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Review Edition - IFA International

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News JBL Unveils Cinema

News JBL Unveils Cinema Base at IFA Home theatre sound now fits under the TV Designed to complement flatscreen TVs, the JBL Cinema Base projects stunning virtual surround sound from a sleek, self-contained package. "Room-filling, believable sound is an essential part of the home theater viewing experience," said Michael Mauser, President, Lifestyle Division, Harman. "And now, JBL Cinema Base system delivers that total quality sound from a 2.2 system that adapts to your own TV remote and fits under your flatscreen so it won't clutter up your room." The Cinema Base connects with a single cable to the TV using HDMI, optical or analog connection, and plays music wirelessly from Bluetooth smartphones or tablets. Its all-in-one form is designed to fit under most TVs up to 60-inches. The speaker features Harman Volume, which keeps sudden volume changes - such as loud commercials - from disrupting the experience. Users can experience high-performance JBL sound with built-in dual subwoofers for added impact. Jabra’s Intelligent Audio Revolution Jabra Move Wireless JBL Cinema Base Philips Spotify Multiroom Speakers The Philips Spotify multi-room speakers are the first dedicated Philips audio solution for Spotify users. Incorporating Spotify Connect, controlling music across smartphones, tablet and speakers from the native Spotify app is effortless. Users can place Philips Spotify multi-room speakers throughout the home and stream music to every room at the same time. iFrogz GoLite for Busy Audiofiles Philips Spotify Multi-room Speaker SW750M One unique feature is the ‘one press play’ Spotify button on the speaker, which instantly picks up from the music last played by the user on their phone or tablet. Two 2.5-inch full-range speaker drivers and two expanded bass ports (SW700M model) promise high quality sound for a reasonable price. With more 10 million Spotify subscribers at last count, this is the home audio solution of the future. GoLite Traveler Battery Charger Lifestyle audio brand Jabra were back at IFA with an inspiring range of next-generation wireless earbuds and headphones. Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless lightweight: the manufacturer claims it is the world’s first in-ear stereo earbuds with integrated heart rate monitor and Sport Life App, the product is designed to push performance to new peaks. “Jabra has a strong legacy of innovation in wearable technology and Sport Pulse Wireless is no exception” said Darcy Clarkson, Senior Vice President at Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds Jabra Consumer Solutions. “These are the world’s first earbuds to have an integrated heart rate monitor, heralding the next generation of intelligent audio solutions for fitness fanatics.” Jabra Move Wireless: combining premium sound with Scandinavian design, they’re tough enough to take out on the street, while the ultra-light headband and cushioned, angled ear cups ensure ultimate comfort for the full eight hours of battery life. The new iFrogz GoLite range from rising accessories brand Zagg is designed to keep phones and tablets up-to-pace with busy lives. Whether users need a little extra juice to see them through their commute, or need to go the whole hog with a full battery charge, they’re covered with the Golite Traveler, a 9000 mAh battery charger with dual ports that charges the average smartphone five times. Slim, convenient and available in multiple colours, it brings power to every party. For users into extreme sports or who want to share music with friends, The Tadpole Active, the new miniature portable Bluetooth speaker, offers a mobile big sound. Or for more personal experiences, the new portable and durable iFrogz inTone headphones are compatible with all Apple and Android devices. IFA International • Friday 19 th September 2014 11

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