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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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News Where East Meets

News Where East Meets West Turkish Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters’ Association (TET) at IFA 2015 Fatih Kemal Ebiçlioğlu - Chairman of the Board - Turkish Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters’ Association (TET) is at IFA to underline the importance of his nation as a manufacturer. We asked him why business has been going well of late, and what prospects are for the future. The Turkish electrical and electronics industry stands as a prominent trade partner of Europe in products such as home appliances and consumer electronics. Strong and long-established economic and political relations between Turkey and the European Union give our electrical and electronics industry an important advantage. Turkey's logistic proximity to Europe, its willingness to meet the expectations of consumers and its level of quality give our sector a distinguished position today. We are focused on creating global brands in the electrical and electronics industries in upcoming years. Why organise a Turkish Pavilion at IFA? What are your aims? Taking part in this fair followed by the whole world, where cutting-edge technology is showcased, earns us prestige as the biggest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe in terms of production capacity. Organization of a national participation pavilion by our Association that represents the competitiveness of Turkish manufacturers in technology makes us even more excited. What can we expect to see in the Pavilion? In the Turkish Pavilion, we will represent our country with 20 members comprised of 19 home appliances subindustry companies and 1 manufacturer of home appliances / small household appliances. The majority of companies that will be present in the Turkish Pavilion are manufacturers of intermediate goods and components for the consumer electronics and home appliances industries. How important is IFA as a staging point for your marketing and communication? IFA is a very important meeting point that brings together the giants that direct the world of technology. Developments in the market, predictions for the future, and all trends in consumer electronics are shared with participants. Our companies will be able to see their competitors close-up, as well as new trends in customer expectations and demands in addition to developing markets. Furthermore, IFA constitutes significant networking opportunities for our companies. The record level of business deals engaged in by companies every year is an indication of the fair’s potential in terms of the market. Thanks to IFA, our companies will Fatih Kemal Ebiçlioğlu Chairman of the Board, Turkish Electrical Electronics and Services Exporters’ Association (TET) have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with many customers from many countries around the world. This also implies a good chance of promotion and publicity. Hall 27 Stand 403 ADVERTORIAL 12

News Polaroid Stays Ahead of the Curve Polaroid is no longer just about photography. Today its brands go across a range of products from tablets to action cameras, smartphones and accessories, as Polaroid president Scott Hardy explained. IFA TecWatch showcases technologies aimed at tomorrow's markets, with presentations of nextgeneration ideas from research institutions, industry organisations and young start-up companies. This year’s programme features 80 exhibitors and partners from 15 countries, including the US, France, the UK, Netherlands, Japan and Israel, as well as some 45 start-ups whose exhibits will be the focus of individual theme days. Numerous small and medium sized companies are presenting ideas for the interconnected home, where the Internet of Things is increasingly influencing our everyday lives. International organisations and alliances are also making their own contributions to this topic, among them Z-Wave and the Allseen Alliance. IFA TechWatch Focuses on the Technology of Tomorrow The convergence of the web and broadcast TV, which are merging seamlessly through technologies based on the Hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) standard, is also addressed during IFA TechWatch, with a presentation of the nextgeneration HbbTV 2.0. TecWatch is also showing what can be achieved with new transmission technology DVB-T2. New 3D printing technology on show includes a man-sized installation capable of carrying out a complete 3D body scan in fractions of a second; and a group of developers and the Open Roberta Lab are demonstrating how to programme a driverless car. Universities and research institutes regularly feature in TecWatch. Among them this year is Fraunhofer- Gesellschaft, represented by three of its institutes: Heinrich Hertz and Fokus from Berlin and the Fraunhofer IIS Institute, Erlangen. All three are presenting innovative examples of media technology. Colleges and universities based in Berlin and Brandenburg are presenting projects covering all aspects of digital living, together with spin-offs, startups and other partners. The University of Kyoto is represented by research projects dealing with information and media technology. IFA TechWatch runs through to September 9. Hall 11.1 Polaroid is back at IFA with a range of products that continue to take the Polaroid brand to a new level. IFA marks the European debut of the wi-fi enabled Polaroid Cube+ lifestyle action camera; the company is also showcasing, with UK partner, a line of ultra high definition smart LED TVs; and IFA also sees the debut of a new line of 4.5”, 5” and 5.5” quad-core 4G LTE Androidpowered smartphones for the European market. “In today’s digital age, smartphones play a huge role in how we capture and share our images, especially with the rise of social media,” Scott Hardy said. “Expanding our product offering to include a line of smartphones was a logical step, and provides consumers with another easyto-use product to help them stay connected and share their memories with their family and friends.” Scott said the key to the company’s diversification has been to change with the times while maintaining its core message. “At Polaroid we see ourselves as curators of innovation, using our knowledge and experience to design and deliver products Scott Hardy President, Polaroid across a broad range of categories, created specifically for today’s sophisticated, techsavvy consumer.” He added: “The flexibility of the Polaroid brand offers great potential to embark on wide range of product opportunities, from consumer electronics to imaging products and beyond – including instant digital cameras, smartphones, mobile apps, lifestyle action cameras and more." Hall 25 Stand 305 IFA International • Saturday 5 th & Sunday 6 th September 2015 13

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