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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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News Beko on the Rise

News Beko on the Rise Now reported to be Europe’s number one brand in the freestanding white goods market, and the market leader for home appliances in the UK and Poland, Beko has also registered the largest increase in market share in the German, Spain, Italy and all of East Europe markets in the last year. Not bad going for a company that started with a single washing machine exactly 50 years ago. When it comes to white goods for clean lifestyles, Beko continues to build high quality, high performance machines with industry leading efficiency and innovative features, including the CoolHygiene feature in washing machines that allows for hygienic washing at an eco-friendly 20 degrees. THE BOSCH press conference on Wednesday felt more like a primetime TV celebrity cookery presentation of the company’s latest appliances. While TV presenter Inge Steiner chatted about new Bosch products with Bosch CEO Harald Friedrich, her husband, retired weightlifter and Olympic gold medallist Matthias Steiner, praised new Bosch washing machine technology, before cooking a three-course meal in just 30 minutes, at the same time demonstrating the company’s latest kitchen appliances. Steiner extolled the virtues of Bosch’s new Series 8 washing machines. He said that for professionals, sportswear rarely lasts much more than six months given the extreme conditions in which it is worn. ActiveOxygen technology inside the machines can prolong its life, removing up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs present, even at low temperatures – which in turn help eliminate smells, save Beko’s commitment to a green future is further illustrated by washing machines that save 10% more energy than A+++ energy class. Meanwhile, the ProSmart Inverter Motor is designed to extend the life of the washer and is three times quieter. The Pro Smart Motor also promises a further 50% energy saving. Silent Tech is another design innovation that brings the comfort of silence to Beko washing machines. Reduced vibration and additional insulation results in ultra silent washing at only 65 dBA, which is almost seven times quieter than regular washing machines Meanwhile, the specially developed anti-allergic Baby Protect + program promises energy and protect textiles. The machines’ integrated ActiveOxygen generator is used during the pre-treatment of laundry at the start of the programme and before the last rinse cycle. This has the effect of eliminating practically all germs within just 30 added minutes. And additional chemicals are not required. Moving into the kitchen, keen cook Steiner then prepared a meal with produce kept extrafresh in a Bosch fridge fitted with VitaFresh functionality – in spite of having been there for a week. to deliver anti-allergic laundry for sensitive babies. Maximum hygienic cleaning is achieved with the help of additional drum movements, superior temperature control and perfect rinsing results. Hall 5.1 Stand 101 Tough Guy Steiner Shows Off the Best of Bosch PerfectFry sensors inside the ceramics of the Series 8 induction hob, used for shallow and deep frying, kept the pans and their contents at steady temperatures, ensuring even cooking and the avoidance of any splashing of the kitchen surfaces in the process. The audience’s appreciation of the food was an endorsement of both the latest Bosch oven and hob, as well as Steiner’s skills in the kitchen. Hall 3.1 Stand 101 World Leader Whirlpool Makes Debut in Berlin World leader in home appliances, Whirlpool, is now also Nº1 in Europe following its recent acquisition of Indesit, as well as market leader in the UK, Italy, France, Poland, and Russia. And another first for the company: this year marks its IFA debut. “This is an important day for us because we attend this leading international fair as a new company presenting our entire brand portfolio with both Whirlpool and Indesit brands,” President, Whirlpool EMEA Esther Berrozpe Galindo told a packed press conference yesterday. In Berlin Whirlpool is turning the spotlight on its range of freestanding appliances incorporating its 6TH Sense Live technology, which enables the user to control appliances from anywhere at anytime. The 6TH Sense Live range comprises the Supreme NoFrost refrigerator, which creates a frost-free climate for food preservation; the intelligent Supreme Care washing machine and dryer, now interlinked to regulate cycles in sync with each other; and the 6th Sense PowerClean Dishwasher With PowerDry technology which, according to Carl-Martin Lindahl, Vice-President, Products & Brands, Whirlpool EMEA, has overcome the problem of drying plastic. German company Bauknecht is back at IFA, but for the first time as a member of the Whirlpool Group. This year it is showing its BLive app, which turns smartphones and tablets into central controllers. With BLive, washing machines, dryers, freezer/ refrigerator combinations and dishwashers can be remotely controlled at any time from anywhere; give feedback on their statusl; remember the preferences of the users; and communicate with each another. Brands on show alongside Whirlpool at the company’s IFA debut are KitchenAid, Bauknecht, Hotpoint and Indesit, brought together by a single concept: 24 Hours, Life in a Day. Hall 9 Stand 101 16

News AEG ProTex Plus dryer with AbsoluteCare System Bauknecht Offers Smart Time Saving Solutions with PremiumCare Range New appliances respond to consumer demand for products that make life easier Electrolux Prioritises Relevant Innovation at Reasonable Prices Connectivity driving shift towards appliance “experience” Speaking at IFA 2015, Jonas Samuelson, Head of Major Appliances EMEA at Electrolux, said his company, which owns brands such as AEG, is committed to delivering "relevant innovation at a price consumers are willing to pay". As practical examples, Samuelson pointed to the PlusSteam Oven and the AbsoluteCare Dryer, appliances that symbolise the company's core promises to "take taste further" and move from "cleaning to caring in a sustainable way". According to Samuelson, Electrolux is a "pioneer in using consumer insight. We do a test called the 70% preference test, which means we only bring a product to market if 70% of consumers in a trial prefer our latest innovations to the bestselling rival in the market." Samuelson said the big trend in the appliance market is the move from product and functionality towards "experience". This theme was picked up on by Electrolux COO Jan Brockmann who said the company was taking advantage of the opportunities created by connected devices. Echoing other executives at IFA 2015, he stressed that connectivity would not gain traction if it was a "technical gimmick. It has to leverage what consumers want." Brockmann discussed the concept of the smart home, predicting consumers could soon own as many as 30-50 connected devices. For this scenario to work effectively, he said consumers would need to be at the centre. "That is why we have signed up to the AllSeen Alliance, which has around 200 companies involved. There has to be one Internet Of Things platform creating a seamless experience, otherwise consumers won't accept it." Hall 4.1 Stand 101 The New Generation Kitchen WMF premiers a range of innovative new kitchen appliances at IFA Bauknecht is introducing its smart range of PremiumCare washing machines and dryers to IFA visitors, which offer a gentle, intelligent service that can be controlled via smartphones and tablets and the company’s specially developed BLive app. The company has responded to the results of its Bauknecht Connectivity Survey 2015 which found that 87% of Germans were looking for appliances that would make household tasks easier. As a result it has introduced a new PremiumCare range that has gentle laundry care and smart connectivity as its key innovations. Solutions that focus on the needs of consumers, make their daily lives easier and offer solutions that save time and energy. What’s more the directdrive ZEN motor makes the PremiumCare washing machine particularly quiet and cuts vibration to a minimum. Its SoftMove functionality matches the movements of the drum exactly to the selected programme and laundry loads of up to 12kg. Resulting in an extremely gentle wash for delicate clothes. This same functionality also means the PremiumCare Dryer is also gentle on textiles, ensuring it both dries laundry and takes care of it at the same time. An innovative 3D airflow system ensures clothes are dried evenly and gently. Curved paddles with integrated air jets add to the gentle drying. The PremiumCare washing machine comes complete with a CleverClean system by which the machine will use only the optimum amount of water per load. A CleverDose function automatically dispense detergent also depending on the size and type of load. The BLive app will alert users when detergent levels are running low. Hall 9 Stand 101 WMF celebrated five years at IFA in 2015, the German home appliances powerhouse extending its three-pronged range of coffee machines, consumer goods and hotel equipment to unleash a new range of high-end baking appliances. Ranked number one in terms of market share for consumer kitchen good sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the Bavarianbased manufacturer has worked hard on its point of sale in recent years, inviting consumers to share a more emotional culinary experience. Following the massively successful launch of its Kitchen Minis range last year, WMF is presenting five new devices in this compact range that are all about healthy, gentle food preparation for small household that follow the latest nutritional trends: less meat and more salad, vegetables and fresh regional food. The second generation of WMF Kitchen Minis includes a salad-to-go, the Vitalis E steamer, the Raclette for two with chocolate fondue, a handheld coffee grinder and an espresso machine for two or four cups. Hall 6.1 Stand 102 IFA International • Saturday 5 th & Sunday 6 th September 2015 17

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