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Preview Edition - IFA International

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Highlights from IFA Preview THE AIR SPEAKER The new, super-compact Loewe Air Speaker transmits music wirelessly from an iPhone, iPod, iPad or iTunes device via the AirPlay standard. A quintessential Loewe product of minimalist design, the Air Speaker comprises two subwoofers, two tweeters and two mid-range speakers and boasts a total power of 80 watts. It is also possible to switch on several Loewe Air Speakers in different rooms, one after the other, with an iPhone. AirPlay data transmission occurs through the local network via LAN, WLAN or Powerline. Furthermore, the Air Speaker is ready to be ‘woken up’ at any time — the practical WakeUp on LAN/WLAN function ensures that no time is wasted when switching it on. What’s more, the Air Speaker also has an aux-in port and a USB interface, enabling iPods and iPhones to be connected directly via cable. The Loewe Air Speaker fits seamlessly into any room, whether it’s positioned on a sideboard or a shelf. The high-quality aluminium design of the speaker can be tailored to personal taste with top-mounted interchangeable insets. Practically any colourway in the RAL spectrum can be applied on request. SoundVision Speaker Air Speaker "Loewe aligns elegance of design and performance in this new upmarket iPod dock speaker. " Deutsche Qualität New speakers and concept TVs confirm Loewe’s technical excellence German quality is in the DNA of the Loewe brand. Dr Roland Raithel, Head of Press for the German manufacturer of high-end electronics, tells IFA International why the ‘made in Germany’ tagline is still central to Loewe’s philosophy… Dr Roland Raithel Head of Press for Loewe Attaining the highest possible quality is one reason why we believe it is important to produce Loewe products in Germany, but it is also about the individuality of our range. As a relatively small company, we are able to make products that are tailored to very specific needs. For example, our homeentertainment systems offer around one million different combinations in terms of colours, room placement and technical equipment. It’s a way for Loewe to distinguish itself in the market. What is Loewe showcasing at IFA? We have some new sound products, including the SoundVision speakers, a stand-alone audio product that will accept sound from any source. SoundVision also has a dock for Apple products, and there is an Internet radio inside. With two subwoofers, plus additional loudspeakers, this is an elegant and classy set-up that we will be introducing to the market in October. It also includes a touch screen, which controls everything, and there is also a brand new remote control. We are also bringing out the Air Speakers, which are made for the iPhone and iPod using the AirPlay system. This means that every time the user connects using AirPlay, the device wakes up and delivers the music they want. It is one of the first systems on the market to incorporate AirPlay compatibility. Loewe was one of the first to enter the connected- TV arena. How has the market responded to your connected TVs? Reactions have been excellent. Our solution has proved to be very popular, which indicates that Internet via the TV is very attractive to a growing number of our customers. We have partnered with Napster for music-on-demand and with Magstone for VOD [videoon-demand]. A new innovation for our connected TVs is the ability to use the iPad to watch content, and to move it on to the TV with a single finger movement. We have also significantly improved the Interview by Richard Barnes connection quality, because we are also demonstrating the iPad as a remote controller for a whole Loewe home-entertainment system. In addition, we are presenting a new range of smaller TVs at IFA, including 22-inch and 26-inch models that are fully equipped for Internet access. They are aimed at people who want all the quality and advantages of a Loewe TV in a smaller space or apartment. What’s new on the Loewe stand this year? In the centre of our exhibition area is an entirely new space dedicated to concept TVs. This sums up our vision of how we think the TVs of the future will look and the technical features that they are likely to have. There’s a TV for a business person, which is 21 x 9 inches in size and can be used vertically for surfing the internet, or horizontally for watching movies. We are also showcasing several very different styles of TV. Hall 6.2 - Stand 101 Hall 11.1 - Stand 14 Loewe MediaPortal “Internet via the TV is very attractive to a growing number of our customers” IFA International • Monday 29 th August 2011 35

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