Tokyo. Virtually everything is produced by Panasonic, and we are able to show how intelligent the house can be today. Michael Langbehn Panasonic Europe’s head of sustainability With outstanding heat insulation performance and an Energy Creation-storage Linked System for the Home, the Smart PanaHome reduces CO 2 emissions to a net balance of virtually zero. Being Japanese may be an advantage when it comes to finding “green” solutions. Japanese companies seem to be very advanced in this respect… Yes. Of course, Japan is generally known for its high technology and the Japanese are very much oriented towards the future in terms of home networking and energy management and efficiency. Of course, they have become much more sensitive to the topic since the Fukushima disaster, and this has resulted in an even more intense search for safe, non-polluting energy solutions. IFA International • Monday 2 nd September 2013 45

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