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IFA DisplaySearch Business Conference on September 3 rd , 2010 Themed “European TV: Driving – Or Driven By – The Global Supply Chain?”, the event will feature forecasts and analysis from DisplaySearch as well as presentations from top executives of leading companies throughout the TV supply chain. This business conference will be crucial for trade visitors wanting to understand the TV supply chain, market dynamics and technologies being shown at this year’s IFA exhibition. The IFA-DisplaySearch Business Conference 2010 tracks the Key Trends: 3D DisplaySearch forecasts that 513k 3DTVs will be shipped into Europe in 2010, rising to 12755k in 2014 Connected TV DisplaySearch forecasts that 27% of TV sets shipping in 2010 in Western Europe will be capable of being connected to the internet, rising to 85% in 2014 DisplaySearch also note that amongst leading setmakers, over half the models launched in 2010 have internet connectivity Visit: Register now! LED Backlighting DisplaySearch expect that 10.4 million LED-backlit LCD sets will ship into Western Europe this year, rising to 98% of all LCD sets in 2014. Speakers Richard Bass Hitachi Jim Buckle Chief Financial Officer, LoveFilm Hans Carpels President, Euronics Petra Ebner Director Pre-Sales and Product Marketing, Elcoteq Paul Gray Director European TV Research, DisplaySearch Stephan Heimbecher Sky Deutschland David Hsieh Vice President Greater China Market, DisplaySearch Hajo Koglin Sharp Microelectronics Dr. Sungyoul Lee IBM Wilfried Martis General Manager of CE Retail Intel Klaus Merkel HbbTV Paul Semenza Senior Vice President, Analyst Services, DisplaySearch Fabien Roth General Manager, TV Europe, Panasonic Thomas Wegener Head of LCD Marketing, Samsung David Wood European Broadcasting Union Markus Zeiler Director, Marketing Backlighting & Consumer Visible LED, Osram Opto Semiconducters

Trade News “Transforming Hall 2.2 into an Innovation Park” The EP:specialist Retail Concept Interview The EP:specialist retail concept for cutting edge technology is the theme of this year’s EP:model store at the IFA. We asked Dr Jörg Ehmer, CEO of ElectronicPartner, to tell us about the concept… The highly modern model store displays a broad variety of topics for customers to explore and experience. The main points of interest are the ElectronicPartner home network and digitalization campaigns as well as the ElectronicPartner consulting service for energy-saving. ElectronicPartner presents energy-efficient products and product innovations such as 3D television or multifunctional media centers. What’s new is the ElectronicPartner visitors’ lounge. Along with our partner Plus X Award, we will transform exhibition hall 2.2 into an innovation park. It is our most important task to present products and product solutions for our customers and to offer a networking platform for our members. The EP:model store samples the most important innovations of our industry partners and presents them in the EP:sales surroundings for visitors, for example, specialist retailers and customers, to experience and compare. For example, customers are very keen on smart phones so we will show the different systems by Apple, Google or Samsung in direct comparison. In addition, our model store presentation acknowledges the growing demand for Note- and Netbooks in combination with data rates. 3D technology has advanced considerably during the last year and will profitably dominate the CE part of the exhibition. As regards White Goods, our focus will be on intelligent domestic appliances and technologies such as smart grip ability, iDos or zeolite and energyefficiency in general. This also includes a focus on sustainability: in addition to the products, we will also cooperate with the Friends of the Earth Germany and the eco institute’s campaign energy-efficiency now! This means that we will enlarge our presentation space in comparison to last year. This leaves room for a special treat to our members: the VIP-Visitors Lounge. Here, we welcome our members for talks and give them the possibility to relax during a busy trade fair day. How do you evaluate the potential for the IFA to be an attractive trade fair for the visitors? Since the introduction of the annual IFA in combination with the introduction of White Goods, IFA is wellestablished as the showcase of innovations. Based on the huge media coverage we believe that IFA will attract even more visitors this year. ElectronicPartner will profit from IFA to stock innovative products that our associated members need for successful business. We want to make sure that our customers rely on EP: to be the number one specialist retailer for innovation, design and lifestyle in combination with the service, that makes the difference. What innovations are you looking forward to this year? We are looking forward to innovations in the Consumer Electronics industry, starting with 3D-TV, the LCD / LED technologies as well as solutions for home networks. 3D technology has advanced considerably during the last year and will dominate the CE part of the exhibition. As regards White Goods, intelligent domestic appliances featuring smart grip ability, iDos or zeolite as well as technologies to save energy and water will set a trend. As regards multimedia, we notice a strong interest in smart phones as well as netbooks and notebooks in combination with data rates. How does the upcoming buying season look for EP? For the second half of the year we expect that the large number of innovations presented at the IFA will set Dr. Jörg Ehmer CEO - ElectronicPartner positive trends for successful end of year sales. How important is sustainability to EP and what are you doing it to promote it? We are actively promoting sustainability in all areas of business. In particular, this involves the innovative White Goods as mentioned above, our energy-saving advisory service, and of course our cooperation with the Friends of the Earth of Germany and the eco institute with their campaign “Energy-efficiency now!” IFA International • Monday, 30 th August 2010 39

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