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REVIEW Edition - IFA International 2017

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SEEN @ IFA HEALTHCARE PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT MEASURE BLOOD PRESSURE, INTELLIGENTLY The connected iHealth Clear blood pressure monitor is designed to make measuring blood pressure easy and provide comparative results that can be tracked and managed. It is clinically-approved by the FDA. With just one look, users can clearly see their blood pressure reading, heart rate and blood pressure range, with readings represented by four different colours. With a press of a button, the iHealth Clear will start measuring blood pressure. Users can view or listen to the analysed results, and KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Two cuff sizes available to fit the majority of arms 2 Enables user to export data to a doctor, as CSV, XLS 3 Measures indoor and outdoor temperature, which can affect blood check all readings – displayed as a logbook or as a chart – on the iHealth app. iHealth Clear automatically tells you if your reading is higher or lower than the last measurement to help you make better decisions on prevention and treatment. SMART, CONTACT-FREE THERMOMETER Korea-based electronics company Partron – with offices in Aachen, Germany –was at IFA with a range of health-related products including the PTD-100 Smart Thermometer and health monitor. The compact capsule-shaped device, measuring around 5cm, fits on to your smartphone via a jack-plug, into the headphone socket – turning the phone into a thermometer. Temperature is taken by holding the device close to the forehead – no contact is required. It’s possible to hold it over warm milk to measure the temperature before feeding a baby. The thermometer can save data, which can be read on a graph; it can connect to Google maps, giving information about the nearest doctor or hospital; and it includes a timer to set reminders for medication and other health- and lifestyle-related activities. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Contact-free for extra hygiene 2 Timer reminds the user to take medication 3 Collects data that can be sent to the doctor or hospital INSTANT CLEAN AIR Available in over 60 countries, and rated among the best air purifiers in the US, Airfree products are designed to reduce microbiological contamination in the air naturally, without using chemicals or filters. Recommended by doctors, they can be used anywhere. Airfree can help alleviate asthma, respiratory allergies, and eliminate mould, dust mites, bacteria, fungi, virus, pollen, allergens of domestic animals and other microorganisms from the air. Airfree’s technology works by drawing in air, heating it to over 200 ºC, instantly sterilising it. The purified air is then cooled before being returned to the room. Depending on the model, between 14,000 and 20,000 litres of air pass through the Airfree device every hour, treating all the air in the room in a very short space of time. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Small and portable 2 Clean, environmentallyfriendly, filterless technology 3 No ozone or ion emissions HEALTH-CHECK WHILE YOU SLEEP Emfit QS is “the world’s first heart rate variability enabled contactless sleep tracker”, according to Finland-based company Emfit. It is completely automatic, autonomous and is installed in the bed under the mattress or mattress cover. Emfit QS offers a detailed description of sleep quality and the progression of recovery. The data enables well educated choices for daily workouts, meetings and other important events. This then enables the user to introduce changes to their lifestyle that will ensure better sleeping patterns. There’s nothing to wear and no need to turn equipment on and off. When the user is asleep it automatically starts measuring and in the morning, the data is available for analysis on a smartphone, tablet or computer. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Gives peace of mind to carers looking after loved ones who are living alone 2 Tracks sleep quality and quantity, heart, breathing and movement to enable early intervention into any problems revealed 3 Real-time alerts sent directly through a smartphone via an app 28

SEEN @ IFA FEEDBACK FROM THE SHOWFLOOR Brian Fogh General Manager, Electrolux Germany & Austria Electrolux Praises IFA as Perfect Platform For European partners, Electrolux unveiled the AEG 9000 series Okokombi washer-dryer combo with SensiDry technology, which the company says customises the cleaning cycle based on fabric type. For the US market, the updated line of Electrolux PerfectCare washing machines and dryers aim to limit trips to the dry cleaners. Brian Fogh, General Manager of Electrolux Germany & Austria, said: “This year again, IFA proved to be a perfect platform to present our innovations to trade partners and end users, to establish contacts and to deepen existing relationships. “Whether for exclusive appliances for the kitchen, innovative, networkable laundry care or in the field Toshiba: "a Chance To Relaunch the Brand" High levels of competition in the television market mean the level of innovation at IFA remained impressive. In some cases, the innovations were around image quality – with OLED the big buzz word. But there is also increased emphasis on design, model size, affordability and user interface, with Alexa voice recognition a key IFA talking point. Toshiba sales and marketing director – Europe, Bart Kuijten, said IFA 2017 “has been extremely successful for us in the sense that it was a chance to relaunch the brand. It’s only 12 months since we made the announcement we were bringing the brand back to Europe and we were able to put our products in front of retailers, consumers and the media.” According to Kuijten the key message from Toshiba has been the delivery of high quality sets at the affordable end of the market. In terms of technology talk he said “the message coming through is that HDR is seen as increasingly important – and there is an expectation that it will appear in more and more models. There’s also a lot of interest in Alexa, connected to the ongoing move towards smart homes” of room maintenance, for example with the new vacuum cleaner robot RX9.” Fogh added: “For AEG, the needs and “best in class” experiences of the consumer were the focus. We have demonstrated this during the past few days at IFA. We drew a positive summary from this year’s fair appearance – Berlin was worth a trip again” Bart Kuijten Marketing Director – Europe, Toshiba Dr Roland Raithel Head of press and PR, Loewe LOEWE SAYS "IT HAS BEEN A GOOD WEEK" The majority of leading TV manufacturers at IFA come from Asian markets such as China, Japan and Korea. But Loewe continues to boast of its “Made in Germany” pedigree. Loewe head of press and PR Dr Roland Raithel said it has been a good week for German TV manufacturer. “It has been a tremendous week. We had a lot of retailers and media at the stand and they were interested in the latest products, such as our 77” OLED. We also received a lot of interest in our plans around Alexa and were able to present a study to the market about developments in wallpaper television.” Brand distinctiveness remains a key selling point for Loewe, said Raithel: “The main difference with Loewe is that we have our own electronics platform in Germany. All of our products are made in Germany with a commitment to high quality and design. That is key to our success” IFA International • Friday 15 th September 2017 29

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