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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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NEWS ShowStoppers

NEWS ShowStoppers Unveils Latest Gear and Gadgets A record number of innovators and startups meet the press at IFA An eye-catching showcase of new products and cool gadgets from around 80 industry leaders, innovators, startups and upstarts, ShowStoppers 2016 was thronged with international media searching for new technological horizons. IFA International was at at the show to demo an essential selection of products, apps and devices HP UNLEASHES DOMINATION-LEVEL GAMING WITH OMEN X Part of a new family of gaming products designed for those who demand the ultimate, immersive gaming experience, HP’s new highend OMEN X Desktop is engineered to deliver aggressive performance, and the flexibility to intensify the thrill of every competition. “The OMEN X Desktop was built for serious gamers who need fierce performance out-ofthe-box in a fully customisable chassis,” said Louis Perrin, director, consumer products, HP Personal Systems, EMEA. The OMEN X features the latest graphics technology up to dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 to elevate the performance of any game with stunning visuals; and 6th generation Intel® CoreTM i5/i7 processor1 with overclocking capability2 paired with a VR-ready GPU that enables immersive 4K. » HALL 17 / Stand 115 LEARN WITH JIMU ROBOT JIMU Robot from Ubtech is a robotic system designed to give young people an interactive learning experience. Available in a range of sizes, the robots are assembled LEGO-style from three types of pieces: character parts, connectors and fasteners. The mechanical elements include robotic servo motors and a control box. Once completed, the user can programme the robot to do a range of tasks via a smartphone or tablet app. Jimu Robot is designed to teach computational thinking to young people, and to help them master a range of skills including 3D handson engineering, creative and critical thinking and trial and error experimentation. » HALL 7.2b / Stand 203 YI’S NEW FLAGSHIP 4K ACTION CAMERA Emerging as the strongest competitor to the GoPro action camera, Yi Technology is at IFA to present its 4K professional quality action camera that’s packed with high-end specs. Yi promise to combine “the world's leading technologies packed into one sleek camera”, and the device does not disappoint, featuring the new generation Ambarella A9SE75 chip, Sony IMX377 image sensor, seven layers of all glass optical lenses, a F2.8 large aperture to increase light intake to capture crisp and detailed footage, and a high sensitivity retina touchscreen for an intuitive camera experience. The Yi 4K action camera also records 4K/30fps at 60mbps, which is four times the quality of 1080p. » HALL 6.2 / Stand 136 LENOVO YOGA BOOK PROMISES FLEXIBILITY PC giant Lenovo was at Showstoppers to showcase the world’s thinnest and lightest 2-in-1 tablet, the Yoga Book, which was launched at IFA 2016. Designed for unparalleled productivity on-the-go, the Yoga Book promises peerless portability, long battery life and a rich app ecosystem. Boasting an instant halo keyboard and dual-use stylus that writes on paper and screen, the Yoga Book stands out for being both robust and ultra-thin and light, with two panels that open up like an ultrathin notebook - the device is 9.6mm closed, tapering to 4.05mm at its slimmest edge, and weighs in at just 690 grams to match the mobility of a smartphone, yet with a full 10.1-inch IPS FHD screen. » HALL 11.2 / Stand 101 LIFEPACK: SOLAR-POWERED WITH BLUETOOTH SPEAKER A unique solar-powered and anti-theft backpack that reinvents the mobile office has raised nearly one USDm via crowdfunding and had its official launch at ShowStoppers. The feature-laden Lifepack comes with Solarbank power, integrated lock, built in rain cover, hidden secure passport pockets, and high quality Bluetooth speakers, among countless other innovations. Solarbank is an innovative USB powerbank that runs on 4G solar technology, is charged after two hours of sunlight per day, and boasts six full charges for a smartphone or an astonishing 96 hours of Bluetooth playback. Meanwhile, the secure Lifepack’s onboard Bluetooth speakers promise robust mobile sound. » HALL 15.1 / Stand 128 22

NEWS IFA Builds On Success of Smart Home Revolution New exhibition in Hall 6.2 underlines importance of smart technology More than 40 exhibitors from 15 countries are presenting their latest smart home products and services at a new exhibition area in Hall 6.2. Emphasising the growing importance of smart home technology at IFA, this comes in addition to a further 150 leading brands that will showcase smart home solutions on their stands, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Honeywell, Siemens and Fibaro. The ground-breaking smart home exhibition in Hall 6.2 covers 3000 square metres of space and will include pioneering companies in this area such as Askey Corp., CyberVision, devolo, Neato Robotics Ltd, Netatmo, OSRAM, Qblinks, Robomow, RWE, ULE Alliance and Z-Wave. All manner of smart home products and services are covered, from various aspects of intelligent home automation, including lighting, room temperature, and heating, to energy management, security systems, wireless transmission technologies and access management. Askey’s recent innovations, for example, include a Smart City System while devolo will be showcasing its Home Control system, based on the international Z-Wave wireless standard. There will also be plenty of examples of integrated robots for different purposes, such as Neato Robotics’ vacuum cleaners and Robomow’s robotic lawnmowers. Not to be overlooked either is RF Co of Korea’s window cleaning robot technology. Even more products, research results, mock-ups, and the latest intelligent e-home – a collaborative exhibition by industry associations ZVEH, ZVEI, and VDE, and numerous industry partners – will also be on show at the IFA TecWatch in Hall 11.1, also 3000 square metres. This is a global innovation exchange that brings together researchers, industry professionals, start-ups and retailers. Areas covered include: new standards and solutions for a smart media world, concepts for sustainable energy-efficiency, comfort and convenience in the networked home, data and property security, apps and wearable devices for fitness and health, products from 3-D printers and ideas for sustainable mobility IFA International • Saturday 3 th & Sunday 4 th September 2016 23

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