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Preview Edition - IFA International

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Special Features Preview Special Features Preview For each day, spotlights on special topics in IFA International… Every edition of IFA International will be presenting a series of Special Features starting in this Preview with analysis and a comprehensive review of the product presentations at the IFA Preview, a sneak peak of the devices that will be the centre of attention at IFA 2011, plus a focus on the predominant trends in Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances. DAY 1 Friday 2 nd Sept. The Year of the Tablet notebooks & Netbooks elibrary Appliance Spotlight: refrigeration technologies regional product spotlight: made in europe weekend edition saturday 3 rd Sept. sunday 4 th Sept. LIFE IN 3D IN-CAR TECHNOLOGIES Appliance Spotlight: NEW COOKING technologies regional product spotlight: made in CHINA DAY 4 Monday 5 th Sept. The WORLD OF APPS CONNECTED TV THE SMART HOME Appliance Spotlight: COFFEE CULTURE regional product spotlight: made in TAIWAN On IFA day one (Friday 2 nd September), we take a close-up look at the booming tablet PC sector, the market trends around the phenomenon, the technical features that distinguish one brand from another, the various operating systems and the latest killer apps. We will also be looking at developments in the netbook and notebook market, spotlighting the very best new products and examining how the devices are adapting to the challenges posed by the popularity of tablets. Issue 1 also looks at IFA’s eLibrary, the latest news on eBooks and ePublishing, gets under the skin of the latest refrigerators and presents Made in Europe, an overview of the manufacturers and products that make up Europe’s CE and HA sector. Issue 2’s spotlight is on China, its vast market, huge manufacturing capacity and the increasing marketing sophistication the country’s companies are using to break into new markets. Days 2/3 (weekend edition) will be putting the increasingly dynamic 3D market under the microscope, examining the technological choices facing consumers, how retailers are coping with this latest TV technology and the importance of content in attracting customers. We will also be looking under the hood of the latest In-Car technologies, both in terms of musical and audiovisual entertainment and the latest innovations in navigation devices. On the HA side, there is also a look at the rapidly changing world of cookers and the technology they use. China is the country in the Regional Spotlight. Day 4 (Monday 5 th September) features a look at the devices and connecting systems that make up the Smart Home, alongside an analysis of all the latest developments in connected TVs, including the evolution of home networking, home cinema systems, advanced BD players, data storage systems and HD media players. There is also an in-depth look at Apps, the eco-systems they underpin, and operating systems, a round-up of the most innovative home appliances of 2011, and a look at the machines and lifestyle attitude that these days we call Coffee Culture. Taiwan and products in the Taiwan Image Hall are the subject of our daily Regional Product Spotlight. 2010 IFA International editions DAY 5 tuesday 6 th Sept. The iZONE sound ideas mobile entertainment new display technologies Appliance Spotlight: dishwashing technologies regional product spotlight: made in korea On day 5 of IFA, we give you a comprehensive round-up of the exhibitors and products in the iZone including accessories, bags, cases and chargers. Our guest columnist Herman Rarebell ex-of The Scorpions will once again be talking about his favorite new sound devices in his own inimitable style. We will also be examining mobile entertainment devices such as MP3 players, and the possible effect of cloud computing and the new generation of portals on accessing entertainment. The new display technologies feature looks at advances in LCD and PCP technologies as well as the growing popularity of OLED. "A Clean Slate" features the best and most innovative new dishwashing technologies, and Korea is the country in the Regional Spotlight. DAY 6 Wednesday 6 th Sept. digital camera market mounting solutions health & wellbeing Appliance Spotlight: my beautiful laundry regional product spotlight: made in japan On day 6, we take a look at the dynamic and highly competitive digital camera market, the latest video recorders and what is new in digital photo frames. Consumer comfort and the latest products in the health and well-being segment are also featured, alongside My Beautiful Laundry looking at the latest washing machines. Finally, mounting solutions move out of the shadows to centre stage in our exhaustive look at new accessories and every kind of wall-mounting solution. Japan is the country in the Regional Spotlight. IFA International • Monday 29 th August 2011 13

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