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Preview Edition - IFA International

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46" 9000 LED Series

46" 9000 LED Series There are millions of ways to tell a story. There’s only one way to watch one, on Europe’s best LCD TV of the year!* Once again, the EISA experts have debated and deliberated. And this year, they gave their prestigious ‘‘LCD TV of the Year 2010 -2011’’ award to our 46" 9000 LED series for having the best performance and picture quality. This makes it the 10th consecutive year that we’ve won. See you here again next year ? *46PFL9705 – was voted the EISA European LCD TV of the year 2010 -2011

News Powering Upwards and Onwards Major Upswing In Demand for Booth Space at IFA as Europe Heads for Higher Ground Jens Heithecker Director - IFA Interview With 2010 marking the celebration of the 50th IFA, and the industry in a positive mood, this year’s IFA is set to be another record-breaking event. We asked Jens Heithecker to tell us more… We have some reasons to celebrate. Not only is it the 50th IFA since 1924, we will also have a record again. Despite the crisis, we have achieved records since the last two years and we are looking to deliver the strongest show in the worldwide electronics industry this year. We are extremely satisfied with the high number of exhibitors and in particular with the amount of hall space we have rented out. We have even built an additional temporary hall and are making efforts to exploit every available space inside the existing halls. There has been a double-digit increase in the amount of space occupied. What is the current status of registrations? While it’s still early days, we are seeing an increase already and we are optimistic to get more trade and international journalists, and retailers. Last year, we had 5% more international retailers and 10% more international journalists and we hope to continue this trend. What changes are there to the show? The most important change is that we are sold out and need to build more temporary halls, which is our biggest challenge today. In the hall, Sharp is moving to a new location and we have a new exhibition area called iZone, which is dedicated to the industry around the Apple product world. I think this will be a highlight for the traders, retailers, the public, and the journalists as well. Our TecWatch section has also evolved… When you think of fascinating images in 3D with no need to wear glasses, interactive digital TV, smart and ultra energy-efficient domestic appliances, easy-to-use internet cloud services, you might think they are visions of a far-off future, but IFA TecWatch is showing these developments right now – the real-life technological potential of consumer electronics and home appliances industries. Public and industry research facilities, universities, joint projects and internationally recognised standards institutions will present their latest developments there. This year, this unique combination of a trade show and communication and business platform for innovative technologies will present itself in new surroundings, sporting a new and attractive hall design. We deliberately decided on Hall 8.1 as the new location for IFA TecWatch in order to make innovative themes a more integral part of the visitor's tour of the show. What is your message to the retailers and trade? Please feel invited to the show. Use IFA for your business and you will see how successful you can be with IFA. Also, please come celebrate with us the 50th IFA. Read All About It! Whatever YOUR sector of activity in the Consumer Lifestyle field, IFA International has it covered! To ensure top coverage of all the main topics at IFA, on top of our usual news coverage, we have planned a series of SPECIAL DOSSIERS, running throughout the show. Make sure you don’t miss YOURS!! Day 1 The “Wow Experience” ... 3D TV and 3D Gaming. Appliance Spotlight – When You’re Hot… New cooking technologies at IFA. Weekend Edition (Days 2 & 3) The “SMART HOME”… The Connected Home: Home Networking, Home Cinema… The Connected TV (and Internet radio)… Web applications & widgets, Skype, Videoconferencing on TV, etc. The “Coffee Culture”... The latest in coffee machines and new small appliances. Day 4 (Monday) The “Nomadic Revolution”: The eBook Landslide Effect, Tablet Devices, Personal Navigation Devices, Notebooks and Netbooks, Mobile Entertainment... We take a close-up look at the new iZone at IFA! New Screen Technologies Advances in LCD and PDP technologies, and the onset of OLED and others. Keep Your Cool! The latest in refrigeration technologies. Day 5 I See You!... Digital Cameras and Camcorders, Digital Photo Frames. A-V Accessories and Mounting Solutions A Clean Slate – The latest in dishwashing technologies Day 6 Consumer Comfort – Health and Wellbeing Sound Ideas (Scorpion Herman Rarebell’s Audio Round-up) IFA International • Monday, 30 th August 2010 3

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