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REVIEW Edition - IFA International 2017

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STAND OUT STANDS GORENJE What struck delegates on approaching the Gorenje stand at IFA this year was the range of colours on show. Its Retro Collection fridges are of striking design in unusual colours – copper, olive, apricot and apple. Lined with a light-coloured wood background, the feeling of the stand was warm and homely. During the week, the company introduced a range of products including Anna the shopping bot, and the innovative IQ induction hob with an XXL cooking surface. BOSCH Bosch emphasised smart innovations that can support the seamless lifestyle. A series of five “living spheres” focusing on different aspects of modern life showcased products in a way that reflected the company’s consumer-centric thinking. The word “simply” was used in several places to emphasise the importance of ease of use. A wide central aisle with colourful lighting made it easier for visitors to relax and enjoy the appliances on display. Simply Clean World presented an amusing upside-down motif. 22

SIEMENS The Siemens stand at IFA this year was branded the Concept Mall, and was designed to explore “the seamless lifestyle in a connected way across a range of exciting scenarios”, according to the company’s marketing head Olaf Nedorn. A stand-out feature of the stand was a Tesla car that can operate home appliances from remote locations. Another highlight was the Avantgarde series of washers and dryers that combine networking, smart technologies and modern design. CANDY HOOVER At the Candy Hoover stand, the Hoover Kitchen of the Future was an attempt at a perfect synthesis of connected household appliances, and underlined why Candy Group was the fastest growing domestic appliance manufacturer in Europe in 2016. AI was one of the key trends at the show this year, and “Smart” is part of the Candy’s DNA. According to Candy's Head of Washing Appliances Business Sector and Connectivity, Aldo Fumagalli. “Bianca is the perfect synthesis of all this”, referring to an intuitive washing machine that listens to consumers and performs the most effective and suitable washing program for their individual needs. With the Bianca, users can literally talk to the washing machine via their smartphone thanks to the “Talking Bianca” function that facilitates natural dialogue and intelligent interaction to help choose the right program, build a profile of user habits, and provide precious washing tips. In addition, Bianca will promptly inform about maintenance needs. IFA International • Friday 15 th September 2017 23

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