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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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CLEAN LIFESTYLE BATHROOM / BEAUTY PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT BEURER HC 80 HAIR DRYER ACPROFESSIONAL The Beurer HC 80 hair dryer includes an 2200-watt AC motor offering extra power for high output and a long service life. Its triple iconic function settings are for personalised use with every hair type. A protection function protects the hair and preserves colour. » HALL 4.1 / STAND 212 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Three heat settings and two speed settings, with a lockable cold air setting to finish the hairstyle 2 Automatic overheating protection and a removable safety filter for simple cleaning 3 Slim professional nozzle, volume diffuser – and a three-year guarantee BABYLISS 6000E PRO DIGITAL HAIR DRYER This futuristic styling device is equipped with a latest generation digital brushless DC motor, helping it achieve new performance levels for hair dryers. It produces maximum airflow at an ideal temperature of 70°C (over 85°C in conventional engines), clarified with the narrowest nozzle on the market (4 mm), thus ensuring maximum hair protection. With its refined combination of elegance, style and aerodynamics, the unique design of the styling device was created by specialists for optimal use and easy and comfortable handling, even with intensive use. » HALL 7.1 C / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 High performance Digital brushless DC motor 2 Unique design Sleek style for easy and comfortable handling 3 Hair protection Maximum airflow at an ideal temperature of 70°C UNIQUE SELLING POINTS REMINGTON PROTECT RANGE The new Remington Protect Range range makes protected and perfected styling a reality. With a straightener, tong and dryer, the protect range is the ultimate every day styling kit that also utilises HydraCare and ThermoCare technologies. The protect range achieves high end performance using less heat for less damage, keeping hair hydrated, smooth and shiny all day long. The dryer also has an advanced dryer ring infused with keratin, argan and macadamia oils for shiny, frizz-free and healthy-looking hair. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 104 1 With Gentle HydraCare technology promises 68% less damage 2 Efficient Has the same air flow and drying speed as a 2400W motor but uses less heat 3 Essential Oils Dryer infused with argan and macadamia oils for healthylooking hair. 48

Design Page ADVERTORIAL DESIGNER VIEW Creating The Balance TP Vision chief designer talks about what it takes to make a great Philips TV today © Philips TV ROD WHITE Chief Designer TP Vision Rod White, TP Vision’s Chief Designer – from Scotland – started off working in furniture design, but has been working now in consumer product design for the past 23 years. His work has taken him to various countries and continents, which, he says, as a designer is a great opportunity to learn about different cultural behaviour and lifestyles. The Philips TV design team defines the look of the product but also the user experience the consumers have when they engage with the TV. Philips TVs are renowned for their design. But where and how are they designed today? We put the question to chief designer Rod White. Our Amsterdam design studio is where the product and user experience design identity is created and where all our new design concepts originate. Our global design team always has around a dozen different nationalities, which ensures a more rounded perspective. We use our own design strategy tools to push the annual range designs forward, and also give the design team the ability to look outside consumer electronics to see the larger picture influencing consumer behaviour in the coming years. Our Asian studios are an extension of our Amsterdam team and work closely with leading suppliers to ensure we can always leverage coming industry trends. What do you base your design decisions on? Designing for high volume Consumer Electronics always requires a balance of desirable, outstanding design; be it a unique material or an onscreen feature, but with an appropriate industrializable solution – We focus on real consumer behaviour and needs, so genuine relevance drives a lot of decision making in our designs. Relevant design means we as a brand steer clear of jumping on details or features that are clearly hype, but instead aim to deliver features that add to the users product experience. What are the key design features of your new range of TVs? Here at IFA we are launching several new products that exemplify our new design standpoint. Sound is one of our key pillars as a business and this is clearly visible this week. An example being the 8600, which delivers on fantastic sound but with a design that both fits into modern homes by means of the extremely slim dimensions and exudes quality with the choice of colour and material finishing. That combination of performance with appropriate material and form harks back to the point of ‘relevance’, which underpins our design thinking. Why is Ambilight so important? Philips as a brand has been delivering meaningful innovation to consumers for a long time; Ambilight was launched around 10 years ago as part of that philosophy. Increasingly, there is an understanding in general society that overall health is influenced by domestic environments. Ambilight in Philips TV is unique in being able to participate in that Philips domestic lighting eco system while also delivering the ultimate immersion for gaming, movie or sports viewing through the Active Ambilight extension of the action. What you can see this week at IFA in the 8900 Projection Ambilight is a massive step for consumers looking for the ultimate Home Entertainment experience. Sound with thin, flat TV is a big problem when it comes to design. How do you get around that? Philips TVs have always been recognised for delivering class-leading sound. That said, with TV dimensions reducing year on year, we decided to make the sound detailing visible - to deliver both fantastic sound and great looking sound. Our challenge together with our acoustical experts was to create multiple speaker packages with extremely tight dimensions which, when combined with the integrated subwoofer and controlled by our own audio software, deliver amazing clarity and power. This same balance of fantastic sound performance with a form factor designed for real consumers’ needs can now be seen across the 2015 range from the top of the line 9600 with its 'floating sound’ detail and right throughout the rest of the range. Hall 22 / Stand 101 IFA International • Saturday 5 th & Sunday 6 th September 2015 49

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