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IFA Sneak Peek NEWS Toshiba to Reorganise Digital Products Facilities in Japan In a major reorganisation plan announced this summer, Toshiba will carry out a number of measures in Japan to enhance the efficiency of design and development, quality and production control and after-sales services. Within the year, the LCD TV design and development function at Fukaya Complex, in Saitama Prefecture, will be transferred to Ome Complex in western Tokyo, Toshiba's development hub for PC and tablets. This integration will allow product developers to draw on TV, PC and tablet technologies and accelerate development of fusion products for the global market that meet regional needs and trends, and value-added services. The number of models of digital products and product platforms will be reviewed to bring greater efficiency to design and development and to optimize use of R&D resources. Part of technical service operations for LCD TVs in Japan, until now split between Fukaya Complex and Toshiba Multimedia Devices., Co., Ltd., a group subsidiary in Aomori Prefecture, northeastern Japan, will be concentrated at the Aomori site within the year. Quality and production control functions for Digital Products businesses will be decentralized and localized at facilities outside Japan, a shift away from currently concentrated operations at Japan's Ome Complex. Toshiba will also continue to reinforce its LCD TV manufacturing facilities and their capabilities in Indonesia, Egypt and other countries and make effective use of ODM production in other countries, as steps toward establishing a highly-competitive, global production system. It’s All About the Experience Toshiba offers cinematic laptops, AMOLED tablets and a glasses-free 3D viewing experience Toshiba’s new products going on show at IFA include a new range of Ultrabooks, including one model with a 21/9 cinematic screen, the company’s first tablet with an AMOLED screen and the ZL 2, a glasses-free 3D TV. Product Marketing and PR Manager Gabriel Willigens, says the show will see an interesting combination of IT and CE products. [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] IT products include a range of notebooks using Windows 8, plus a whole portfolio of Ultrabooks including one with a 21/9 cinematic screen. There’s also a 14” Ultrabook, plus we’ll be bringing our first AMOLED tablet which was officially announced at the IFA Media Briefing. It has a 7.7” screen and forms part of a generally much bigger presence by our range of tablets at IFA than last year. We’ll also be showing some large screen TVs including the ZL 2 3D LED set, and we will be demonstrating innovations of connected devices, mainly in terms of the connectivity between tablets and notebooks with the TV. Is the 3D LED TV that you announced this year a totally new model? It was announced at the beginning of the year and delivered two months ago and yes, it’s a new model. It reproduces 3D without the need to wear glasses, but it can also handle 2D very easily. Glasses-free 3D TV is the dream of all manufacturers, what has been the reaction of the press? Press reactions have been very positive indeed. One thing that is important to understand is that the 3D effect is quite different to the one that we are familiar with. So you won’t see objects projecting out of the TV set, it’s very natural and offers a real sense of depth as we experience it in the real world. And set-up is easy, you don’t have to be a nerd or know how to do a systems check, because it’s fully automated. It has multiple sweet spots so up to eight people can watch it at the same time. What would you say are the three main selling points of this 3D technology? Firstly the fact that you don’t need glasses, then the Quad Full HD quality Gabriel Willigens Product Marketing and PR Manager, Toshiba which, by the way, is the minimum screen standard for glasses-free 3D, and then there’s the very agreeable design of the TV set itself. Those, I believe, are our most powerful USPs. Hall 21 Stand 101 “It’s important to understand that the 3D effect is quite different to the one that we are familiar with. So you won’t see objects projecting out of the TV set.” IFA International • Monday 27 th August 2012 27

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