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Preview Edition - IFA International

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News We’re Here to Do

News We’re Here to Do Growing numbers of retailers and industry With an ever-growing international appeal, IFA is reflecting positive global trends in the Consumer Electronics and Home Appliance industries. IFA is the world’s leading consumer lifestyle trade fair - taking place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from 6th to 11 th September 2013. WORLD LEADING EVENT Consistently high demand again this year from exhibitors reflects a continuing positive trend. gfu and Messe Berlin, the event’s organisers, are confident of once again exceeding last year’s record booking levels. “Exhibitors at IFA will again be providing an impressive demonstration of their innovative drive with an overwhelming number of global innovations and product debuts. Regarding the Smart Home growth market, IFA is in a globally unique position in that it gathers all the industries, retailers and consumers in a single place“, said Hans-Joachim Kamp, Chairman of the Board of gfu – Gesellschaft für Unterhaltungsund Kommunikationselektronik. Commenting on market developments, Jürgen Boyny, Global Director of Consumer Electronics, GfK Retail and Technology, said: “In 2013 the world market for consumer electronics and home appliances will continue to grow. However, not all regions will achieve a growth rate of around four per cent. GfK also forecasts 1.5 per cent growth for Europe, a challenging market.” Dr. Christian Göke, CEO Messe Berlin explains that IFA is increasingly working as a factor to drive business on a global scale: “The reason for IFA’s success is its clear concept that brings the interests of the industry and retailers together under one roof. Its increasing international appeal of recent years has made IFA a world leader.” [ Interview by R. Barnes ] INDUSTRY TRENDS at IFA 2013 As the world’s leading trade fair for consumer electronics and home appliances IFA exhibits the entire product range of two dynamic and innovative industry sectors. Smart TV sets that offer evermore impressive features, Ultra HDTV sets that display spectacular, crystal clear images, smart devices ranging from New In Store - Ultra HD Early this year, TVs with a resolution exceeding eight million pixels, four times that of conventional HD screens, already arrived in retail stores. IFA will have a number of giant sets on display measuring more than 80 inches, offering an unprecedented home movie experience, but also new 55 and 65-inch models. Besides Ultra HD, OLED technology is bound to smartphones to convertible computers, smart home entertainment featuring radio-controlled speakers that enable audio streaming – and home electronics products that are fully networked with each other will be the key CE trends at IFA 2013. At IFA in Berlin the leading manufacturers of large and CE TRENDS AT IFA 2013 fascinate visitors to IFA with high-contrast, razorsharp fast-moving images of breath taking brilliance. Next generation of smart TVs Smart TV apps are on the rise, as well as the need for improved interfaces offering a better overview and orientation. At IFA, all major brands will be presenting new interfaces that will make it easier to small electrical appliances will be presenting their latest technical highlights: high-class, sustainable and smart – that is how the main trend in home appliances can be described in 2013. Energy efficiency, healthy cooking and wellness packaged in upmarket designs and easy-to-operate products. use a growing number of web and TV-based services. Many of these solutions will also let users create their own start pages and app lists for their displays. Gesturing and voice commands The latest generation of TV sets can recognise and interpret gesturing, e.g. hand movements. The ability to handle such commands is improving all the time 6

News Business professionals expected at IFA 2013 and IFA will be showing prototypes of TVs that can interpret users writing “air” numbers with their index finger. The ability of devices to recognise voice commands, another new control method, is improving as well. A year ago, TV sets that could handle specific spoken commands were regarded as state of the art. Some devices can now even deal with spontaneously formulated sentences. Second screens – a second display on one’s lap Tablet PCs and smartphones are increasingly becoming universal navigating tools. The way in which a large living room TV set interacts with a miniature wireless display on the viewer’s lap will be among the most exciting innovations at IFA 2013. Already, there are all kinds of potential uses. By displaying an electronic programme guide on its screen a tablet PC makes life easier for the user to select live broadcasts or to set up recordings. Alternatively, it can transfer running broadcasts from the larger screen to its small display, so that users can enjoy their viewing in the bedroom or on the patio. Convertibles – a tablet PC or notebook, or both At IFA 2013 visitors will be able to see that the difference between a tablet and notebook is no longer clearly defined. Convertibles – or 2 in 1 PCs - are now merging the functions of both devices. Touchscreen functions let these devices work like a tablet, and when a keyboard is attached they become a conventional notebook. New operating system versions support both generations of interfaces, i.e. that of a keyboard and a touchscreen. Nor are the differences between smartphones and tablet PCs as crystal clear either. IFA will be showing smartphones with huge displays capable of rivalling those of tablet PCs. By contrast, an increasing number of tablet models are downsizing in the direction of smartphones. Wireless speakers and headphones – a popular companion for digital music archives Speakers connected to a source via wi-fi or Bluetooth are among the popular products on show at IFA. There is a wealth of different products. Some are entirely radio-connected, others have docking stations for mobile players. Possible wireless music sources include NAS hard disks, computers, tablet PCs, mobile players and smartphones. Home networking – an unbroken trend CE devices that are part of a home network For those who thought there was little room left for innovation in the TV sector, IFA has a number of surprises – like the new Designline TV from Philips. and communicate with household appliances, heating and lighting systems are yet another innovation that in the years to come will represent an increasingly important trend. Sustainable, innovative, smart and featuring outstanding design – that sums up the main trends in home appliances for 2013. There are new trends in such areas as energy efficiency, The latest generation of washing machines also places the emphasis on improved hygiene and low noise emissions. Trends in home appliances at IFA 2013 Smart, innovative and sustainable sustainability, healthy cooking and wellness. All feature noble design, the use of high quality materials and simple controls. The more widespread adoption of smartphones and tablet PCs is being accompanied by an increase in applications in combination with interconnected home appliances. Easy-touse apps assist with information (product and status information, tips on preparing meals, checking food supplies), operation (instructions, manuals, care advice), providing reassurance (servicing, maintenance, remote diagnostics) and promoting efficiency (energy monitoring). However, smartphones and tablet PCs can not only be used to control and regulate interconnected home appliances but can also, if required, present details about every kind of operating status, thus enabling users to react rapidly in the event of a malfunction. The systems also provide for communication between individual appliances, for example, between the hob and kitchen hood. The control panel of a central appliance in the kitchen can also be used to operate various other appliances. Washing Machines Not only are they very economical in their use of electrical energy, water and detergent, but the latest generation of washing machines also places the emphasis on improved hygiene and low noise emissions. These characteristics are enhanced by antibacterial door seals and detergent draws, special foam technology, steaming to combat allergens in the clothes, programmes for people with particular allergies and for baby clothes, and many other pre-installed programmes to provide the best possible, most efficient levels of care even when washing at low temperatures. Loading and dosage recommendations also make modern washing machines even easier to use, and they can handle larger loads of up to eleven kilograms. Safety features have also been substantially improved. Styling plays an increasingly important role too: apart from the traditional white ever more colours are becoming available. IFA International • Monday 2 nd September 2013 7

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