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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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BUYERS' GUIDE CLEAN LIFESTYLE WASHING MACHINES MARKET GFK KEY DATA 2015 has been another good year for the washing machine market. While there is still very big variety in terms of preferred depth throughout European countries - the more east in Europe you go, the slimmer your Washing Machine needs to be – there is another important trend to consider on that market – auto dosage function. Just like with the depth – the trend is different by country: The CIS region, strongly affected by the unstable situation in Russia and Ukraine and price sensitive consumers is not as receptive to the high priced convenience of auto dosage, while for Western Europe the trend is definitely positive and gaining importance. Another trend that is similar to overall Washing Machine market, but clearly visible for the segment of washer-dryers – increasing loading capacities. Last year, the biggest segment was 7kg, this year it’s already 8 kg and the rising star is the over 9kg washer-dryer category. CONTACT Natalia Andrievskaya Global Director Major Domestic Appliances GfK Retail and Technology THE FUTURE Manufacturers have invested heavily in washing machine technology and this shows no signs of abating. Connectivity will play a key role, but we expect auto-dosing to become prevalent in a number of brands as the technology allows for perfect results every time, which is sure to appeal to consumers. Washing machines will continue to develop in terms of design, functionality and effieincy. STATE OF PLAY Washing machines, washer-dryers and tumble dryers make up the majority of the European white goods market value, making this an extremely important market. Over 80% of washing machines sold in 2015 had a capacity of 7kg or more, suggesting that when home owners are upgrading or replacing their appliances they are looking for a machine that can cope with larger loads, allowing them to spend less time on their laundry every week. Current consumer buying trends, in the laundry category, tend to be very focused on energy ratings, capacity, running costs and colour – which many buyers are using to make standout features of their appliances. INNOVATIONS TO LOOK FOR AT IFA LOOKIN’ GOOD AND SOUNDING QUIETER With the increasing prevalence of open-plan living, noise reduction has never been such an important factor on the purchaser’s agenda as it is now. With floor space in the average home diminishing, and rooms morphing into one, quietness in the living area is essential. One of the key technical parameters on the European Union energy label is the specification of the airborne acoustical noise emissions expressed as sound power levels in dB(A) from washing machines. The decibel level on the specifications is normally both for wash and spin, with sounds around 50dB for “wash” considered quiet. INNOVATING @ IFA AN EXTRA DRUM TO SAVE EXTRA TIME The Haier Duo Dry is the world’s first double-drum washer and dryer for families needing to wash and dry their laundry at the same time. It can simultaneously wash in the upper drum and dry in the larger drum and directly dry clothes after the washing cycle. It is Wi-Fi-enabled, allowing users to control the Haier Duo Dry from their mobile devices. » HALL 3.1 STAND 109 FULL STEAM AHEAD FOR DELICATES Steam is rising in popularity as consumers continue to invest in expensive garments that need delicate care. If consumers own a large number of delicate garments then they can invest in a machine that has gentle steam programmes specifically designed for silk, lingerie and wool. Steam is a great way to deodorise and ensure our customer’s garments are kept in excellent condition as steam is much gentler on clothes. The steam market is still relatively small in home laundry, but as more consumers become aware of and understand the benefits of using steam, there is an opportunity to drive growth. WT1 BY MIELE AUTO-DOSING SAVES CUSTOMERS MONEY Auto-dosing of detergent is becoming popular as it allows perfect wash performance by correct dosing of detergent and ensures the minimum usage of water. It delivers automatic dosing of liquid detergent and fabric softener, avoiding getting stains on one’s clothes from using too much detergent again. One company claims its system can save up to 11 litres of detergent every year because sensors detect exactly how much each load needs. The new washer-dryers from Miele are fast and connected – and come with automatic dispensing. With the WT1, Miele is sending out a strong signal at the IFA trade show: 4 kg of laundry washed immaculately and dried in less than 3 hours, without any manual intervention in-between. Not even detergent has to be dispensed by hand as the WT1 features integrated TwinDos automatic dispensing, a top feature familiar to consumers from W1 washing machines. These machines can be linked to the Internet via a WLAN connection. » HALL 2.1 / STAND 101 44

CLEAN LIFESTYLE WASHING MACHINES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT BEKO WATER-FREE REFRESH The Beko WTE 8735 XPR is the world's first washing machine capable of refreshing the user’s wardrobe in 30 minutes without water or detergent. Employing the new Beko AirTherapy technology, it is the perfect match for the busy lives of everyday consumers. The innovative washing machine system includes both an air heater and fan that use warm air circulation to enable users to refresh a 1kg load in 30 minutes through the Refresh Program. Additionally, the Clean&Wear function can prepare a 1kg load to be ready to wear in 120 minutes. » HALL 5.1 / Stand 101 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Freshness DrumClean+ Programme includes an automatic warm air circulation phase to prevent bad odours 2 No Creases The AntiCrease function helps keep laundry fresh and crease-free until garments are unloaded 3 Low Noise Quiet, with a 45 (dBA) rating. LAUNDRY CARE WITH HYGIENIC CLEANLINESS Washing laundry at low temperatures is now an established practice in most households – protecting textiles, saving money and conserving the environment. Depending on the materials used, many items of clothing can’t be washed at more than 30 or 40°C. But is the laundry hygienically clean after being washed like this? The answer is "yes" when using one of the new Bosch Series 8 washing machines with ActiveOxygen. This special function has been developed to improve the hygiene when washing at low temperatures. ActiveOxygen removes up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs present with the help of active oxygen, as the name suggests. » HALL 3.1 / Stand 101 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Shhhhhh! Can achieve noise emissions of just 47 dB making it one of the quietest appliances on the market. 2 Chelical free - Once activated the ActiveOxygen function assists the selected programme with a special treatment cycle, gently and free of chemicals. 3 Intuitive - Easy operation thanks to the large LED display and intuitive programme selector. A WASHING MACHINE LIKE NO OTHER The LG Signature washing machine is an advanced version of the LG Twin Wash. The LG Signature 24-inch front-load washing machine is more durable, more convenient and more sophisticated than ever and features the unique pedestal Mini Wash under the main unit. The minimalistic design of the washing machine is highlighted by the Quick Circle User Interface which is touch-enabled and embedded in the glass door at a 17º angle that makes it easy to see when standing. The push-open washing machine door can be opened even when your hands are full by simply pushing lightly. And the enamel coating which gives the washing machine a sophisticated and sleek look also repels fingerprints and corrosion. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Long Life - Comes equipped with LG’s Centum System which improves the washing machine’s durability and energy efficiency with an advanced suspension system 2 Quiet - The Centum System greatly reduces noise while the washing machine is in operation 3 Smooth - The Centum System minimises the tub’s vibrations during a wash cycle » HALL 18 / Stand 101 Summer Garden A-10 IFA International • Saturday 3 th & Sunday 4 th September 2016 45

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