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REVIEW Edition - IFA International 2017

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SEEN @ IFA MAJOR DOMESTIC APPLIANCES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT YOUR FRIDGE ON CANDID CAMERA Siemens claims its connected XXL fridge-freezer “takes the stress out of everyday life”, with the combination of its built-in cameras saving time and planning headaches when shopping. At 70cm wide and 80cm deep, it not only offers up to 35% extra space for food, but the produce also stays fresh for twice as long, thanks to the hyperFresh system. The connected camera in the fridge section means you can check the contents of the fridge anytime, anywhere. Every time the fridge door is closed, two cameras take photos of the interior and door areas. The device then transmits these photos to a smartphone or tablet using the Home Connect App, allowing current stocks to be checked anytime when on the move. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Remote viewing On your smartphone from anywhere, anytime 2 Large cabinet 35% extra space for food 3 hyperFresh Food stays fresh for twice as long HISENSE ADDS VALUE WITH CONVENIENCE FEATURES The Hisense RS694N4TC2 model offers chilled water and ice cubes simply by the touch of a button on the front panel. Maximizing the applicability in one’s kitchen, the refrigerator comes with a non-plumbed water tank that gives homeowners more flexibility in setting up the device. Additionally, the water tank can be easily removed and cleaned to ensure hygienic conditions. Hisense also offers a nice highlight in some of their cooling and freezing units: a universal bottle holder in a classic chrome outfit. The rack can be easily inserted into the refrigerator and gives extra room for juice, water or wine. Up to five bottles can be stored safely onto the shelf. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Energy Savings A+++ or A++ on all models 2 Convenience Ice and chilled water through the door 3 Design Cool design of the new universal bottle holder KEY SELLING POINTS SAMSUNG DEBUTS CONNECT APP ON FAMILY HUB Samsung has dialed up Family Hub’s connectivity in app integration and voice technology to make it more interactive, personalised and functional. From Q3 2017, Family Hub will feature the Samsung Connect app, which debuted on the Galaxy S8 earlier this year, giving families more control over their connected homes. Simply control and monitor Samsung smart 1 Connect using the Samsung Connect app 2 LED touchscreen serves as an interactive digital bulletin board 3 Stream music and videos from app partners TuneIn and Spotify products, including appliances, from a single app on the front of the refrigerator. With the LED touchscreen serving as an interactive digital bulletin board, users share photos, access updated calendars, handwrite memos in real time, and post memos from wherever they may be, via a companion smartphone app. LG SHOWCASES NEW PREMIUM BUILT-IN APPLIANCES AT IFA The state-of-the art European LG Studio package allows one to cook, dine and clean in style with the help of a 24-inch electric wall oven, 24-inch induction hob, 24-inch QuadWash dishwasher, 24-inch Bottom Freezer, 36-inch wall mount hood as well as radiant and gas hobs. Fast boiling, frying, and searing are all possible thanks to LG’s built-in induction hob, which is capable of generating 7.4 kW of heat energy - the highest in the industry. While other hobs that offer auto-detection are only capable of recognising one piece of cookware, LG’s induction hob can recognise up to 4 pots or pans automatically. The built-in oven comes with six adjustable rack levels while the Easy Clean feature is so effective that family members can spend more time enjoying their food, not cleaning it. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Harmony of style Very important in modern kitchens 2 High-end LG’s Studio package demonstrates very high quality 3 Innovative features On all devices 26

SEEN @ IFA SMALL DOMESTIC APPLIANCES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT A HIGH FASHION TOASTER KRUPS “MULTITASKING” KITCHEN MACHINE WITH EXTRAS At IFA, Krups presented its new PRO KA40 kitchen aid designed for passionate bakers and cooks, which will be available from Q4 2017. The unit is equipped with three different mixing and kneading hooks as well as four graters and an additional mixing attachment made of glass. Whether it be yeast dough, grated vegetables or fruity compote, the PRO KA40 promises power, precision and professional results. The bowl and the handles are made of high-quality stainless steel, while the 5.5 litres capacity can process large quantities of dough. With 1200 watts of power and eight speeds as well as a pulse function, this Krups kitchen aid has the lot. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Flexible Equipped with three different mixing and kneading hooks as well as four graters 2 Big size The 5.5 litres capacity can process large quantities of dough 3 Powerful 1200 watts of power and eight speeds as well as a pulse function With stunning features across three core products, Russell Hobbs has drawn on inspiration from the high fashion runways of London, Milan and New York for its latest Elegance range. Sleekly designed with fast toasting technology, the Elegance Long Slot Toaster’s black glass design aims to perfectly complement any kitchen. Inspired by the world of high fashion, the modish design combines intense black, steel grey and premium glass. The toaster also includes an adjustable browning control and a lift and look feature that allows users to check their toast without cancelling the cycle. Whether crafting a home cooked breakfast or just heating up a tasty pastry treat, its fast action and simple operation is suitable for every occasion. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Design Inspired by the world of high fashion, the modish design combines intense black, steel grey and premium glass 2 Control Adjustable browning control and a lift and look feature that allows users to check their toast without cancelling the cycle 3 Colours Intense black, steel grey and premium glass SNACK TO GO WMF is promising “healthy snacks and muesli bars made easy" for users of its new KITCHENminis Automatic Dryer Snack To Go. The device features a compact, space-saving dryer for fruit, vegetables, meat, herbs, mushrooms and much more. The casing is made from highquality Cromargan, while five fine-mesh, highquality drying racks made of Tritan and stainless steel are included along with three additional drying racks available as extras. In addition, an extra silicone mould for home-made muesli bars is along with various sized storage boxes and a mueslibar box for transportation. Optimal drying results are achieved thanks to electronic air circulation that promises even heat distribution. The device will be available from specialist and general retailers from October 2017. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Healthy living A key desire of consumers today 2 New ideas A recipe book with tips for drying is included with each dryer 3 Design Casing is made from high-quality Cromargan metal KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Flexible Carrera blender can blend, crush, cook and steam 2 Broad range A full-service product offering 3 Back-up Powerfood hotline for comprehensive consumer advice CARRERA KITCHEN APPLIANCES FOR POWERFOODS This year at IFA, Carrera marketed its Kitchen range via the raw Powerfoods theme that especially apply to its highpower blender range. “ Food is energy first and foremost”, explains Bastian Kühl, partner and brand manager at Carrera. With its blender, Carrera combines an appliance that can blend, crush, cook and steam, along with a brand exclusive: a Powerfood hotline that gives consumers all the answers. Asked about the move to a full-service product offering, Kühl says the direct dialogue with customers via the Powerfood Experts is really important. “It’s the only way to build real customer loyalty and earn their trust in our competence.”. IFA International • Friday 15 th September 2017 27

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