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SPECIAL FEATURE - MEET THE NOMADS! The Natives Are Getting Restless! Current Day Urban Tribes Are More Nomadic… But Still Need Their TomTom… Interview by Richard Barnes Corinne Vigreux – Managing Director – TomTom As market leader in the field of Personal Navigation Devices (PNDs), TomTom is a digital mapping and routing company that focuses on car navigation. But with the advent of the iPhone and its numerous apps, we felt it was timely to ask whether Personal Navigation Devices might be overshadowed by this phenomenon. We spoke to Corinne Vigreux – Managing Director for her opinion on the matter. We are committed to delivering innovative, user-friendly navigation solutions, digital maps and accurate relevant content. We are constantly looking for new technologies to do this, such as High Definition Traffic (HD Traffic) and IQ Routes. TomTom’s HD Traffic is our real-time traffic information solution that uses anonymously collected and processed traffic data using multiple sources and techniques. Through the combination of these sources, TomTom HD Traffic users receive accurate and complete traffic information quickly. This way, users avoid unnecessary delays and have more peace of mind and control of their journey. IQ Routes uses information about the actual speeds driven on roads at different times of day, so users know their route is always the best available. Depending on the time of the week or hour of the day drivers set off, the most efficient route will be calculated for that moment. It takes into account any factors that can delay drivers’ journeys (such as traffic on a roundabout, speed bumps or traffic lights) based on facts derived from years of gathering anonymous historic speed measurements. As roads are changing as much as 15% every year it is more crucial then ever to deliver up-to-date maps. That’s why TomTom developed its proprietary map improvement technology called Map Share, which enables users to easily and instantly improve maps. TomTom users can respond in real time to changes in the road network and correct the maps on their TomTom devices accordingly. Map Share gives TomTom users the option to capture all these changes on their device in-between map releases and keep their data as current as they wish. This has been very successful with users providing TomTom with over five million map reports. Moreover we offer the latest Tele Atlas maps four times a year. What is the future for GPS navigation devices? The future of navigation is about transforming navigation from a “don’tget-lost solution” into a true travel companion that gets you from A to B safer, faster, cheaper and better informed. The TomTom LIVE Services are an important component of this future development as they provide our customers with relevant real time information at the moment they need it. The future will also see community involvement of our customers in improving the quality of our maps and routing. One example of this is that our community has shared over half a trillion location specific speed measurements with us. Despite a loss in the last quarter, TomTom is still the European leader in the GPS Navigation Devices sector. What is the future for TomTom at this point? TomTom will continue to focus on innovating the navigation market. For instance, real time services are changing the way consumers are using a navigation device. A navigation device doesn’t just help you find your route from A to B any more. With real time traffic information and day / time dependent routing, PNDs have become an everyday travel companion. These services will continue to be offered to a broader group of users. l Hall 9 / Stand 204 We believe that PND will remain the focus for the moment. Moreover, 80% from all our sales revenue is still generated through PNDs. However, the navigation industry is still growing and penetration worldwide remains relatively low – mid 20% in Europe and high 10% in North America. We have a clear strategy of making TomTom’s navigation technology available on multiple platforms, so anyone who is interested can use navigation in their preferred way. In line with this strategy we are expanding the business to offer tailored navigation solutions for global automotive manufacturers like Renault or online via the web-based Route Planner – we offer a TomTom application on selected smartphones with the NAVIGATOR 7 and for the iPhone. To companies with vehicle fleets we have a professional navigation and fleet management solution via our business unit TomTom WORK. How are TomTom’s navigation devices evolving? IFA International • Monday, 31st August 2009 21

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