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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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News Haier Unveils

News Haier Unveils Innovations in Washing Machines and Refrigeration European chief outlines vision for a full home connected appliance solution Yannick Fierling, the recently-appointed CEO of Haier Europe, unveiled a series of important innovations in home appliances at IFA 2015. These included a new twodrum washing machine and a the first-ever fridgefreezer to have three separate cooling systems in one unit. The two-drum washing machine is called the Duo and has been designed so that families can run two washes at the same time if they choose. The main rationale for this is to wash colours and whites separately, "resulting in a big saving on time," said Fierling. Fierling also introduced the latest generation of Haier's Intelius washing machine, which can hold 12kg of washing: "It also has a low energy rating of A+++-50%, which means you are looking at a leading performance level. It also has the biggest drum opening on the market (36cm), which is something that our customers have been asking for." The Haier Europe chief also pointed out that both washing machines "use interfaces that look more like something from the brown goods market. This is an example of how Haier can leverage its innovation and expertise in one technology area to support another." The big innovation in refrigeration is the threecompartment Cube "which gives consumers more versatility between refrigeration and freezing," says Fierling. Put simply, there are two separate bottom compartments, one of which can be used either as a fridge or freezer, depending on the needs of the user. A secondary advantage of this set up is that two fridge compartments can be used for separate products to avoid odor mingling. Fierling also gave an insight into Haier's rapid growth as a company. In the last 6 years, Haier's revenues have risen 78% from .2 billion to .6 billion in 2014. A key to this success he said has been heavy investment in R&D, which accounts for 4% of the group's revenues. Hall 3.1 Stand 109 18

Vision Meets Industry Session 2 HEALTH CityCube Berlin 7 Sept. 2015 4:15-5:45 pm Bringing Health Risk Assessment Down to Earth No longer just the realm of clinics and hospitals, real health monitoring is set to go mainstream In the “Health” section of the IFA+ Summit, Stefan Richard, COO of Preventicus, will talk about the increasing importance of apps in risk screening and disease prevention. His company was founded in 2014 to develop rising technology that helps prevent lifestyle diseases like heart attack, burnout and stroke. We asked Mr Richard to tell us a little more… Our know-how is based on longstanding research in the field of pulse wave analysis and bio-variability. PREVENTICUS aims to bring this knowledge into sellable products and make it usable for anyone. In my job, I take care of the development of products for various target markets and meet potential customers to learn about requirements for their own business. This means valuable feedback to customise individual solutions for our partners. What will you talk about in your presentation? Lifestyle diseases like heart attack, burnout and stroke are usually not detected until serious symptoms manifest. However, currently, clinical and evidence-based applications do exist for early detection, preventive care and risk assessment. PREVENTICUS turns standard smartphones into medical devices by detecting vital parameters with standardly equipped sensors. Our algorithms are based on bio-signal analytics and decades of international cutting-edge research in the field of pulse wave analysis and bio-variability. We thus empower users to carry out previously complex screening examinations at home via smartphone and to maintain their own health through perfectly matched preventive measures. The catch phrase of the summit is “next level of thinking”. How important is it for people to project onto a different plane in this respect and look at things in a different way? We must realize that nothing lasts forever and that the only thing that is constant is change. You can either be part of that change or just watch it happen. We need to question the state of the art and look for better solutions to existing and even new challenges. In times of open innovation, where the industry tries hard to better understand the customers’ needs, a platform for international exchange of knowledge, such as the IFA+ Summit, is essential. We can Stefan Richard COO, Preventicus learn, network and foster collaboration, which we could not easily do without the fruitful atmosphere of such a summit. IFA International • Saturday 5 th & Sunday 6 th September 2015 19

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