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Preview Edition - IFA International

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Exclusive web content on Highlights from IFA Preview Ciao! The Lattissima+ De’Longhi unveils its next-generation Nespresso machine Martin Thielmann Marketing Director, De’Longhi Germany Interview by Richard Barnes IFA is a key event for De’Longhi Kenwood, generating both orders from dealers and interest from the public. This year one of the focuses is on the latest De’Longhi Nespresso machine, explains Martin Thielmann, Marketing Director at De’Longhi Germany… We are here to demonstrate a new Nespresso machine called the Lattissima+. It’s the latest generation of the Lattissima, which we launched in 2007. It has an improved milk function, which creates a creamy, dense foam — a perfect combination with Nespresso’s fantastic coffee. The new line is available in September in four colours. Is the ‘coffee culture’ still growing? It most certainly is, especially in terms of the sale of capsule-based systems. We also sell a lot of fully automatic machines, mainly in Germany. In Italy and the rest of southern Europe, it’s the traditional machines that are still the most popular. And the Nespresso machines are selling well all over Europe. How important is IFA for De’Longhi Kenwood? It’s very important, both in terms of sales and for demonstrating our new products. Our dealers come to the trade fair and they write a lot of orders. In fact, we do a lot of our yearly business in Berlin. It’s a key event. How has the trade press received your new machines? The comments about the Lattissima+ have been very “(...) we do a lot of our yearly business in Berlin. It's a key event.” positive indeed. They see that it’s a great product and that De’Longhi is an innovative company. Each year, De’Longhi and Kenwood introduce new models, and these have been widely praised, both in terms of design and function. I think we are perceived as a premier brand in Germany. Hall 6.1 Stand 101 Dedicated to Filling the Vacuum Dyson scales down in size, not suction power Dyson is synonymous with state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners that look great and perform even better. And the new DC35 Multi Floor is no exception, says Andreas Finke, Manager of Media & Public Relations for Dyson Germany… Interview by Richard Barnes We launched a hand-held or stick vacuum called the DC35 Multi Floor this summer. It’s very compact and has a long telescopic tube, for those occasions when people do not want to get out a larger unit. But there is no loss of suction, despite the small size, and the rechargeable battery lasts for 15 minutes. That may not sound like a long time, but we think it’s long enough for the sorts of tasks for which this model is designed. The DC35 also has a carbonfibre rotating brush, which means that you can use it on parquet, laminated and tiled floors without the risk of damaging them. And the suction power is very strong indeed. It was important for Dyson to prove that it could deliver a small machine that was just as efficient as the larger units. Dyson is dedicated to innovation — and we have a lot of it on display at IFA. A measure of our commitment is that we have doubled our engineering staff from 320 to over 600, and we aim to have upwards of 700 by the end of the year. In terms of marketing, is IFA the high point of Dyson’s year? IFA really is a hugely important event for us. We take a lot of orders from all over the world here in Berlin. It’s a truly global meeting place. Every year, our booth is packed with visitors who are genuinely interested in our products. New markets are opening up for us all the time, with France, Russia and Australia currently our biggest new territories. Hall 4.1 Stand 204 Andreas Finke Manager of Media & Public Relations for Dyson Germany 30

Highlights from IFA Preview All Access Sonos streams into the lead with Play:3 sound system The new Sonos Play:3 was released globally at the end of July — and is showcased for the first time at IFA. Fiede Schillmoeller, the company’s Senior PR Manager, EMEA, believes that the new sound system will redefine the way in which people listen to music… We always try to keep things simple and the Play:3 is our most compact allin-one music system yet. It connects wirelessly to the Sonos Bridge, which is linked to a router. You can then listen to all the music on earth through the music services that are built into the system, including Spotify, Napster and Rhapsody. What are Play:3’s special features? It has a very pure, minimalist design and it can be placed anywhere, either horizontally or vertically. Each unit has three speakers with a digital amplifier for each one, along with a digital signal processor, or DSP, to control and define the sound. This means the Play:3 delivers extremely powerful sound through one discrete cabinet. The audio is surprisingly rich and powerful, but the thing “Being able to stream any music on earth is at the heart of the Sonos experience” that really changes the way people listen to music is the connectivity. The fact of being able to stream any music on earth (rather than downloading files) is at the heart of the Sonos experience. For example, you’re at a dinner party and someone says, ‘Have you heard this new album by Foo Fighters?’… Instead of downloading it from iTunes, then putting the iPod in its dock, you just stream it. We believe that streaming is a very exciting development —that’s why we built the Sonos system around it. Hall 1.2 Stand 122 Fiede Schillmoeller Senior PR Manager, EMEA, Sonos THE SONOS PLAY:3 - USPs “All the music on earth” can be streamed Controlled wireless and easy to set-up Infinitely expandable system IFA International • Monday 29 th August 2011 31

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