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Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview Inspired by Professional Su Electrolux makes tools to “help consumers d Electrolux is a global leader in home appliances and appliances for professional use, selling 50 million products in 150 markets every year. Notably the manufacturer is reported to be the supplier to almost 50% of Michelin star restaurants in Europe, with famous brands including Electrolux, AEG, Zanussi and Frigidaire. We asked Electrolux Group Executive Vice President and Head of Major Appliances Europe, Middle East and Africa, Jonas Samuelson how the company is responding to trends at IFA. Jonas Samuelson Electrolux Group Executive Vice President and Head of Major Appliances EMEA 18 At Electrolux, we want to be the leader when it comes to the consumer experience in two main areas. The first is how to help consumers experience great food. The second is in laundry, helping them to take great care of their clothes, whether they are silk, woollens, or the kind of advanced clothes and wearables people have been discussing at this market. Everything we do is geared towards helping consumers solve problems or get a better performance. So when we see megatrends in connectivity and electronics, that is fantastic because it means we have more tools to help consumers do what they really want. What products on your stand excite you the most? As a company we are trying to stay at the forefront of great tasting food, so we have a really fantastic app for our connected ovens called Let’s Taste. The app brings together millions of recipes and then converts them to the consumer’s needs. You can also run your oven automatically from the app to get the best possible results. For example, adding steam to cooking technology brings better results but people are a bit afraid. So we help them through connectivity. This is not technology for the sake of technology but about making the consumer’s life more easy and convenient. The other big development is our Absolute Care System dryers. We know today that only 20% of people who own a washing machine also own a dryer. Sometimes that is about space or money, but in most cases they don’t dare to use a dryer because it will shrink their clothes. Now they can scratch that concern off the list. This new line promises zero percentage shrinkage regardless of the garment. Electrolux uses famous chefs to highlight its activities. Why? Electrolux has more than 90 years of experience as a leader in professional kitchens and laundries. A lot of the technology Everything we do is geared towards helping consumers solve problems or get a better performance we have brought to the market comes from the professional world. We use our partners, the world’s best chefs, to convey this story, to tell people this is not scary technology. It’s about easy convenient solutions that help you make better-tasting meals. The chefs bring flair and credibility to our storytelling because they know and love brands like Electrolux and AEG.

Exclusive Interview ccess o what they really want” A new remote smart interface allows users to find recipes and automatically program their oven. ELECTROLUX CONTINUE GE BUYOUT TALKS Electrolux is proud of the fact it sponsors the Design Lab competition. How important is that in driving the industry forward? Design Lab is where we ask young designers to find ways to combine design with technology in a way that helps people perform better. There are a lot of great contributions that provide us with inspiration and really stretch us. For us, this is not about fancy design or technology. It is about providing solutions to real consumer problems or giving them tools to perform better. Of course, it is also nice PR. The green aspect of the company is also important isn’t it? Not just energy saving but also recycling products… We set ourselves an objective in 2010 to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% in total by 2020. Across production, use, scrap, we’re doing very well. 80% of the total carbon footprint is from the actual use of the appliance, so we are continuously staying in the lead in terms of broadening the range of our top efficient appliances. That’s good for consumers’ pocket books but also has less negative impact on the planet and environment. How effective is IFA for promoting your brand and products? It’s a very natural event for us to showcase our innovations and strength. Virtually all key customers from all over Europe come here so it is a very efficient platform to meet them and then to introduce the storytelling around our brand. It’s a key event for us every year. The chefs bring flair and credibility to our storytelling because they know and love brands like Electrolux and AEG Swedish appliance manufacturer Electrolux is continuing its efforts to acquire GE’s appliance business. The world’s second-biggest appliances maker, Electrolux is looking to boost revenue in Europe and the US. While GE’s appliance division reported sales of billion and a US1 million profit in 2013, profits are declining according to the company - despite the fact that it invested an additional US bn in the division during 2008. But with global shipments of home appliances projected to increase 4.8% in 2014, and revenue set to grow 7.1% in the same period, key players in the global home appliances market like Electrolux are looking to increase their market share via acquisitions. According to Bloomberg, the current asking price for the GE appliances division is about US bn. An acquisition by Electrolux would give the Swedish manufacturer a leading share of the US market. IFA International • Friday 19 th September 2014 19

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