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Review Edition - IFA International

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SEEN AT IFA STAND OU BOSCH This year, Bosch had put laundry at the forefront of their stand. LED bands spanned the ceiling and extend down to the ActiveOxygen floor display where you were immersed in a three dimensional ActiveOxygen world. Thet had also massively expanded their Home Connect area, which featured a connected home, which included a living room where their staff were giving one-on-one demonstrations of how their appliances could be controlled remotely from mobile devices. With the Camera-in-Fridge – which they launched at IFA – you can look on your smartphone and see what’s in your fridge while you’re out and about. SIEMENS At Siemens they wanted to give IFA visitors a lot of advice about how the connected kitchen works. They had staff with iPads so people could try out the fridge camera, for example. It was not just a showcase that was fun but showed how to make life easier. They had also used the stripes on the floor and the ceilings to reflect the connection between the different products. It was not just about showing products, the aim was to experience products, to show what connectivity is all about using all of the senses. 24

T STANDS SEEN AT IFA HAIER Haeir’s stand consisted of two design elements: an icy blue backdrop for consumer electronics and a crisp white backdrop for home appliances. The sleek simplicity of the home appliance section served to accentuate the quality of the products, which ranged from Haier’s ground-breaking double drum washing machine to its threecompartment refrigerator. The stand used home scenario simulations so that the products could be seen in context and there were clear information panels explaining product benefits. The stand used angles and curves cleverly so that visitors were quickly sucked into a kind of stylish high-tech innovation bazaar. VESTEL Vestel created a bright, friendly stand that was immediately welcoming on entry. A pyramid of boldly-coloured appliances greeted visitors as they entered the stand, and this was supported by a beautiful light display with red and white bulbs ascending and descending. Soft ambient mood music added to the sense of relaxation. Smart home technology was give a position at the centre of the stand while kitchen displays along the edge of the stand and in the centre simulated the real world surroundings of appliances. A big emphasis this year was on energy efficient appliances. IFA International • Monday 21 st September 2015 25

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