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IFA Sneak Peek Achieving The Perfect Cappuccino De'Longhi shows vintage Icona line – reminiscent of the classic Italian look of the 50s and 60s [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] Martin Thielmann, Marketing Director for De'Longhi and Kenwood Germany tells us what it takes to make the perfect cup of coffee and what new items De'Longhi will be presenting in Berlin this year… There will be a new Nespresso machine called the “You”, which features a new design. It’s easy to operate, and it has some interesting new functions such as the ability to turn the water tank in any direction you like. It’s a modular system which means you can put it wherever you like in the kitchen. For example, if the wall is to the left of the machine, you can put the tank on the right. We are also introducing the Icona Vintage Breakfast Range, where the design recalls the Italian style of the 1950s and 60s, in pale green and blue with shapes that are clearly retro. Generally we are currently pursuing two different directions in design, the classic/retro look and on the high-end a more urban design. Coffee Culture has been growing for years. How is it currently evolving? It’s still growing, and they buy fully automatic machines which are the best way to make proper Italian coffees. What makes a good coffee machine and what makes a good cup of coffee? The machine is important but also the beans are very important. You can have a great machine but if you load it with low quality beans, you won’t get the result you want. A good machine has to be easy to operate, able to maintain the right temperature, and of course the design is important too. Here in Germany we drink “A lot people who previously had filter machines are finding they like the taste of espresso and cappuccino” especially in terms of the demand for fully automatic machines, it’s a growing segment. A lot people who previously had filter machines are finding they like the taste of espresso and cappuccino, and that is driving uptake of fully automatic machines. We are seeing this trend a lot in Germany where people like the Italian lifestyle, and of course Italian coffee, so a lot of coffee with milk so you also need to have a good milk foam-maker. Our machines include the IFD milk system, invented by us, which means that with the press of a button you get a perfect cappuccino. It’s one of the main differences between our machines and those of our competitors. Hall 6.1 Stand 101 Martin Thielmann Marketing Director De'Longhi and Kenwood Germany 30

IFA Sneak Peek Extending Innovation to New Areas Dyson – about to change the face of home floor-cleaning once again? Andreas Finke Spokesperson at Dyson “Last year was about our unique ball technology, this year is about making Dyson more of a broad-based technology company” Andreas Finke, Spokesperson at Dyson, revealed that there will be yet more vacuum cleaner innovation at IFA 2012. He talked with IFA International Editor-in-Chief Richard Barnes at the IFA Media Briefing about the latest company news, the importance of long-term strategy and James Dyson's enduring importance to the company... [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] Last year was about our unique ball technology, which significantly improved the ease with which a vacuum cleaner can move around the house, another unique Dyson feature. And this year is more about Dyson as a broad-based technology company. I believe that Dyson's new CEO will be attending IFA as well? Yes, Max Conze, the new CEO will be coming to Berlin, and so will the new head of Dyson Germany, Alexander C. Schmidt. So there'll be two important new faces, but underlying that we have the same core team. We want to extend and expand our R&D and engineering group, while retaining a small business attitude, but with unconventional and innovative products. How involved in the company is James Dyson these days? His involvement is so much more than just signing new products off. He likes to see young fresh innovators, and is keen to have young talent coming straight from universities to bolster our ability to innovate. But of course the company is evolving. We are no longer just UK-based, and we are investing significantly more in R&D. James is also someone who thinks about how the company will be five years from now. For example we are moving towards building ever more of the parts of our own machines. Hall 4.1 Stand 204 IFA International • Monday 27 th August 2012 31

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