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Your bi-annual Guide to

Your bi-annual Guide to Sustainable Development Initiatives in Consumer Electronics NDS New digital solutions NDS New digital solutioNs 2009 Sustainable Development Initiatives Publisher of IFA International IFA Special Edition Highlights of The EISA Green Conference Exclusive interview with Jorge Gonçalves, President, EISA Dr. Christian Göke Chief Operating Officer, Messe Berlin Otmar Frey Head of Department Environmental Policy, ZvEi Spotlight Green Products at iFA September_09 Your Chance to Put Your Company’s GREEN Foot Forward With NDS, your company has the chance to promote its environmental friendliness in a purpose-built publication! From the publishers of IFA International Conceived by Cleverdis, the publishers of IFA International, this is a special bi-annual edition helping channel partners, retailers and the buying public understand what makes a “green” product or company, and what the stakes are for sustainable development! This publication supports the idea of harmonious balance between peoples’ needs and the Earth’s resources – the balance between benefits and costs on both a short and long term basis. We are on the eve of an industrial transformation that aims, we hope, to lead to sustainable development for society. But the market needs to be EDUCATED about what this all means and why it’s important, and NDS is the FIRST PUBLICATION to do this. Our Partners: CONTACT: Jooree Cho - Tel: +33 (0)4 42 77 46 08 -

Educating the Public in Sustainable Development Avoiding “Green Washing” – It’s Important to Ask the Right Questions Almost every company today says it’s “going green”… but what does that mean? IFA International asked Peter Weber, Head of the Press Working Group for ZVEI, whether there is not just a little abuse happening out there… There is, but this is not typical for the CE or Home Appliance industries. It’s a general trend. It’s called “green washing”. There is a lot of hype… Everyone has Miss IFA with Peter Weber, Head of the Press Working Group for ZVEI to demonstrate that their company is green, and so there is a lot of lying, but if you ask enough questions and go in depth into some companies you will find these people are cheating. The Consumer Electronics and Home Appliance industries thankfully have a lot to say as there has been real progress with regard to the environment, so people don’t have to hide what they have done. They can tell people the truth and there is no green washing necessary. When we talk about green developments, we are really working towards a better environment. It’s not only energy efficiency, it’s sustainability, it’s responsibility for the environment, and this is something we can prove in Berlin. What should be taken into account? The whole life cycle of a product has to be considered. It’s important for the overall evaluation of the environmental aspects of a product. We try to education people on judging the components of a product, how easy is it to recycle, what is the consumption, what is the life expectancy of the components. This is not easy to understand for people, and we have to educate people not to just look at average power consumption. It’s important, but it’s not the only thing people should look at in a product. l Using the Sun and Hydrogen to Make TVs IFA International Visits Sharp’s “Super Green” Factory at Kameyama In a fact-finding mission to various parts of Asia, IFA International had the pleasure of visiting Sharp’s Kameyama II plant in Japan. Sharp has, over past years, communicated heavily about its “green” policies, which, it has to be said, are very complete. The jewel in the crown of this policy of environmental consciousness is the Kameyama II plant, but in the next months (watch this space) it could be the soon to be opened Sakai plant adjacent to Osaka. Arriving at Kameyama, accompanied by Juri Katsuragi, Sharp’s Corporate PR Team, we could not help but be impressed by the cladding of this giant building. Indeed, as Sharp is also world leader in the manufacturing of solar cells, this expertise has been put to use through the massive cladding of the building in solar panels. We learned that this is, in fact, the biggest photovoltaic power system of its kind in the world. Those on the side of the structure are thin-film “see through” panels, allowing the light to enter the building. In combination with fuel cells on site and a cogeneration system, around a third of all energy needs of the plant are met “in house”. It’s part of the company’s vision that starts at the top, with Chairman Machida commenting on the Kyoto accord: “This pressing situation demands a drastic transformation in social structure, from a massconsumption society, that since the Industrial Revolution has depended on fossil resources, to a sustainable low-carbon society focused on the use of renewable energies”. l We recommend consulting Sharp’s website for further information: corporate/eco/index.html Hall 3.2 / Stand 101 IFA International Editor-in-Chief Richard Barnes and Juri Katsuragi member of Sharp's Corporate PR Team at Kameyama II... Those dark windows are solar panels! IFA International • Monday, 31st August 2009 35

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