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REVIEW Edition - IFA International 2017

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NEWS FITBIT ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH ADIDAS With the Keynote at IFA 2017 by Fitbit CEO and co-founder James Park, and the announcement of the launch of the innovative new Ionic Smartwatch, the brand has also announced a new partnership with Adidas. The partnership with Adidas aims to deliver a Fitbit Ionic special edition device and training programs in 2018. The relationship will leverage Adidas’ robust performance program expertise with Fitbit data and insights from millions of global users to help athletes of all levels perform better, play better and feel better. Simon Peschcke-Koedt Vice President Global Marketing, Head of Libratone DK Libratone on Mission to Liberate Sound Simon Peschcke-Koedt, Vice President Global Marketing, Head of Danish audio innovators Libratone DK, on innovations @ IFA 2017 Founded in 2009 in Denmark, Libratone is one of the first audio companies to consider the aesthetics of speakers – to move them out of the corner of the room for the consumer on the move. Libratone is on a mission to liberate sound and to expand peoples’ experiences with music in the era of streaming. This goal has driven the company’s objectives at IFA 2017, explained Simon Peschcke-Koedt, Vice President Global Marketing, Head of Danish audio innovators Libratone DK. “We have had two goals at IFA this year: firstly, to meet with a lot of our retail partners. Half of our booth is reserved for that and it works really well. The second goal of course is to present the product range to the general audience. This year we were at Showstoppers for the first time. We were fortunate to win an IFA innovation award for our Q Adapt headphones and our Zipp speakers. Peschcke-Koedt says the company has achieved some “great market numbers” but stresses that it is still a very small Danish brand. The company needs to expose itself to its trade partners, its end users and the press, he says. “Libratone was founded in 2009 and effectively restarted in 2014 following new investment. All the products we have here are from ‘the new beginning’,” he said. “The company focuses on wireless audio. “It’s in our name Libratone – liberate sound. We are strong believers in setting sound free, which means it has to be wireless. A lot of companies say they’re wireless, but have a power cord. So we believe that we are truly wireless” James Park CEO and co-founder, Fitbit A global Internet of Things (IoT) platform for manufacturers, Ayla Networks has added Google Home voice integration to its offerings—meaning that the Ayla IoT platform now supports all the leading smart home cloud-based voice services, including Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Tencent QCloud Xiaowei and Google Home. Thanks to the inherent flexibility of the Ayla IoT platform, manufacturers of connected products can tie into multiple IoT ecosystems, including voice processing systems. By connecting to the Ayla IoT platform, manufacturers’ connected products gain access to the full range of Ayla IoT cloud capabilities—which now includes the ability to integrate with a full range of leading cloudbased voice processing systems. As a result, Ayla’s IoT platform provides comprehensive device, cloud and mobile app connectivity for any kind of product. It not only speeds Another innovation comes in the shape of Fitbit Pay, allowing users to leave their wallet and phone at home and effortlessly pay for items right from their device, wherever contactless payments are accepted. Over the coming months they will be able to add eligible American Express cards, as well as Mastercard and Visa credit and debit cards from top issuing banks in over 10 markets across the globe AYLA NETWORKS ADDS SUPPORT FOR GOOGLE HOME VOICE SERVICES manufacturers’ time to market for connected products, but handles the intricacies of IoT security, performance, scalability and interoperability 10

Miele Enters Into New Dialog at IFA NEWS Germany-based appliance manufacturer launches revolutionary technology for cooking Miele heralded the “biggest launch since induction cooking” at this year’s IFA. The company said its new Dialog oven is faster and more versatile than any other cooking product. Dr Markus Miele, Miele’s Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, said that for the very first time, a technology is being deployed in which electromagnetic waves respond to the texture of food “in an intelligent manner”. During the unveiling of the Dialog oven, a chef demonstrated it by cooking a fish in a block of ice, at 56 degrees, without the ice melting. Miele said: “The time has now come to reinvent cooking – with the Dialog oven from Miele. Meat, for example, is cooked more uniformly, retaining its juices. Fish and vegetables keep their fine structure and dough rises significantly better.” The Dialog oven will launch in April 2018. Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Miele’s Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, said that Miele, as a first mover for bringing white goods to IFA for the first time in 2008, was very happy with its performance at this year’s IFA. He said, “IFA is, in my opinion, the most important trade show in our industry sector in the world. It is a platform where we can demonstrate to the whole world and display our innovations and that we are innovative. “There is no other platform that allows us the same. Our trade customers are coming here because they can find one trade show, in one place, all they sell, whether that is brown goods, grey goods, phones or white goods. “Most of the electrical retailers sells at least two or three of these products groups and at IFA, they can find all the suppliers they need. For time and convenience reasons, they prefer to have an allin-one trade show – the public like the all-in-one format too” Dr Reinhard Zinkann Executive Director and Co-Proprietor, Miele with stand staff demonstrating new appliances Smart Innovations Drive Best-Ever IFA For Siemens Siemens Home Appliances unveil a number of smart innovations across all the major domestic categories Key product highlights on the Siemens stand included the iQ500: the first cooker in the Siemens portfolio to be connected via the Home Connect App, meaning it can now also be controlled with Amazon Alexa. Roland Hagenbucher, chief executive at Siemens Home Appliances, said, “For many people, this Seamless Life, a life powered by smarter technologies that work perfectly together and give us better control of our everyday lives, comes down to better integration of connected appliances in the home.” Mr Hagenbucher said the iQ500 series sets new standards in its class in terms of features too. The temperature reaches 175 °C in just five minutes thanks to a rapid heating feature, without consuming additional energy. Siemens also released the findings of a new follow-up study to last year’s Seamless Life research, undertaken by Goldsmiths, University of London. Other highlights on the Siemens stand included the XXL refrigerator with connected camera, which is 70cm wide and 80cm deep, and, Mr Hagenbucher said, offers 35% more space than a standard sized fridge-freezer. In home laundry, Siemens presented its new avantgarde range, which features a new size segment with a drum volume of up to 10kg. Olaf Nedorn, Head of Marketing and Communications at Siemens, said: “IFA was a great success, press wise at the beginning of the week. We focused on our core topic of connectivity. Secondly, end consumer wise, people came and seemed really interested in connectivity and our other innovations, including in the cooking category. “Our trade partners were really positive and were buying. IFA 2017 was the best-ever for Siemens and furthermore, it was also a very relaxed atmosphere which is also a sign that people are in a very good buying mood. We are very happy with our sales at this year’s IFA” IFA International • Friday 15 th September 2017 11

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