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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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CLEAN LIFESTYLE WASHING MACHINES DRYERS DISHWASHERS VACUUM CLEANERS STEAM CLEANERS BATHROOM APPLIANCES BEAUTY AND GROOMING €163bn- Forecast for the whole of 2015 for the major domestic appliances market €4.1bn- Global sales in the floor care segment in first 6 months of 2015 (rise of 12%) 5% In terms of value, GfK reports that Western Europe is still considered among the most important markets for white goods. During the first six months of 2015, the market for major domestic appliances recorded an increase of 5 percent in quantity and value. Connected… Yes, but why? This year marks the true transition to connected appliances. Indeed, while last year we were talking about the concept a great deal, there were not too many devices on the market. Today each manufacturer is finding ways to add value through the connection of their devices in different ways, but the big question will be how the fact of being connected will really add value. What do the apps really do, and how do they make it easier to use the devices? This is what has been developing over the past year, and there are some excellent ideas coming to the market. In this section, we group together all the devices that make our lifestyle “cleaner” whether they be in the kitchen, the laundry, or elsewhere in the home in the form of vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners. Today it’s all about making things easier – virtually automatic – to the greatest extent possible. Today we also look at personal care products – part of what we more largely term “bathroom lifestyle”. We are thus looking at both major domestic appliances, but also some smaller ones. In both cases, the market is in a continuing growth phase as new technologies – such as in the field of heat pumps and connectivity – enter the game. The larger countries' markets yielded above average strong improvement. Germany boasts sales units growth of 7 percent, Great Britain 6 percent. Moreover, markets recovered that had been strongly affected by the European financial crisis in previous years. In terms of units Spain's as well as Greece’s home appliance market saw a higher demand than last year during the first half of this year. In fact, in Spain the market grew by 9 percent, in Greece by 12 percent. For the entire year, a sales value of 35 billion Euros in Western Europe is forecasted. Above all, sales of heat-pump tumble-dryers rose significantly in almost every Western European country, and in part, achieved distinct double-digit growth rates. In addition to the sustained trend toward efficient models, home appliances are becoming increasingly "smarter". For example, appliances can be operated remotely by smartphone or can automatically dispense an optimal amount of detergent with the help of built-in sensors. Global sales in the floor care segment increased by 12 percent to €4.1 billion. Rechargeable handstick vacuum cleaners continued the already positive growth of the previous year with an increase of 58 percent. With the exception of South America, this product group has been the latest trend. Rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaners (37 percent increase), as well as robotic models (38 percent increase) also significantly increased in sales (in value). Both segments particularly benefited from product innovations, which showed increasing demand in Japan and Western Europe. Additionally, products in the air treatment segment are popular among consumers – sales (in value) grew mainly for air purifiers (37 percent increase), driven by increased demand in Asian countries. PERSONAL CARE – A FAST EVOLVING MARKET With sales (in value) growth of 14 percent, the worldwide market for personal care products has developed strongly. In particular, China, the UK, Germany and Japan, the largest markets for small domestic appliances, recorded significant sales with electrical products for personal care in the first six months. The electric toothbrush segment (34 percent increase), as well as the classic men’s shaver (18 percent increase) grew in particular in Western Europe and Asia. Products for laser/IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal (47 percent increase) were particularly attractive to consumers in Europe and Turkey. IFA International • Saturday 5 th & Sunday 6 th September 2015 31

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