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Preview Edition - IFA International

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PRODUCT TRENDS Jumping on the LED Bandwagon Toshiba Opts for Local Area Dimming for a Higher Quality Image The Regza brand by Toshiba continues to be considered by the market as a high-quality label, and to this end, its makers are now including LED backlights as part of the package. We asked Toshiba’s Head of Marketing, Consumer Visual Products Sascha Lange to tell us more about this… and other Toshiba news… We are presenting our first LED series TV, the REGZA SV series at IFA 2009. We use local dimming on this product, which provides very high picture quality and contrast ratio. It has a Deep Lagoon Infinity flush front design with AR coating. It will be available in the 46’ and 55’ sizes. Everybody is talking about LED LCD TV, and this particular model has local-area dimming. How important is this? It’s important to get the best picture quality. Of course, edge LED is another technology that would have allowed us to build a very thin TV, but the picture quality would not be the same. Since this is a high-end series, we went for local area dimming. We heard Toshiba might be producing a BD player? A Japanese newspaper reported it last week. We had a shareholder’s meeting at the end of June where our president said he was open to making a Blu-ray player, but nothing has been finalized yet. So we are considering business plans and awaiting his decision. We’ve been seeing some of the brands integrating Net TV and other connectivity options. Is Toshiba looking at that as well? Of course we are looking into it. This is a major trend in the market and at IFA, we will introduce our future concept on this. Currently, it is quite expensive for the consumers; they have to pay 100-200 euros premium, which we believe the consumers do not want to pay. Therefore, we are developing this further so that it will be the same price as current HD TVs. l Hall 21 / Stand 101 Sascha Lange - Head of Marketing, Consumer Visual Products - Toshiba Fabien Roth, Senior Marketing Manager TV Group, Panasonic Marketing Europe NeoPDP Finally Hits Europe Panasonic Shows The Latest in Plasma Technology It’s been in development for a while, and we already saw it last year, but this time it’s a production model. The Panasonic PZ1 is on the show floor, and we asked Fabien Roth, Senior Marketing Manager TV Group, Panasonic Marketing Europe, to tell us more … It really is revolutionary… with “NeoPDP technology”, the PZ1 has a high image quality and is less than 2.5 centimetres thick with wireless technology. Also included on the VIERA Z1 is VIERA CAST web menu. The NeoPDP technology of the VIERA Z1 produces a brighter picture, deeper blacks, improved native contrast ratio (40,000:1) and Full-Time 1080 TV lines of motion resolution. This year, VIERA Plasma HDTVs are rated, as in 2008, to have a lifespan of 100,000 hours. This is more than 30 years of viewing when watched for 8 hours a day, before the TV reaches half brightness. Recently, Mr Laurent Abadie was named new European CEO for Panasonic. What changes can we expect? I think the philosophy will remain the same, but what we’re trying to do is bring more focus on Europe and some new design products. I think that’ll make a difference on how we’ll differentiate from our competitors. Finally IFA is very important event for you, but how? I think you saw at CES this year that attendance was down and I think that puts the focus on IFA, which will make it the number 1 show in terms of TV and cameras and Panasonic will be highlighting this. l Hall 5.2 / Stand 101 26 IFA International • Monday, 31st August 2009

PRODUCT TRENDS Getting the CE Message Across IFA International Visits the Panasonic Centre in Tokyo – and the new look "life wall" As a Corporate Global Communications Hub for Panasonic, the “Panasonic Centre” in Tokyo makes a perfect case study of how products may best be displayed to the general public. To this end, IFA International was given a personalised tour of the centre by Joe Tsuchiya, General Manager, Global PR and Kyoko Ishii, Senior coordinator, Global Corporate PR. With the business visions of contributing to the “Realization of a Ubiquitous Network Society” and ”Coexistence with the Global Environment” through cutting edge technologies, the centre serves as a vehicle for communications. It receives opinions and requests directly from customers while presenting the ideal model of Panasonic with actual products and services. In this respect, Panasonic uses the centre to create new value as they “reach out to more people”. Our tour took us past the latest model TVs, digital still cameras and camcorders before visiting the now famous “Life Wall” – a giant display in which the television represents an entire wall. This “concept display” was created around a year and a half ago, but the wall has since evolved still further. It now enables users to enjoy a broad array of contents and life-sized communication through instinctive operations that require gestures only, by accessing a high-speed and large-capacity network. Life Wall connects the living room to the world, proposing a new lifestyle. According to our guide, “the television in the living room is used by the whole family.Life Wall recognises exactly who you are and displays menus suited to your own individual needs.” To watch your favourite programmes in an ideal position and size, Life Wall adjusts the size and position of the screen according to the movements of the viewer. Life Wall can be operated by simply waving your hand, either at the table or in front of the wall. Everyone in the family can operate Life Wall together. Eco Life After “playing” with the Life Wall for a good while, we moved on to more serious things, namely a special section on “eco ideas”. Here, one can find many simple tips for an eco life within home appliances. For example, the volume of energy consumed in a day and the extent to which energy-efficient products can reduce CO 2 emissions, give us some ideas on how to improve environmental performance in the home. Many of the eco ideas are designed to reduce CO 2 emissions throughout the overall manufacturing process, which includes production, transportation and recycling. IFA Intl. would like to thank the staff of Panasonic Tokyo for their warm welcome and their exceptional explanation of this extraordinary public showcase. We have listed just a few of the interesting points of the centre. We strongly recommend anyone travelling to Tokyo to take the time to visit. l Demonstration of Interactive Life Wall Hall 5.2 / Stand 101 IFA International • Monday, 31st August 2009 27

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