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News Attending IFA Is Now an Evidence Gfu boss Hans-Joachim Kamp upbeat as IFA 2015 draws to a close Hans-Joachim Kamp, chairman of the supervisory board of gfu consumer and home electronics, the German trade association and IFA organiser, looks back over a successful show and ahead to the first CE China. The outlook is good for the consumer economics market and that has been reflected at IFA 2015. The global industry is forecast to grow by 14% this year, from €783bn to €891bn. Sales of UHD TVs are up by 178%; curved TVs by 333%. Although not available at press time, IFA numbers are also expected to be up. “On Sunday I had at least 20 interviews with small domestic appliance companies, and there was nobody who said they weren’t happy. IFA is more international One thing is quite clear – if you are notpresent here at IFA, you will see it two or three months later in the turnover and the market share. than ever, and there are more visitors,” he said. While the market for white goods is “booming”, TV sales are down this year. “It’s quite logical that in the first six months of the year after the World Cup, TV business would be at a slightly lower level,” he said. “But if you just look at Germany, 7.5 million TV sets will be sold. And 7.5 million is from my point of view an impressive figure. Because we have 32 or 33 million households so that means that every sixth household will buy a new TV set. It’s a few hundred thousand less than one year ago, but next year we have the European soccer championships and so I think it will go a bit more in the other direction.” New technologies are also a draw for the consumer. “If you look at UHD TVs last year, the figure for Germany – which is also relevant for Europe and the rest of the world – it was 200,000. This year we expect 950,000. That means, on a European level, 10% or more of TV sets are UHD and that is a premium category.” And the indicators are strong for the wearables market, too. “This year we expect that 71.7 million wearables will be sold; last year it was 20 million,” Kamp said. “That sort of thing happens when something is perceived to be a must-have item, especially among young people, while the appeal for older people to have something that can monitor their health. And with some of the new wearables there are possibilities, in the midand long-term, for the health care sector.” With his vast knowledge of the industry and the new products that come onto the market year after year, Kamp said he is rarely surprised by anything he sees on the floors of IFA – but this year was an exception. Hans-Joachim Kamp Chairman of the supervisory board, gfu consumer and home electronics “There is one small product I saw that surprised me this year – it’s the Wurster, a toaster for sausages. I think it’s a fantastic product, especially as I heard how it had been created,” Kamp said. “There was a young guy who had to do an exam and his professor told him that he had to come up with a new idea fast or he would not make his graduation. So later in the day he was with a friend and his father and they were hungry. They looked in the refrigerator and found some sausages – and they put them in the toaster! They tasted good but they decided that they should do it in a more professional way and so they created the sausage toaster. And it’s now a fantastic product. Severin, the company that introduced it, told me that they have sold out for this year. Sometimes you need pressure to come up with the right ideas. But you also have to be convinced 100% that it will be a market success.” And you have to be at IFA. “One thing is quite clear – if you are not present here at IFA, you will see it two or three months later in the turnover and the market share. Orders are made here at IFA. I don’t know the exact figures, but last year 4.25 billion orders were placed in six days.” Meanwhile Kamp has been instrumental in the development, with Messe Berlin, of the CE China fair, set for April in Shenhzen next year. “I think if you want to be successful you need partners. That is the only way. The CE China is for the industry to bring their international brands to China and the feedback here from partners about this announcement is very positive. And I’m convinced that, with the capabilities of Messe Berlin and the way they organise shows, it will be a success. And I think it’s the right moment to do it.” IFA International • Monday 21 st September 2015 9

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