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IFA Sneak Peek 3D, Big Screen 4K and OLED LG is bringing new products and a whole new design profile to IFA LG Electronics Germany’s PR Manager Justine Figura talks about the company’s new range of OLED and large screen 4K TVs, as well as the importance of the Olympic Games to the company’s 3D roll-out and new content on LG’s 3D World… [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] On the IFA booth this year we will be featuring the new range of OLED TVs plus a new 4K model with an 84” screen. All of these new TVs are going to be available in Germany at the end of this year, and there seems to be quite a buzz building about them already. One of the biggest advances that LG has been pushing is the FPR (passive) 3D TV. How has this range been developing over the last year? We are on track and have been very successful with our 3D technology. Currently we are focused on expanding our content offer so that people can watch movies etc. through LG’s 3D World service. So far everything is going pretty well, and we hope that the Olympic Games being broadcast in part in 3D will, of course, reinforce the trend and get people more excited about the value of 3D. We are convinced that our 3D technology will be successful. What have been the reactions amongst the specialised press about LGs announcements and latest products? Feedback so far has been very positive. We have fundamentally changed the design of our TVs, and this has been very well received by the media. They are also very excited about the products coming up, especially about OLED, which we all believe is the future and the next big trend. Many, many journalists are asking to see the new models. Hall 11.2 Stand 101 “We have fundamentally changed the design of our TVs, and this has been very well received by the media.” 24

IFA Sneak Peek Big, Bigger, Biggest? Sharp to introduce 90” model at IFA 2012 Philipp Schmidt, Product Manager Consumer Electronics Sharp : “We need to show retailers that you can get much closer, as little as three meters away for an 80-inch screen.” TV+ Internet+ Apps = Success First fruits of the Sony/Google cooperation to be revealed at IFA According to Silke Bernhardt, Head of PR at Sony Deutschland, full integration of TV and Internet services is set to be a major market driver, and Sony’s newly introduced Google Box offers fast browsing as well as the complete Android app store. We asked Ms Bernhardt Silke what we will be seeing from Sony at IFA this year... Marking the launch of its latest large screen model, Philipp Schmidt, Product Manager Consumer Electronics at Sharp says it is time for consumers and retailers to forget the old rules about viewing distances. We asked Mr Schmidt what the main thrust of Sharp’s presence at IFA this year will be... [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] It will be similar to what we did last year... big screens will once again be our primary topic. Last year we introduced 60, 70 and 80- inch screens, and this year we will be focusing on the introduction of the 90-inch model, which completes the range. One of the problems with selling big TVs is that people tend to only upgrade by a certain, relatively small percentage compared to their previous TV. How are you countering this on the shop floor? What kinds of ideas do you have for retailers to help them sell these bigger models? What we have found is that when you position the screens next to each other, people are able to get a clear idea of dimensions. Then when you also show them smaller sizes such as 32 or 46-inches, they have a much clearer idea about the real benefits of the larger models. How have sales been going in the very big sizes over the last year? There has been a significant increase. For the general market, sales of TVs of 50-inches and above are up by between 100-120%, but for Sharp, sales in the 60” and above category have increased by 400%, and our growth is currently continuing at that level. What advantages does Sharp have in the manufacturing of these large LCD TVs? We have the production "(…) for Sharp, sales in the 60'' and above category have increased by 400%, and our growth is currently continuing at that level." facility at Sakai, which is able to produce over 500,000 LCD TVs per month when it is running at full capacity. At Sakai, we can produce 9 meter-square sheets of mother glass, the largest in the world, from which we cut out the TV screens. This is why we are able to make such big screen sizes at affordable prices. What still needs to be done in terms of educating retailers? Optimum viewing distance from the screen is one area. Five years ago, we were told that there was a formula, like three times the height of the TV is the ideal distance. Today TVs have much higher resolution, as well as being connected to devices like Blu-ray Disc players, so that idea is really rather out of date. We need to show retailers that you can get much closer; as little as three meters away for an 80-inch screen. We tested this with consumers, and they were unanimous. There was no loss of quality; quite the opposite, in fact. They were amazed by the richness and depth of the image. What about 4K TV? We will be showcasing our special 2K and 4K technology on the stand this year. It’s not just about increasing the number of pixels: you also need a special kind of processor that is able to calculate and cope with all kinds of inputs from low through to high-resolution images. [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] There are three main categories this year; TVs, digital imaging products and network products. On the TV side we are introducing the Google Box. It's an Internet player powered by Google and it’ll be launching in Germany in September. The idea is to integrate the world of TV with the world of the Internet, so you get the complete Android app store, and Internet browsing is faster than ever before. Would you say that the Internet is becoming a major issue for TVs? For sure, connectivity is already and will continue to be a major driver in the TV business. Alongside that, picture quality, with LED backlighting and Quad technology increasingly being deployed, will play an important part in buying decisions. Sony has historically been a significant player in the advancement of Hall 18 Stand 102 The TV is increasingly a “window to the web” TV technology, how does the company see the future of 3D? It all comes down to the availability of good, broadly attractive content. When you have that, it’s the biggest driver of uptake. So clearly the hardware is there, and Sony Pictures are releasing Spiderman and Men In Black 3 in 3D this summer, so the amount of content is growing, and as it does so, the hardware will grow in popularity and relevance. Often Sony does something really special with its booth at IFA. Is the company planning anything special or different for this year at IFA? Possibly yes but I have to keep it a secret, so I can’t tell you anything specific. But I can say that when people come to the booth they will definitely be surprised. Hall 4.2 Stand 101 IFA International • Monday 27 th August 2012 25

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