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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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BATHROOM LIFESTYLE Hey Good Lookin’ Health and beauty products are “sweet spots” at IFA 2016 Health sector to boost wearables The health sector is the most promising area for wearables adoption. Several emerging consumer and professional healthcare trends, which dovetail with advances in health technology over the past five years, are driving interest in wearables. Growing fashion trends: a desire to look better among men and women, and the use of electric shavers is growing. Increasing beauty consciousness among women and men is one of the main reasons, driving the electric shaver market in the Asia Pacific region. The rising economy, an increase in disposable income levels and large population in China and India offer huge market potential for the significant growth of the electric shaver market in the Asia Pacific region. Numerous product innovations related to style, long life, reduced maintenance costs and ease of use are some of the key issues which will further help boost the electric shaver market in the European region and North America. TOP REASONS PEOPLE TRY TO LOOK GOOD Findings released by GfK from a 22-country survey show that women spend an average of almost five hours a week on personal grooming (bathing, shaving, dressing, hair, makeup), while men spend just over three hours. The most popular motivation, cited by 60% of the 27,000 people surveyed as a major reason for trying to look their best, is to feel good about themselves. This was followed by making a good impression on people they meet for the first time (44%) and setting a good example for their children (40%). For men, the fourth and fifth major reasons for trying to look their best have amorous connotations – namely, to please their spouse or partner and to make a good impression on people of the opposite sex or those they find attractive (37% and 36% respectively). By contrast, women are more motivated by the wish to express their individuality and because it makes them feel in control (equal at 40% each). While adoption levels are growing, the wearables market is still in the early phases of expansion. It is estimated that global shipments will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.8 per cent over the five years, reaching 162.9 million units in 2020. 46

ADVERTORIAL BATHROOM LIFESTYLE Marcel Elad Marketing Director, Epilady Europe ONLY THE HAIR AND THE ROOT ARE IMPACTED, WHILE THE SURROUNDING SKIN REMAINS UNAFFECTED Laser Hair Removal at Home… Safe? Yes, it is! Marcel Elad – Marketing Director of Epilady Europe explains how and why… Just what EXACTLY is laser epilation, and how does the EPILASER work? As Epilady is a pioneer in the field of laser hair removal, and since 1986 has sold well over 35-million products on the global market, we put the question to Marcel Elad – Marketing Director of Epilady Europe… Laser epilation aims to destroy the hair bulb. This is the bulged area, constituting the base of the hair. In case of dark hair, this area is pigmented. EPILASER emits a very particular light because constituted a single wavelength defining its monochromatic character. The depilatory lasers are strongly absorbed by the colour of the hair, due to its natural pigment, melanin. Once absorbed, the light is transformed into heat. This will destroy the hair bulb and ensures lasting depilation phenomenon. EPILASER targets the hair’s root by emitting a focused but soft laser beam. With CAM control, a miniature camera hidden inside the device, the user can view at all times what the EPILASER is doing. In order to use the EPILASER, the user needs to aim the hair root accurately, while looking at the magnified hair on the screen. EPILASER can be connected to a PC, or alternatively, to a small mobile screen which is offered separately. Only the hair and the root are impacted, while the surrounding skin remains unaffected, not irritated or itchy, as can be the case with other laser techniques. Using the device, no prior preparation of the skin is necessary, and there is no problem for users wishing to spend time under the sun just after the treatment. We recommend users undertake eight sessions – the first every two or three days, then the four others with intervals of two weeks. What are the risks for this kind of apparatus, and how does the EPILASER avoid these? One of the common side effects of laser treatments of any kind stems from the laser hitting not just the hair, but also the surrounding skin, which causes skin irritation, redness and burning sensation following the treatment. EPILASER uses a special laser technology, which focuses the beam at the hair follicle with great precision, without touching the surrounding skin. This makes possible to perform effective hair removal treatments without any harm to the skin. Which markets are you distributing to? Hair removal is the largest at home beauty device category and the homebased market is the fastest growing sector for laser. Although take-home sales and e-commerce are our largest sales segments, and the distribution varies greatly by region and country, we are focusing also on the professional market, like beauty institutes. For the time being, Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland), Central & South America (Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay) and United States are among our three largest markets globally. How important is it for you to ensure the correct information gets to retailers, in order for them to tell the “right” story? We have a very clear define strategy about marketing our new cutting edge product “Epi’Laser”. Concerning our digital marketing strategy, for each market we have developed a digital platform, constantly updated, interactive, user friendly, dynamic and practical, including Facebook and Instagram campaigns, posts, blogs, engagement with audience in site and so on. In the retail environment, in each retail shop, we deliver a display, with a short 15 to 30 second presentation and user video, we include flyers showing the benefits of the Epi’Laser and finally, sales persons can provide to potential buyers a USB key, with all details and instructions Hall 8.1 Stand 207 IFA International • Saturday 3 th & Sunday 4 th September 2016 47

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