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panasonic technology

panasonic technology fighting water shortages CoME viSiT uS aT hall 5.2 Water is Earth’s most precious resource. That’s why Panasonic’s new washing machine uses only 44 litres*. The design of the tilted drum and wide-angled water sprayer ensure that water is used as efficiently as possible. Thanks to the new 3D Sensor Wash Technology which constantly monitors the washing process, you’ll not only enjoy shorter cycles, but also use less water and less energy at every wash. Minimum water and energy consumption for maximum performance. Would you settle for anything less? Because saving the environment matters. EvEryThing MaTTErS. * Standard washing cycle: cotton-eco 60° + intensive

PRODUCT TRENDS It’s a lifestyle thing De'Longhi Brings Italian Coffee Culture to the World Paola Boni – Marketing & Communications Director for De'Longhi with Mr Helmut Geltner – General Director De'Longhi Deutschland. With coffee machines appearing as one of the fastest growing appliance sectors in the market, De'Longhi is exhibiting a new top-of-the-line model at IFA 2009… We spoke to Paola Boni – Marketing & Communications Director for De'Longhi about their new products… The most important product is our new super-automatic coffee maker Intensa, a very compact but spectacular product. It’s a jewel of technology because it’s so powerful and compact. Of course, we’re also showing steam irons and steam stations, which is a segment we want to grow in Europe. The coffee machines is part of the lifestyle as people are starting to appreciate it.Is this a major movement? It’s everywhere as coffee is the fastest growing appliance in the market now. How important is IFA for you? IFA is getting more and more important. In fact, we have doubled our space from last year and we will be pushing for more international visibility. We’re having a lot of European customers coming, so we think it’s becoming an important fair. l Hall 6.1 / Stand 101 Creating the “I want that” Factor Espresso Specialist Saeco Shows its “New Face” at IFA 2009 With “coffee tastings” gaining in popularity around the world, Saeco, continue to innovate. IFA 2009 will be the showcase for a swathe of new products aiming to tempt new consumers over to the “home coffee culture”. We asked Nicholas Lee what we can see at the stand… You will be seeing a new side of Saeco this year. We have a completely new portfolio of products, including in the mid section where we have a new compact machine, entirely in metal. We also have two models, which are stainless steel with black and white sides. We also have a new “jewel” at the very high end of our product range. We’re going to introduce what we believe will arguably be the best, most beautiful, fully automatic machine the world has ever seen. So we would welcome any visitors to the stand and hope they will agree with us! domestic/world market for us. We want to show a new face to Saeco. We have a new chief executive who has been running the company for the last 18 months. So at IFA, we’re going to show a new face to the world, and I think the world will agree that Saeco is back. You’re working with several distribution partners in Europe. How do you support them in terms of getting the message out? Well obviously we’re going to be strongly focusing on our above the line campaigns this year. We will be going strong in all media, especially premium media such as print, web, radio, which is going to help sell our products at the store. It is really important for our retailers to understand how our products work. So we have a force of trainers who are constantly out in the field, talking with the retailers on the different points and characteristics. They will also educate retailers on how to help a customer who comes into the store with an idea to purchase a certain coffeemaker with a lower price and perhaps the end of the day, the consumer goes home with a much nicer and richer machine, at a price that makes our retailers happy. l Hall 4.1 / Stand 206 simply pure. simply touch. Live auf der IFA Berlin 2009 Halle 3.1 | Stand 108 Die neue Design-Dimension: Perfekte Formensprache Glänzender Edelstahl Gebogene Glaselemente Eisblau leuchtende Displays What is the aim of IFA for you? For us, IFA is the most important trade show in the world as Europe is our main market. So this is a Nicholas John Lee – Europe Commercial Director – Saeco Nutzen Sie das Potenzial einer innovativen Design-Marke. Kontaktieren Sie uns: Russell Hobbs | Salton Deutschland GmbH Kilianstrasse 121 | 90425 Nürnberg Tel.: 0911/89 11-80 | Fax: 0911/89 11-822 | IFA International • Monday, 31st August 2009 ige_GlassTouch_IFAMag_090807.indd 1 07.08.2009 9:13:11 U 31

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