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Review Edition - IFA International

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SEEN AT IFA STAND OU TCL The centre-piece of the TCL stand was a huge 110 inch curved TV that sat beneath a large red TCL brand logo. The impact was to immediately link the brand and the flagship product in the eye of the captivated consumer. Around the edge of the room, a curved digital screen created an immersive feeling that focused attention inwards on the TCL and Thomson products on display. Banks of TVs were dotted round the room, showcasing key innovations such as Quantum Dot TV and 4K Ultra HD. PHILIPS For Philips, It was important to show customers the differences that their features bring to TV. For example, they needed to find a way to share their revolutionary Ambilight projection technology, the most significant development yet for their unique Ambilight system. They had built twin custom rooms, creating a more intimate setting than typical in a stand. Just to point out some of the detailed thinking, they left the bottom of the walls open, so you could see if there were people in the room by their feet. It was a little mysterious – just like their Ambilight innovation – and it encouraged people to enter to take a look. 22

T STANDS SEEN AT IFA PANASONIC The Panasonic stand was of epic proportions. Its bold black and white colour scheme, complete with huge hanging boards, delivered impactful branding and messaging the moment you entered, while the interplay of audio suggested the excitement of the funfair. Smart home technology sits at the heart of the Panasonic strategy and this was evident in booths that displayed home entertainment, dining and sleep solutions. The overall impression was one innovation in action, with products such as the new 4K UHD LED Curved TV given prominent positioning. Fun installations showed how Panasonic products are tailored to life in the digital connected age. SONY Visitors entered the Sony stand by passing under a white arch with simple, understated branding. Once inside, however, they were greeted with a dynamic fast-moving environment that showcased a myriad of products. Huge floor to ceiling screens brought the Sony range to life and were a reminder of the company’s close connection with the content business. The stand made heavy use of props to bring different aspects of the business to life...a car to promote hi-res audio and a garden to promote photography. Products included the world’s first 4K smartphone, the Xperia Z5 Compact. IFA International • Monday 21 st September 2015 23

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