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Review Edition - IFA International

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CONSUMER ELECTRONICS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT TOP-OF-THE-RANGE SMARTPHONE AT AFFORDABLE PRICE ZTE’s flagship Axon 7 Series of smartphones is the result of two years of engineering – with design input from BMW's Designworks and audio consulting from Dolby. A 2K Amoled Magic-colour display delivers sharp, TV-quality video images and front-facing speakers mean the device is perfect for watching TV or movies. The Axon 7 is less expensive than the best flagship smartphones, yet it looks and performs like top-ofthe-range model. The model is sleek with a biometric fingerprint sensor on the back maximising space for the 5.5-inch screen, which is almost edge-to-edge. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Front-facing speakers with quality surround sound 2 2K Amoled Magic-colour display 3 Almost edge-to-edge 5.5-inch screen DORO 8030 KEEPS SENIORS AND FAMILY CONNECTED Pitched at the fast-growing over- 55 smartphone market, the simple, user-friendly and intuitive Doro 8030 not only makes calls and surfs the internet, but promises to keep the elderly connected through a series of proprietary apps. Doro is focused on a seniors market that larger brands, most especially via the integrated, pre-installed My Doro Manager and Doro Connect and Care apps which, along with the built-in Assistance button, enhances remote communication between seniors and loved ones. The 8030 also comes with Hearing Aid Compatibility loud sound and soft touch coating for a improved grip and extra tactility. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 My Doro Manager and Doro Connect and Care enhance safety and security 2 Intuitive navigation with clearly labelled Call, View and Send functions 4 Assistance button for direct alerts to family members LG TAKES MOBILE TO THE NEXT LEVEL At the end of IFA, LG Electronics unveiled the V20, the latest in its V series of smartphones. The V20 boasts new features including Steady Record 2.0, Hi-Fi Quad DAC, HD Audio Recorder and front and rear wide-angle lens cameras. It is also the world’s first smartphone to come preloaded with Android 7.0 Nougat OS and the new Google In Apps phone search function. The LG V series is designed to provide users with the best video and audio experience. In an effort to further enhance audio functions and design, LG continued its collaboration with B&O Play. The result in the V20 is a natural, balanced sound, reflecting B&O PLAY’s acoustic engineering philosophy. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Features Steady Record 2.0, leveraging Qualcomm Technologies’ electronic image stabilization, neutralizing shaky images 2 HD Audio Recorder lets users capture studio-quality audio 3 The wide angle capabilities of the front and rear cameras capture photos with an inclusive background, meaning users get more in the frame and leave nothing out GET YOURSELF PROTECTED XtremeMac sells accessories for Apple and Samsung devices. Its main goal is to ensure to connect and protect its customer’s devices. The company says it wants to make sure that devices always have enough power to play. “We are passionate and driven by Xtreme sports: we put all our energy to fashion the most impressive and exciting products,” the company said. Privacy, Magnetic and Action are the three categories of protection products created by XtremeMac. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Privacy accessories are meant for concealing on-screen information from the prying eye – for iPhone, iPad or Macbook. 2 The Magnetic line is designed to let users place and position their iPhones in car, on-the-go, or at home 3 The Action products are packed with waterproof, washable and impact-resistant technology for any outdoor activity 28

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT KEY SELLING POINTS KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Reduces jet lag 2 Medically- Certified Tested and approved 3 Comfort Light, easy to wear headset 1 SD card with built-in SD 3.0 card reader 2 Wirelessly organize, edit and share media via My Cloud mobile app 3 10 hours of battery life for continuous, all-day workflow VALKEE HUMAN CHARGER WD MY PASSPORT WIRELESS PRO The Human Charger is a portable headset designed to alleviate the effects of jetlag. A CE-certified medical device that has been tested and approved, it is a form of light therapy that claims to help users feel clear and bright on a long haul flight. It reduces the need for excess sleep and reduces food cravings. Utilising natural light, the Human Charger syncs circadian rhythms to reduce the impact of our body’s decreased exposure to natural light when travelling across time zones. The ear buds transmit safe blue-enriched white light through the ear canals and into light-sensitive regions of the brain. After just 12 minutes of use per day, users report better sleep, less jet lag and increased energy after long flights. Western Digital was at IFA 2016 to showcase the WD Pro Series of mobile, wireless storage solutions. Whether on a shoot or collaborating in the studio, WD’s new Pro Series storage products let users preserve media from any device and do more with their content. With the My Passport Wireless Pro, content creators can can access 2T or 3T storage via the Wi-Fi connection (transfers from compatible devices powered by fast 802.11ac wireless technology) to easily offload, edit and stream photos or HD videos in the field. Users can quickly offload or back-up a camera’s SD card with built-in SD 3.0 card reader, while the all-in-one drive also promises up to 10 hours of battery life for continuous, all-day workflow. SAMSONITE EnerQI Samsonite introduced its first business collections with an integrated wireless power bank at IFA. The bags enable users to stay fully charged and connected wherever they are, whatever they are doing. The company said the products work wirelessly with any Qi-enabled phone, and with a cable on non-Qi phones. In terms of the charger, Samsonite said it is 45% more efficient than comparable wireless charging solutions. The first collection with an integrated wireless power bank is the Samsonite EnerQI range, including a backpack and bailhandle, both of which can fit a 15.6-inch laptop. Both models are available in a classic black with lime, orange or blue details. The same technology is also used in the Lady Tech collection. Available as a backpack and a bailhandle, both can fit a 14.1-inch laptop, with wireless power bank. The Lady Tech collection comes in four colours: smoke, rust, dark blue and black. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 45% more efficient than comparable wireless charging solutions 2 Wireless power bank provides 6.000 mAh with USB input/output transmitter 3 Available in a number of colour options YOGA BOOK Among several devices at IFA designed to instantly create and digitise notes or sketches, Lenovo is leading the way with its powerful Yoga Book laptop featuring Note Saver, Real Pen Stylus with Real Ink. Promising a new, natural way to take notes, the Real Pen Stylus allows users to commit ink to paper and watch as the Yoga Book seamlessly digitises the text for subsequent editing and sharing. 15-hour battery life and 360-degree watchband hinge gives on-the-go tablet users the freedom to write and draw anywhere, matching the mobility of a smartphone without having to carry a laptop or detachable. Thin, light, and stylish, the ultraportable Yoga Book is designed to set imaginations free. small display, but remember, the Yoga Book has a greater mission than spreadsheets and documents. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Write on paper with the Real Pen Stylus and watch as the text is digitised. 2 64GB of storage and a microSD slot for additional capacity 3 15-hour battery life and 360-degree watchband hinge for maximum flexibility IFA International • Friday 16 th September 2016 29

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