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PRODUCT TRENDS SamE SizE OUTSiDE – mORE iNSiDE! SamSUNg OffERS NEw SOlUTiONS iN SPaCE OPTimiSaTiON While the main message for Samsung Home Appliance division at IFA is "environmental friendliness", there are other innovations in store in the field of cooling products. We asked Samsung GmbH's Product Marketing Manager, Jorn Jacobi, what key products we’ll find at IFA. Our side-by-side refrigerator is the biggest in the market. It’s the same outer dimension, but with 150 litres more capacity. The second one is our washing machine that is connected to warm and cold water. It’s intelligent and you can use renewable energy for this, which is a trend now. Green is a big issue and we heard that Samsung is making a 4 billion dollar initiative. Yes, this is important for all product groups because this is our duty to society. For example, our vacuum cleaner uses 15% less energy but with the same suction power. Samsung is still pushing into several markets in Europe. How are you doing concerning market shares and what are the future goals? Market share is very important for Samsung. In the cooling segments in Germany we’re market leader. Also, we’re very good in the high-end washing machine sector. For every product group, we have a lot of potential and we will grow. Our goal this year is to offer the full assortment of fridges, dryers and dishwashers. l Hall 5.3 / Stand 2 lg bRiNgS SUNShiNE iNSiDE mEET ThE viTa lighT fRiDgE RaNgE Samsung’s Product Marketing Manager, Jorn Jacobi Volker Stangel – LG GmbH Home Appliances Product trainer – demonstrating the Vita Light LG Home Appliances are back at IFA 2009 with a number of innovations in store. We spoke to product trainer, Volker Stangel about their new line-up… First, we will be presenting Vita Light, which is a special light that mimics the sunlight that with our special crisper, prolongs the life of the food stored in the refrigerator for up to 14 extra days. The Crisper is not new, but the Vita Light is a new invention… and the LED lights also contribute to lower energy usage. Of course, we’re talking about energy everywhere. Just how energy efficient are they? We just invented an A++ refrigerator with no frost because some of our competitors do not have this feature and I think this is important. Throughout Europe, LG is battling to gain market share. How is this progressing? In Germany we’re 2 nd place with microwave and 2 nd place in side-by-side refrigerators. In the US, we’re number 1 in topload washing machines and worldwide we are selling 10 million washing machines annually. What are we seeing new in terms of washing machines? We have a bigger size, up to 9 kilos. We also have steam, which is not new, but we have improved it. The programmes are more energy efficient in terms of saving water and time. What are the main thrusts for home appliance? The most important thing is freshness and energy saving. l Hall 1.1 / Stand 103 110 years Miele: Celebrate innovative new products with us at the IFA. Experience Miele! Hall 2.1, Stand 101 32 IFA International • Monday, 31st August 2009

PRODUCT TRENDS NO 1 KOREAN WELLNESS Player Enters the EU Market Coway Uses IFA as Launching Pad to the Rest of the WorlD save energy as part of our environmental goals and enhance the wellness of our customers. We are now one of the top 10 brands worldwide in the field of home appliances, in the same league as Samsung and LG. Our strategic partners include top level substantial names in the field of appliances and electronics and we also have a number of well-known partners in Europe. awareness in the ATL area by using TV and newspaper advertising. We have already established it on the BTL side through our strong presence at trade shows and trade magazines through forums and conferences. Now we are seeking strategic partners who understand our strategy and goal in each territory, in particular regarding our water, air and food waste treatment products. We are also considering setting up our own subsidiaries in Europe, initially in Germany and Spain. So you’re positive about the future? Absolutely! We feel that Coway products are addictive! Once you start to use them, you cannot stop using them! l Hall 5.1 / Stand 209 Justin Shim – Head of Overseas Sales Team – Coway They’re huge in the market for home wellness products in Asia, but until now, the number one Korean wellness giant, Coway had not made a concerted push into Europe. That’s about to change. IFA International visited the company’s Headquarters in Seoul and spoke to their head of Overseas Sales Team, Justin Shim. We asked Mr Shim to tell us more… When we initially tried to establish ourselves in the overseas market, our brand name was not well known, so we educated the customers to understand more about Coway products and brand ethos. We separated our strategies into two categories. In one category we will market with our own brand and for the second category we are trying to find reliable partners to work with who will understand our product concept and potential in the markets. We presented our products to some global brand companies and they were willing to work with us to penetrate our target markets. Tell us about your product and “to market” philosophy… We are concerned with the wellbeing and quality of human life and our products Woongjin Coway Air Purifier How are you using regional partnerships to develop your business? Besides our activities with strategic global partners, We have tried to make customers aware of the Coway brand through regional partnerships to market products under the Coway brand. After three years now, the industrial players are aware of Coway for our water and air filtration appliances. We are now establishing a name for ourselves in the field of food waste treatment and we launched our first product in Europe last year and now in the US as well. Where do you go from here? Our next goal is to raise awareness about our design quality. We have a twentystrong design team that has won several top design awards such as Red dot, IF, IDEA and so on. Our design ethos means investing in quality, durability and the safety aspects of our products. It is helpful for our products, such as with the food treatment products, that European governments are actively promoting to their people how important it is to protect the environment. What about marketing? We deal with Below The Line (BTL) and ATL (Above The Line) products and our goal is to further establish IFA International • Monday, 31st August 2009 33

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