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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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Just AddWash Clever and connected washing machines launched by Samsung CLEAN LIFESTYLE This IFA, Samsung launched a new line-up of powerful and connected Internet of Things (IoT) products that give consumers the ability to customise and seamlessly access devices. Samsung have promised to bring all their devices within the IoT ecosystem by 2020, including its renowned range of clean lifestyle home appliances. The aim is to offer peace of mind when at the office or on the road, but also to make life simpler inside the home. At IFA 2015, the electronics giant launched the WW8500 AddWash washing machine, which not only allows consumers to add laundry at any point of the wash cycle, but to control the device via both Android and iOS devices. Consumers can now remotely monitor and operate their washing machine as well as receive a range of notifications straight to their smartphone. Thanks to its innovative ‘Add Door’, the Samsung WW8500 AddWash is also the world’s first washing machine that allows consumers to add laundry at any point of the wash cycle. A simple press of the pause button stops the spinning drum, and makes it possible to add laundry to the wash, whether it’s a uniform that needs to be ready for football practice tomorrow, or jeans that didn’t make it into the laundry pile. AddWash also provides a new level of care for delicate handwash only fabrics because they can now be added right at the start of the rinse cycle. The new Add Wash helps consumers get faster and better laundry results WW900 EcoBubble washing machine at IFA Samsung stand Samsung have promised to bring all their devices within the IoT ecosystem by 2020 thanks to its SuperSpeed cycle, which can wash a normal load in less than an hour. It also features SuperSpray, which uses a jet of water to rinse detergent more effectively. The improved ecobubble function creates thicker bubbles that intensely penetrate fabrics 40 times faster than the usual mix of water and soap, delivering exceptional washing results even in cold water. Another product that epitomises Samsung’s IoT smart home revolution is the POWERbot VR2000J robotic vacuum cleaner, which, via the new WIFI Smart Control, can be operated from the users smartphone or tablet. Using Visionary Mapping Plus, the VR2000J not only navigates its way around your home, spotlessly cleaning as it goes, but can be put to use while on the road so consumers can return to a sparkling home. » CityCube LEVEL B / STAND 101 The Simplest Path to Perfect Results Bosch develops an “emotional and immersive” trade fair experience at IFA 2015 Important messages are best conveyed by leveraging an impressive presentation. At IFA 2015, Bosch is presenting innovations from every possible appliance category – from highly advanced sensors which monitor the temperature of the food boiling on the hob through to a new way of washing clothes at low temperatures so that they are hygienically clean, and refrigerator cameras that can (almost) replace shopping lists. Against this backdrop, Bosch is also giving an insight into the practical value of these new developments. "We aim to bring the Bosch brand and the benefits of our appliances closer to visitors through an emotional and immersive trade fair appearance," says Bosch CEO Harald Friedrich. Head of Marketing Michael Bohn continues: "Under the motto 'the simplest way to get perfect results', we are casting the spotlight on our core competence for this year's trade fair appearance: surprisingly simple solutions whose results fulfil the highest quality requirements." At Stand 101 in Hall 3.1, four main stages relating to large appliances communicate the most important new products from Bosch: firstly, the perfect complement to the Series 8 ovens with which Bosch caused such a stir at the IFA last year – namely the new Series 8 induction hobs equipped with the PerfectFry frying sensor and the PerfectCook cooking sensor. Secondly, the solution to a classic laundry conundrum with the new ActiveOxygen function: hygienically clean laundry at gentle, low washing temperatures. Thirdly, the effortless way to achieve healthy, vitamin-rich nutrition – thanks to a new generation of large NoFrost freezerrefrigerator combinations with advanced freshness system VitaFresh pro. And finally, the entire world of new possibilities for networked home appliances offered by Home Connect, the app that can be used on a smartphone or tablet PC to not only operate appliances remotely, but also to check whether or not there are tomatoes in the fridge while out and about. . » HALL 3.1 / STAND 101 IFA International • Saturday 5 th & Sunday 6 th September 2015 37

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