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REVIEW Edition - IFA International 2017

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STAND OUT STANDS PHILIPS All groups of Philips products were gathered together in one place in Hall 7.2. Mood lighting allowed visitors to gain a better understanding of the real black levels obtained in the latest Philips OLED TVs, along with the spectacular Ambilight effects. The audio section featured a “silent but not so silent” group whose music could only be listened to via Philips latest headphones. The personal care section featured the brand’s latest connected toothbrush, that had more than one passer-by smiling! TOSHIBA Toshiba is back with a bang, showcasing an exciting range of high-end yet affordable TV products at IFA 2017. Adorned with its distinctive electric red brand logo, the stand opened directly on the company’s hero products – which were presented on eye-catching mounts and stands. One exciting piece of news this year was a link-up between Toshiba and Disney around the Star Wars brand. Toshiba took advantage by allowing visitors to the stand to have their photos taken in Star Wars settings. 20

HAIER With one-in-five homes owning a Haier appliance, according to the Chinese manufacturer, it was normal to see that Haier had a brilliant display of its latest products, described by Yannick Fierling, Haier Europe’s CEO, as the group’s “biggest range of possibilities”. A number of new innovations could be seen at the stand, including the F+, a multi-door fridge-freezer, which features an oxygen-controlled preservation system known as Antioxydant Zone. Haier also launched the Link Cook Series, a range of connected refrigerators that have cameras fitted into the doors, allowing users to obtain information on the freshness, best -before dates, as well as nutritional quality. In addition, Link Cook appliances suggest recipes based on the refrigerator’s contents in order to avoid unnecessary food wastage. BEKO As sporting sponsorships gain in importance in terms of reinforcing brand awareness, Beko’s stand sported the colours of FC Barcelona, of which the brand is a premium sponsor. Not only is the brand present on the pitches, but they have also integrated the team’s colours into some of their major appliances, such as the limited edition Beko FC Barcelona fridges, that created quite a stir at IFA. Part of the Arçelik Group, Beko continues to grow as a strong brand across Europe, based on solid R&D. Hakan Bulgurlu, Chief Executive of Arçelik told IFA International, “We are always developing our innovation muscles. Innovation has always been how we have created value. We do this by working together with our partners all over the world. We want to find the next, big growth areas by betting on revolutionary ideas. We see three forms of innovation. Firstly, we know that incremental innovation brings sustainable growth both globally and locally. We integrate customer insights, trend analysis, and technology with our business strategy.” IFA International • Friday 15 th September 2017 21

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