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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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TRADE TALK In June 2016, Euronics announced their 2015 results, which showed a 4.4% increase in turnover compared with 2014, reaching a turnover of €19 bn Euros and continuing their unbroken growth over the past 12 years. We asked Hans Carpels – President – Euronics International to explain… This is a direct result of positive organic growth by our longest standing Members, and also our expanded footprint and increased exposure in the former CIS region (Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine). How is the retail environment changing at the moment, and how is Euronics adapting to this? Consumer habits are changing, with online and omni-channel retailing being the key areas of focus, and where Euronics is committed to across all our markets. It is of paramount importance to us to ensure that the shopping experience for every consumer in-store is compelling and is an experience that significantly adds to the alternative of making an online purchase. With traditional market segments being somewhat stagnant, Euronics is actively focusing on innovation, smart home and health being prime categories of the future, and therefore already bringing these new business areas into our stores. How are you adapting to the onset of smart home products? As we mentioned earlier, innovative products and new business opportunities are instrumental to our strategy. 18 months ago we announced that we were one of the first major retailers to join the AllSeen Alliance and we continue to be active leaders in that group. Two months ago we announced our membership of the OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation) - by working extremely closely with the key Smart Home suppliers to further underpin their roadmaps and to ensure the right go-to-market execution, we ensure that we can offer compelling smarthome solutions to our consumers. Hans Carpels President, Euronics International Euronics – Unbroken Growth for 12 Years The retail group continues to leverage IFA partnership to strengthen market position Please tell us about the background to your partnership with IFA and how it has changed over time. Euronics has exhibited at IFA for many years. It remains the key trade fair for the entire CE industry and as such embodies innovation, the newest trends, and product premieres, all of which perfectly align with Euronics’ motivations. It provides the perfect environment for us to engage with key manufacturers on one hand and on the other hand to best showcase to our retailers the newest innovations to work with in the year ahead. Being consistently located in Hall 23A, Euronics has become a cornerstone of the fair with visitors seeking us out to learn of the latest trends and to experience exclusive products from the top manufacturers. What are your key goals and aims at IFA this year? The Euronics experience in Hall 23A showcases a number of new technologies, the most important of which includes the many aspects of Smart Home – from smart audio and smart mobility to smart networking incorporating home security and energy efficiency. Virtual reality is another very important trend that we will be highlighting. As always, we have several exclusive products from many of the top manufacturers as well as the latest on-trend gadgets. All of this will be presented within our ‘pit lane’ providing visitors with the exclusive opportunity to experience the Euronics Trend Car for the first time as part of the DTM collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Motorsport THE CRITICAL EYE – AND COMMENTS OF THE MEDIA AT IFA Each day in IFA International, we bring you feedback from media at the show, helping buyers and manufacturers get a better understanding of how they work at IFA. Mark Craven Home Theatre Video and Display Expert Group Manager (EISA), Editor at Home Cinema Choice magazine HOME CINEMA CHOICE @ IFA Home Theatre Video and Display Expert Group Manager (EISA) and Editor at Home Cinema Choice magazine, Mark Craven talks to IFA International about his “IFA Experience”… For our readers it’s all about 4K/HDR visuals and home cinema audio, so this is where my focus is. The major TV marques always showcase display innovations at IFA, and in 2016, this means improved backlighting systems to handle the contrast and wide colour demands of streamed and disc-based HDR content. Cutting-edge TV screens are – as usual – a big story. I’m also looking for developments in 4K projectors, and audio systems that help bring Dolby Atmos to a wider audience. Height-channel audio is a success story in dedicated home theatres, but with a bigger product base it can go further. What are your key reasons for coming to IFA? IFA provides great editorial stories and sets the tech agenda for the rest of the year, helping us plan our future features and reviews. Also, even though it’s a European event, it attracts attendees from all over the globe, so it’s an excellent venue for meeting international colleagues and product managers. What tips or advice would you give to international journalists visiting for the first time? The Sommergarten! Bang in the middle of the Messe Berlin ExpoCenter, this is a great place to grab a quick break from the show floor, meet up with colleagues, sort through digital snaps and plan your next route through the halls IFA International • Saturday 3 th & Sunday 4 th September 2016 27

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