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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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CLEAN LIFESTYLE FLOOR CLEANERS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT UNIBOT: REMOTE CLEANING CONVENIENCE Leading robotics manufacturer Ecovacs Robotics showcases its new Unibot floor cleaner with air purification and humidification mode. The machine can be controlled through a mobile smartphone or tablet app that allows users to operate and schedule Unibot remotely at their convenience. UNIBOT performs impressive sweeping and vacuuming with its floor cleaning function, but can also purify the air using a 3M high filtration system while moving around the cleaning area. Thus the robot directly targets the pollution source and clears the air. In addition, Unibot comes with a humidification system that Ecovacs claims is more efficient than common humidifiers » HALL 6.2 / Stand 101 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Remote control Unibot mobile application for remote use 2 Purifies air Air purification and humidification mode 3 Versatile Utilises new multifunctional robot technology BOSCH RELAXX’X: THE SMART WAY TO VACUUM Bosch’s limited special edition Relaxx’x bagless vacuum cleaner with SmartSensor Control is being showcased at IFA 2016. SmartSensor Control intelligent sensor technology ensures powerful cleaning at all times due to sensors that trigger fully automatic filter cleaning as soon as the performance drops below a critical level. The washable HEPA filter lasts a lifetime and requires minimal maintenance, while the cleaner features whisper quiet operation at just 66 dB with barely any motor vibration due to flow-optimised airways and innovative insulating materials. Bosch is also offering customers an additional free accessory bag including a mattress nozzle, upholstery and long corner nozzle. » HALL 3.1 / Stand 101 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Consistent cleaning SmartSensor Control intelligent sensor technology for constant cleaning power 2 Long lifetime The washable HEPA filter lasts a lifetime and requires minimal maintenance 3 Quiet Whisper quiet operation at just 66 dB with barely any motor vibration KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Talks! Unique voice alerting system for faults - a talking robot cleaner! 2 Smart 13 infrared sensors for friendly, smart and safe cleaning 3 Enables planned cleaning with remote control cleaning schedule system MAMIBOT PETVAC280 AND EXVAC 550 LANA ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER The Mamibot PetVac280 is super smart robot cleaner with alternative suction ports includes a big water tank, large mop, remote control, and multi-cleaning modes including auto, zigzag, spot, edge cleaning and virtual wall. Thirteen infrared sensors enable the PetVac290 to perform perfectly in complicated environments - the sensors protect furniture and ensure the robot avoids obstacles. Change to single suction port to clean pet hair, and to an alternate agitating port for mixed debris cleaning. The machine promises longer battery life and impressive suction power with a 2000mAH (or 2600mAH if required) battery. A three level filtering system keeps exhausted air clean, fresh and healthy. » HALL 6.2 / Stand 101 GRONBACH UNDER-FURNITURE VACUUM CLEANER B6 Normal vacuum cleaners need a lot of storage space and are cumbersome to carry or drag, however this furniture vacuum cleaner is permanently located under almost every piece of furniture, is child's play to install and is always ready to use. Use a broom to sweep the dirt in front of the socket opening. The flap opens by briefly touching the flap and the dirt is automatically vacuumed away. Thanks to it's compact and flat design, the vacuum fits almost anywhere, while the powerful 600W, energyefficient vacuum cleaner (extremely low standby consumption is only 0.25W) is best deployed where dirt often occurs: in the kitchen, in the hallway, under the wood burner, in the garage or in the hobby workshop. » HALL 8.1 / Stand 103 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Easy installation Easily installed in new constructions as well as retrofitted at a later date 2 Gutsy Powerful, energy-saving 600W motor 3 Anti-allergy Dust and dirt is collected in certified anti-allergy Swirl dust bags IFA International • Saturday 3 th & Sunday 4 th September 2016 43

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