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HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM Michael Müller, the new Mayor of Berlin – he replaced Klaus Wowereit in December 2014 – welcomes IFA visitors to Berlin for the first time in 2015, signalling a new era for the German capital and the world’s largest Consumer Lifestyle trade show. Like outgoing Mayor Wowereit, who famously called Berlin “poor but sexy”, referring to its strong focus on culture and nightlife, Müller also celebrates Berlin’s cultural excitement and diversity. When describing what makes Berlin so special, Müller also told IFA International about the ways in which the city has flourished in the quarter century since unification. I think Berlin offers a unique mix – a mix of old and new, of people from all over the world, and of urban and natural spaces. In the last 25 years in particular, the city has really blossomed, taken on a new look, and become more open, more diverse, and more colourful. And finally, when it comes to culture, Berlin is one of the world’s most exciting cities. What is your key message to visitors from around the world (and Germany) present at the show? First of all, of course, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to What do you suggest people everyone attending the IFA and to should do while they’re here – wish our visitors a productive and whether visiting for the first time, successful trade show, and, at the or whether they are “old hands” end of the day, a wonderful time and at Berlin? many unforgettable impressions of Since there’s too little time to really Berlin. And if I might, I’d also like to get to know Berlin during the trade ask you to become ambassadors for show, my advice would be to either Germany’s capital city and to promote come back for another visit or extend Berlin when you’re back home – and your stay to give yourself the chance not just as a trade show location, but to experience Berlin in all its many also as a travel destination. facets. You’ll be glad you did. CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE Mayor of Berlin IFA International • Monday 31 st August 2015 45 ADVERTORIAL HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE Normally in this section we look at “Where to Go” in Berlin, but today, we decided to look at “WHY go to Berlin”! Indeed, interestingly for IFA “techies”, Berlin has been named as a “Smart City”. But what does this really mean? We put the question to Dr. Stefan Franzke – Management Spokesperson - Berlin Partner for Business and Technology… I think Berlin offers a unique mix – a mix of old and many others, the city has already achieved and new, of people from all over the world, and its climate protection targets set out by the of urban and natural spaces. In the last 25 years Federal Government for 2050. in particular, the city has really blossomed, taken on a new look, and become more open, more diverse, and more colourful. And finally, when it comes to culture, Berlin is one of the world’s most exciting cities. Berlin is experiencing a net population increase of 40,000 people each year. That makes us very happy, but it also comes with challenges. To keep Berlin liveable and attractive, we need smart solutions for our everyday lives that are efficient and sustainable: How do we quickly get to work in the morning without harming the environment? How is it possible to supply a Berlin is very much a place where the old Management Spokesperson, Berlin Partner major city with energy and conserve resources meets the new – especially when it comes to for Business and Technology while doing so? How can good health care be technology. How does this help to create a guaranteed to all residents? Three questions, smart city? smart ideas in the fields of production, transport one answer: by using technology. The cooperation between established industry and logistics – all major issues a Smart City faces. and creative entrepreneurs with technological As a tech hub in Europe, Berlin is the creative know-how is extremely valuable on our way to How is Berlin Partner helping implement the laboratory for the cities of tomorrow. Young becoming a Smart City. The unique ideas from objectives of this plan? founders, experienced entrepreneurs and young founders in Berlin impress me again and As a promoter of business development in Berlin recognised scientists develop solutions for the again, and thanks to the investment power we know both worlds well – the established Berlin of tomorrow that can then be exported of experienced companies, the likelihood that industry and the start-up scene. In order for into the world. The EUREF-Campus in Berlin they can be implemented quickly increases Berlin to position itself as a smart city model demonstrates just what Berlin as a Smart City tremendously. Many global corporations such around the globe, it’s our job to bring together could look like: a smart energy system supplying as Microsoft or IBM are working closely with the best of these two worlds. To do this, we all the buildings primarily with renewable the start-up scene in Berlin. Cisco is currently support companies in establishing innovation electricity. A fleet of electric cars transports building one of six global innovation centres centres and connecting start-ups with the employees from A to B. With these measures here, aiming to work together with start-ups on appropriate contacts in the industry. IFA International • Friday 4 th September 2015 53 HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE Twenty-five years after the Fall of the Wall, Berlin has become a pulsating metropolis with a particularly laid-back lifestyle. We asked Burkhard Kieker, CEO of visitBerlin to tell us more about the development of the German capital and which of the key exhibitions about the Wall people should check out while they’re in town for IFA Berlin… Anyone who wants to see how TV Tower or the dome of the the Wall once separated the two Reichstag, plus a visit to the halves of the city for 28 years Brandenburg Gate is essential. should take a tour along the Close to the fair, the newly former border, either on their renovated Charlottenburg Palace own or with a guide on foot, is particularly beautiful and also by bike, bus or in an original has an extensive palace garden Trabant automobile. Because that’s worth exploring. If the the Wall once ran right through weather’s nice, I also recommend the centre of the city, you’ll also heading out to Tempelhofer Feld get a wonderful impression of and experiencing the relaxed just how vibrant today’s city has lifestyle of Berlin in a vast former the Chamäleon-Theater in heart become. Particularly vivid stories airfield with great views of the of charming Hackescher Markt. about the years of division can city. Berlin is such a diverse place be experienced at the Berlin Wall that even experienced visitors Please tell us more about Memorial on Bernauer Straße, are guaranteed to discover how you help tourists find where a portion of the former noman’s-land has been preserved each time they return. The website is the something new and exciting information… and also at the panometer of the perfect place to get inspiration Wall near famous Checkpoint Another good option would be and orientation to all that Berlin Charlie. Another good place to head over to the brand new Mall has to offer. On the site, IFA experience what life was like of Berlin on Potsdamer Platz or visitors can find out about current CEO of in former East Germany is the the Bikini Berlin concept mall events, tours, exhibitions and just reopened Stasi Museum in near Kurfürstendamm. In City book tickets directly. The website Berlin-Lichtenberg with its focus West, you should also check out is published in 14 languages, on the agency’s intelligencegathering techniques. which provide a great spot to and Korean. They also offer C/O Berlin in its new quarters, including Arabic, Russian experience the photography on suggestions for your trip to Berlin What other major exhibitions display. At night, I’d recommend on our Facebook page (facebook. or events do you recommend taking in a film at the elegant com/Berlin or for IFA attendees? Zoo Palast cinema, seeing THE visitBerlin) and we share personal The classics are, of course, WYLD at Friedrichstadt-Palast or stories and recommendations in ascending to the top of the the vaudeville “Dummy lab” at the visitBerlin blog. IFA International • Saturday 5 th & Sunday 6 th September 2015 53 HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS Responsible for historical and political education and research at the Memorial WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE The Berlin Wall Memorial is a fascinating insight into the years when Berlin was divided between East and West and stood on the What is the overall message frontline of the Cold War. Susanne Muhle, who is responsible for that people come away with historical and political education and research at the Memorial, when they have visited your takes us on a tour of one of Berlin’s most important historical sites, exhibition? and tells us about a new exhibition commemorating 25 years since The exhibition shows that the the Wall came down. Berlin Wall was fundamental to the rule of the GDR regime, but The new permanent exhibition forced to resettle elsewhere once was eventually taken down by is devoted to the historical the wall was built, and who often people in a peaceful revolution. background of the division of aspired to get beyond the Wall. The message of the exhibition is Berlin, focusing on three key that freedom and democracy are questions: Why was the Berlin The recordings and anecdotes not obvious, but can be achieved Wall built? What was the impact are often very poignant. What and must be defended. of the Wall on the people in East kinds of reactions do you see and West? Why did the Wall fall in the people who experience Who should go? in 1989? the exhibit? People of all ages are invited to The focus of the presentation The visitors are very interested, visit the Berlin Wall Memorial, is on the consequences for the they like to see the remnants of from those who can remember inhabitants of the divided city and the Wall and receive information the time of the division of their perceptions. The exhibition about the division of the city. At Germany to those who were on the memorial grounds uses the end of the exhibition, visitors born after the fall of the Wall. For the extensive historical remnants are invited to express their opinion very young visitors, the exhibition – including 220 metres of the on paper, and these comments offers special texts for children original border wall – and tells the and drawings about the fall of so that they can discover the history of the people who lived on the Wall confirm the importance exhibition themselves. Bernauer Strasse and who were of remembrance. IFA International • Monday 7 th September 2015 45 HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM An establishment with a name like “25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin” could never, by definition, be ho-hum or boring. Located in Budapester Straße, just near the famed Berlin Zoo, a stay at this place gives one a unique taste of creative and bustling Berlin. We asked General Manager, Michael Wünsch, to explain why. You can feel the quirky atmosphere diversity, it’s contrasts: I can eat at of Werner Aisslinger’s extraordinary high-class restaurants and afterwards design, a fun mix combining and have drinks at rough, unspent bars. contrasting the urban jungle with the I can visit Berlin’s flew markets or shop greenery of Berlin’s Tiergarten park. at top notch design stores, visit world The Monkey Bar on the top floor is the class theatre or check out the latest place where locals meet urban nomads street dance performances. In Berlin, over cocktails. Or you just watch the anything can happen. As a young family monkeys in the Zoo. In the NENI Berlin father, I nowadays spend more time in you enjoy Haya Molcho’s fantastic playgrounds than in clubs. I appreciate eclectic East Mediterranean food. Here, the large number of playgrounds and it is all about sharing. The location parks. There are really crazy ideas for between the Zoo and the Memorial kids on some playgrounds! Church is one of a kind. You can hear the lions roar from your room. You are What cool things do you suggest right in the heart of Berlin’s City West, IFA visitors do while in town - that which is experiencing a renaissance maybe they didn’t think of already? with a lot of new restaurants, bars, Spend an evening in Neukölln. You’ll shops and galleries. In short, some call find a lot of new inspiring bars, it urban jungle, we call it “Balagan” restaurants and music concepts there. (friendly chaos). Take the bike. There is no better way to get around town during IFA. Tell me about YOUR Berlin. What do you love most about this city and why? Check out the Bikini Concept Mall for I love Berlin’s unsettlement and great shopping. You’ll find fresh labels, the creativity. Berlin is always on pop-up shops and great classics here. the move. Berlin has a lot of space Visit the Monkey Bar in the evening for unconventional businesses and and see the sun setting over the City new ideas. Even more, I love Berlin’s West. Life is beautiful. CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE General Manager, 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin IFA International • Tuesday 8 th September 2015 37 HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS Writer and journalist WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE Stuart Braun is a Berlin-based Australian writer and journalist On a Friday or Tuesday, roll east whose book City of Exiles: Berlin from the outside in describes how down the Landwehr canal to the foreigners like David Bowie have been spellbound by the German Turkish markets, a souk-like mile capital and have made it their home. Having written about Berlin of the best vegetable and deli for publications worldwide, the writer gives IFA visitors a tour of his favourite city district, Kreuzberg. He begins by telling us about bargains in the city, spiced with the diverse people who have lived in the area over the years. fresh cooked cheese/spinach borek, African bean stews, local cakes and coffee, and travelling While Kreuzberg was known as Tell us about one of your buskers who appear on the a poor working-class area when favourite Kreuzberg waterside deck. it was an isolated pocket of West neighbourhoods Berlin in the wall years, it is now The area around Graefe Strasse What are some of Kreuzberg’s arguably the most sought-after is a charming oak-lined zone best cheap eats? quarter of the German capital. In between the vast Hasenheide It’s endless. On Dieffenbach recent years Kreuzberg has filled Park and the Landwehr Canal, Strasse, grab a pizza slice at Ron with global creatives who come Kreuzberg’s watery, willowed Telesky’s, where pesto, tandoori for affordable rents, 24 hour night heart. Turkish antique-jumble tofu and rocket share a crispy life and a vibrant, international shops rub shoulders with crust with maple chilli sauce. Or arts and culture scene. Each organic grocers and bakeries, on Oppelner Strasse don’t miss Kreuzberg neighbourhood has vinyl record stores, second hand Nil, a Sudanese sandwich joint its own special flavour, and the booksellers, art galleries, and a famed for its falafel, fish and best way to discover the area is to quirky confection of bars and haloumi pides topped with a walk or hire a bike. restaurants. salubrious peanut salsa. IFA International • Wednesday 9 th September 2015 21 HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE Berlin under the spotlight! The German capital in 5 highlights Jean-François Pieri & Gérard Lefebvre Executive Director, Cleverdis Managing Director, IFA International President & Founder, Cleverdis Publisher, IFA International The work of analysts and journalists that we are is to listen to our interlocutors and then transmit the more succinct, but also the most exhaustive possible, messages that we are given to the attention of our readers. Then, we take in these texts, still very rich, which seems to us the most important information in order to highlight it. You will find below a compilation from those of our "Where To Go in Berlin 2015". "When it comes to culture, Berlin is one of the world’s most exciting cities" Michael Müller – Mayor of Berlin “As a tech hub in Europe, Berlin is the creative laboratory for the cities of tomorrow” Dr. Stefan Franzke – Management Spokesperson, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology “(…) even experienced visitors are guaranteed to discover something new and exciting each time they return” Burkhard Kieker – CEO of “(…) freedom and democracy are not obvious, but can be achieved and must be defended” Susanne Muhle – responsible for historical and political education and research at the Memorial “I love Berlin’s unsettlement and the creativity. Berlin is always on the move.” Michael Wünsch – General Manager, 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. In a few words, these epigraphs reflect perfectly what is Berlin: a fascinating city always on the move, forward-looking, symbol of culture, of tolerance, of joie de vivre, vibrant international youth but also a great place to work. Once more we thank the personalities who have agreed to participate in this highlight of Berlin. WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN Welcome to New Look Berlin What Makes Berlin Smart? The German capital is named as a “Smart City”… Why so? The New Berlin Exhibitions, events… recommandations Experiencing Friendly Chaos Sleeping alongside lions in the urban jungle When it comes to culture, Berlin is one of the world’s most exciting cities. Michael Müller As a tech hub in Europe, Berlin is the creative laboratory for the cities of tomorrow Dr. Stefan Franzke © visitBerlin Photo Thomas Kierok Burkhard Kieker (…) even experienced visitors are guaranteed to discover something new and exciting each time they return. Susanne Muhle Remembering the Berlin Wall Michael Wünsch I love Berlin’s unsettlement and the creativity. Berlin is always on the move. 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