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CONSUMER ELECTRONICS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT SHARP 85-INCH 8K IGZO MONITOR Sharp’s 85-inch 8K Monitor is part of a dynamic push into the TV monitor market by this well-known Japanese firm. A Smart LED TV, it has ACE Pro ULTRA engine picture processing and dts 2.0 codec and dts Studio sound processing. There is USB PVR and Timeshift, a media player via the home network and various forms of connectivity. The monitor uses IGZO KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Cutting Edge Technology Uses IGZO compound semiconductor 2 Quality Super sharp picture quality 3 Pioneering One of the first 8K TVs into the market MOTO INSTA-SHARE PROJECTOR technology, a revolutionary, transparent compound semiconductor that Sharp is the first to successfully mass-produce and bring to market. IGZO opens the door to breakthroughs such as crystal clear displays and lower energy. Other Sharp products on display at IFA 2016 included the 8460 series ULTRA HD 4K Smart TV which boasts exceptional picture quality. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Touch-responsive projected image 2 Android-based making a range of software available 3 Lightweight, compact and portable PORTABLE PROJECTOR WITH TOUCH- RESPONSIVE MAGE The Sony Experia Projector is an Android-based computer with a short-throw projector in a single box. The projector sends the screen image onto a nearby table top or wall and users can interact with it by touching elements of the projected image. An infrared sensor in the device watches the fingers and calculates what they are touching on the projected screen. It’s at prototype stage at the moment but sufficiently effective to have attracted a lot of attention at IFA. It can work as a regular computer or tablet, with the keyboard as part of the image, but because it runs Android there will be plenty of software available once it comes on the market. Motorola, in collaboration with Lenovo, is at IFA with its new line of revolutionary Moto Mods add-on devices that attach magnetically to the Moto Z smartphone. In addition to the powerful Moto JBL Soundboost Mod audio speaker, and the Hasselblad True Zoom with 10x optical zoom to instantly add an advanced imaging experience to your phone, the Moto Insta-Share Projector Mod allows users to project up to 70-inch video and images on any surface at 480p resolution. The ultra-thin mobile projector facilitates the sharing of streaming video content or photos projected at any angle using the integrated kickstand. The Mods’ 1,100mAh battery adds about an hour of screen time to the existing phone battery, meaning users can enjoy hours of content without recharging. Audio output is available via the speaker, Bluetooth or USB-C connections on the Moto Z smartphone. MUSIC IN EVERY FORM WITH PIONEER KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Project up to 70-inch video and images on any surface at 480p resolution 2 1,100mAh battery adds about an hour of screen time 3 Attached magnetically to the Moto Z smartphone. From CD through to music streaming services, the latest range of Pioneer Hi-Fi components combine stylish looks with the latest audio technologies and a variety of features, including 3.5-inch colour LCD, Wi- Fi, Bluetooth and smartphone control. N-30AE is the latest Network Audio Player following a line of Pioneer models in this category. New network features are supported including; Google Cast*1, Spotify Connect, Tidal and Deezer. It is also the first Pioneer Network Audio Player to come equipped with integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The user can access a variety of music and streamed content using Android smartphones, Android tablets, iPhones, iPads, Windows devices, PCs, Chromebooks, and Mac computers. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 A variety of Hi-Res audio formats are supported 2 Dual-band Wi-Fi ensures wireless transmission is less resistant to interruptions and enables a variety of audio sources to be accessed wirelessly 3 Supports USB hard-drive connection and playback via both of its front and rear USB-A inputs 30

HOME APPLIANCES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT KEY SELLING POINTS KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Money Saving Cameras monitor food supplies 2 Connectivity Touchscreen can be synced to family diaries 3 Menu Variety Touchscreen can advise on recipes 1 Design Elegant and harmonious design 2 Protection Compartment for fragile items 3 Ergonomics Slide system avoids painful bending AEG ELECTROLUX DISHWASHER WINS AWARD AT IFA SAMSUNG FAMILY HUB REFRIGERATOR Samsung’s Family Hub is a revolutionary new refrigerator with a Wi-Fi-enabled touchscreen that lets you manage your groceries, connect with your family and entertain like never before. The 21.5-inch touchscreen on the outside of the Family Hub can perform a variety of functions including phone and TV mirroring, whiteboard, radio and providing useful daily information. In addition, three built-in cameras take a photo every time the door closes. Users can check the photos on their phones from anywhere to see what is missing. The AEG Electrolux FSE62800P dishwasher was a winner at this year’s Euronics Trend Awards. It uses the innovative ComfortLift system, which makes it easier to unload dishes. Due to hit the market in late 2016 as part of the Mastery Range series, it employs a slide system so users are not forced to bend uncomfortably during unloading. In addition to this innovation, ComfortLift dishwasher also has a capacity of three drawers, a reliable cleaning system and an elegant and harmonious look, in keeping with the rest of the Mastery Range series. In addition, a specially designed basket for glasses with integrated soft handles can be purchased. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Flexibility - A wide range of possibilities are available for different bottle sizes and types and different types of wine 2 Design - The new VIP wine cellar fits in with a large range high-end décor 3 Quality - La Sommelière is renowned in the industry for its high quality. LA SOMMELIÈRE INTRODUCES NEW VIP WINE CELLARS The new unit elegantly displays the finest wines on a multi-format shelf and keep storage space at the back, above and below the shelf holding the bottles. New guide rails make it easier to get a hold of one’s bottles, and a magnum bottle drawer allows La Sommelière International Sales Director Eric Paya with the new VIP wine cellar the user to stock magnum sized bottles away from the light. A fine wine drawer protects wines from light and brings a touch of luxury to the cellar. Meanwhile, another tray is designed to stock standing bottles, ensuring air circulates properly. SIEMENS AVANTGARDE Siemens was back at this year’s show with a connected version of its premium laundry line, Avantgarde. The element of the Avantgarde that I particularly like is that the user can choose between two intuitive user interfaces. On one hand, the appliances offer a multiTouch LED display, which responds to a light touch of the fingertips. The bevelled black fascia panel is ergonomic and ensures enhanced legibility. On the other hand, the appliances can now also be controlled from an app, which suits me as I spend a lot of time on my tablet and smartphone. The owner receives status messages such as “programme ended” or “condensation container full” at anytime and anywhere. In addition, all appliance information is stored centrally and available immediately, for example, for contacting customer service. And, to top it off, i-Dos eliminates the need to measure the detergent precisely. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 MultiTouch LED display 2 Status messages available via app 3 i-Dos for the precise measurement of detergent IFA International • Friday 16 th September 2016 31

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