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spotlight on Europe

spotlight on Europe “The digital economy is one the engines of future growth and for the development of jobs in the European Union.” Megan Richards Acting Deputy Director General of the European Commission's DG INFSO [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] How important is it, in a digital single market, to make this market more trustworthy and secure? I think it is one the fundamental aspects of a digital single market, because if it is not trustworthy and secure and users cannot rely on the digital goods that they are using, they will give up using them and we will not have the digital single market that we want. The digital economy is one the engines of future growth and for the development of jobs in the European Union, so in order to make that economy work and to drive it forward, trust and security is really one of the fundamental factors. This is why one of the pillars of the digital agenda for Europe is trust and security. We have a number of initiatives in that area, such as the European strategy for cyber-security and also the EIB authentication and e-signature proposal that was adopted by the commission on June 4th 2012. The European council is also discussing how to further the digital single market in Europe and making sure it becomes better harmonised. The smart security industry group, Eurosmart, have tabled several very important white papers. What will these proposals do to further the digital agenda? One aspect that is very important is the Cloud. We have been working for about a year on developing a European cloud strategy, one element of that is of course security. The other thing that is very important is the development of the European cloud partnership. We want to Region Data Security and Privacy Protection in the Digital Age The success of Europe’s “digital economy” depends on smarter solutions to ensure integrity and avoid tampering Mobile transactions, the Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing... How big an issue is data security? According Megan Richards, Acting Deputy Director General of the European Commission's DG INFSO, it’s vital. In the future, as we sell more and more digital products that talk to each other, they will have to meet new, still-to-be-formed norms that will ensure data integrity. Ms. Richards recently gave a keynote on the topic at the Eurosmart conference in Brussels as part of the run-up to the European Commission’s Digital Agenda. IFA International / Cleverdis Editor in Chief Richard Barnes moderated the conference, and quizzed Ms. Richards further after her talk. encourage greater use of cloud computing in the member states by the public sector. Assurances of trust and security will of course be very important and one significant aspect of that is personal data protection and the harmonisation of the way we protect personal data in Europe. Another important aspect is the implication of the Internet of Things, on how machine-to-machine communications and the development of new data applications will have an impact. How does this fit in with the European Commission's Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation? The advantage of the Horizon 2020 programme will be to bring both the research and innovation arms together to make sure that we have a better exchange of information, so that we can really drive forward the innovative aspects that come out of our research projects. Other important issues relate to standardisation, portability, interoperability and certifications and these are all supported by the Horizon 2020 project. We have to really encourage the development of the digital economy in Europe by underpinning the research and innovation activities with an €80 billion research budget in the next multi-annual financial framework. We hear about the possibility of hacking into nuclear power stations for example, through the smart grid, so how important is it to pay attention to cybersecurity? I don’t want to quantify the stakes, because it is very difficult to do so, but I think, as with fraud, we have to be very attentive to security. We have to find new ways of avoiding threats and protecting and developing security measures in the future. Technological research and development will find new ways of identifying protection measures. Just as we have hackers who are finding ways to hack we will find new technological solutions to avoid threats and to protect us. We have very interesting concepts of what we call security by design, building security into new applications, building security into new mechanisms and new systems, so this is really a very important element. We can really drive forward protective mechanisms to help ensure that the digital devices that we use in the future are really trustworthy and that we can all use them with confidence so that we can push forward the European economy. 34

spotlight on Europe Region Making Set-Up a Breeze Loewe brings simplicity to its new Smart TVs As TV sets pack in ever more functions, remotes get bigger, but Loewe’s Head of Press Dr. Roland Raithel told IFA International's Richard Barnes, the newly launched Individual line of TVs aims to take the stress out of setting up and operating multimedia sets… Loewe’s Dr. Roland Raithel with one of the company’s new Individual TVs Dr. Roland Raithel Head of Press, Loewe ABOUT Loewe’s brand values have been shaped consistently over the last 90 years, ever since the company was founded in Berlin in 1923, by the brothers Dr. Siegmund and David Ludwig Loewe. Since then, one principle has always been adhered to: setting new standards with innovation for the senses. Loewe established an impressive level of quality from the very beginning, when the company’s pioneering work led to some of the first television sets and transmissions. Loewe has been making quality products ‘Made in Germany’ at its current location in Kronach since 1948. In the last 20 years Loewe has received numerous national and international awards. In 2005, Loewe became the leading premium flat screen television provider. It made its breakthrough with the Loewe Individual: the first flat screen television with individualised housing versions, set-up options and inset colours. In 2008, with the Loewe Connect, Loewe heralded a new, digital television age where non-system end devices could be connected to a flat screen television set. One year later, Loewe combined uncompromising ultra-slim design with leading stateof-the-art technology in the Reference range. In 2012 a new range of Individual Smart TVs was introduced featuring a super-simplified remote control alongside new standalone audio devices including the SoundVision range. [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] Our main new product line is the Individual range of TVs. They have a new remote control system which has been completely revamped, and enables the user to control all the multimedia functions that come into the home via cable, satellite, DVB-T, Internet and network storage. The user can personalise the home screen of the TV very easily so that their favorite services are there when it is turned on. Basically the user can control a number of features with a small remote control that only has a few buttons. Users don’t have to know channel numbers anymore, because all the channels appear as icons on the screen, then the user moves the cursor on the remote to choose their channel. The Individual product line represents a very personalisable kind of TV, plus it’s available in a range of different colours and materials. We also offer a broad selection of stands for these sets. We are also expanding our standalone audio range, which includes the SoundVision and Soundbox models. The SoundVision is now available in high-gloss white, and the Soundbox will be available in orange and apple green. We are including more networking functions as well, such as controlling the SoundVision via a Smart Phone using Airplay. The Connect ID TV line will be released soon. Could you tell us what the key selling points will be? The new Loewe Connect ID, with its combination of sensible innovations and individual design (ID), is, I believe, virtually unrivalled among smart TVs. The Connect ID can be configured to reflect the ideas and the personality of its owner. There are two technical versions (with or without the integrated DR+ hard disk recorder) and with three different screen sizes (32, 40 and 46-inch), twelve different colour combinations and 30 unique “Our main aim is to make our devices as easy as possible to control, but also pleasing to the eye.” set-up options, that makes a grand total of 2,160 Connect ID televisions, each with a different character. The buyer has the choice of Black, White, Silver, Beige, Green or Orange housing colours and of High Gloss White or High Gloss Black frames. But not only is the design convincing – the equipment inside the Connect ID flat TVs also leaves nothing to be desired. For example, all three screensizes offer 3D compatibility. Other outstanding features of the new Loewe Connect ID include its excellent audio quality and an unlimited multimedia offering, with unique apps. Your design is very different to what most manufacturers are doing with thin bezels and a lot of metallic designs. Why did Loewe choose to go this way? We had traditionally only used a very narrow palate of colours, such as white, black and silver, but we recognised that there is a real demand amongst consumers for greater variety, so we decided it was time to bring it to the market. Plus when you consider that TV sets are getting thinner and thinner, but also cleverer, we felt that we should do our utmost to make Smart TVs as easy to use as possible. Hall 6.2 Stand 201 IFA International • Monday 27 th August 2012 35

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