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Special Features

Special Features Preview Special Features Preview For each day, spotlights on special topics in IFA International… Every edition of IFA International will be presenting a series of Special Features starting in this Preview with analysis and a comprehensive review of the product presentations at the IFA Preview, a sneak peak of the devices that will be the centre of attention at IFA 2012, plus a focus on the predominant trends in Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances. DAY 1 FRIDAY 31 st AUGUST NOMADIC LIFESTYLE We cut the ties and MOVE! REGIONlight: SPOTLIGHT ON CHINA WEEKEND EDITION SATURDAY 1 st Sept. / SUNDAY 2 nd Sept. LIVING ROOM LIFESTYLE Sit back, relax and enjoy… Showstoppers – Review REGIONlight: SPOTLIGHT ON TAIWAN Day One of IFA International We Cut The Ties and MOVE with a Special Feature about the Nomadic Lifestyle covering all the devices and areas that are now a part of all of our many lives. This special dossier includes in-depth analysis of trends, part one of a Media Tablets and Smartphones Guide, a special feature on IFA’s iZone and eLibrary exhibition areas, both of which were launched in 2010 and are growing rapidly. There will also be a look at the eBook Landslide Effect, an examination of the huge and expanding headphone and personal sound device market, and reports on the booming personal navigation devices market, and in-car technologies. Day One of IFA International will also contain a feature about the accessories market, estimated to be worth billion in 2012 for Smart Phones alone, plus a round up of the latest digital cameras and camcorders. Our spotlight on China, underlines the incredible revolution in global branding from top Chinese players. Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy… Living Room Lifestyle provides the main focus for the weekend edition of IFA International with a look at all the latest TV technologies including OLED, Smart TVs and LED LCD sets. In keeping with the theme of at-home entertainment, the weekend edition also includes an examination of developments in home cinema systems, as well as a look at the latest home sound systems. Editions 2 & 3 also include the first part of a feature article covering an issue that most of us are having to face as our personal data grows ever larger, storage and networking. Blu-ray Disc Players also come under the spotlight in this issue, as do accessories, the very latest in digital photo frames, and a report on the well-being industry’s latest developments in personal care and beauty treatments. This issue also carries a review of the Showstoppers 2012 event plus the regional spotlight on Taiwan. DAY 4 MoNDAY 3 rd September INFORMATION LIFESTYLE "When IT rhymes with CE"… REGIONligght: SPOTLIGHT ON KOREA This edition’s special focus includes an extensive coverage of all kinds of personal devices ranging from the home PCs to all-in-one PCs, laptops of every imaginable type, style and capability, as well as the second part of the feature on media tablets and smartphones. In this edition there will also be the second part of the storage and networking spotlight, plus an indepth look at the world of apps and how they are now an essential part of the personalisation process of both mobile and fixed devices, plus a further feature covering complementary accessories. Day 4’s regional spotlight is on Korea and will feature the latest news from a broad range of Korean manufacturers, both big and small. 2011 IFA International editions DAY 5 tuesday 4 th September KITCHEN LIFESTYLE Cool it, Cook it, Whip it... Prepare it! REGIONligight: SPOTLIGHT ON JAPAN The media is awash with cooking shows featuring celebrity chefs, empowering and encouraging members of the public to eat well, but most of all, to enjoy the process of cooking and to use it to bond better with friends and family. As a result Kitchen Lifestyle is a big deal for the CE industry, and this year IFA International will be looking at refrigeration technologies and how Green they have become, the latest in cooking gadgets and technology, and, of course, coffee culture which is perhaps one of the most important and widespread lifestyle trends of past years. Day 5 also includes “Bathroom Lifestyle”, with reports on beauty treatment systems, dental, hair and skin care, in our regional spotlight on Japan. DAY 6 WEDNESDAY 5 th September TOP LIFESTYLE PRODUCT ROUNDUP Selected product highlights from IFA 2012 CLEAN LIFESTYLE “It all comes out in the wash” REGIONligight: SPOTLIGHT ON the USA The final day’s edition will include a Top Lifestyle Product Round-Up featuring the star products of this year in Berlin plus a Special Feature “It All Comes Out in the Wash” - the “Clean Lifestyle”! IFA International will be looking at the devices that make floors spotlessly clean, the washing machines that wash whiter than white, the dishwashers that leave plates, cutlery and glasses gleaming and the filtration devices that make air and water pure and healthy. We also turn our attention to the US, its leading brands and its manufacturing sector in the spotlight on the USA. IFA International • Monday 27 th August 2012 9

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