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Week-end Edition - Day 2 & 3 - IFA International

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SPOTLIGHT ON GERMAN SPEAKING COUNTRIES Region German Speaking Countries “DACH” – the heart of manufacturing – and business – in Western Europe NEW NAME: BSH BOSCH UND SIEMENS HAUSGERÄTE GMBH IS NOW CALLED BSH HAUSGERÄTE GMBH New this year at IFA is the fact that BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH has been renamed BSH Hausgeräte GmbH. This occurred as part of the takeover of Siemens AG shares in the former joint venture by Robert Bosch GmbH. Robert Bosch GmbH became the sole shareholder of BSH on January 5. In future, BSH will act for the most part independently as a company within the Bosch Group. German speaking countries, or as they are otherwise known “DACH”, include Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Germany itself of course is renowned as being the economic stalwart of Europe, and by the same token, is renowned for its manufacturing capacity, particularly in high tech fields. It’s the largest national economy in Europe and the fourth largest by nominal GDP in the world. In 2014, Germany recorded the highest trade surplus in the world – worth 5bn, making it the biggest capital exporter globally. According to GfK, German Consumers continue to expect the German economy to grow this year. The recently published, first preliminary figures for the gross domestic product (GDP) in the second quarter confirm this. According to preliminary data from the Federal Statistical Office, the GDP rose by 0.4 percent from April to June in comparison to the previous period. The increase was 0.3 percent in the first quarter. In addition to private consumer spending, strong exports in particular were responsible for the positive development in the spring. Consumer enthusiasm is increasingly stronger in retail. After the first preliminary figures from the Federal Statistics Office, retail sales in June in real terms were 5.1% higher than in June 2014 (in nominal terms +5.3 percent). For the entire first half of 2015, the German retail sector resulted in an increase of 2.5 percent in real terms and 2.4 percent in nominal terms. The retail sector, which accounts for about one third of private consumption, should make an important contribution to the expected consumer economy. BSH Hausgeräte Gmbh: Continuous professional development is important to long-term success "At hackathons, participants are given free rein to experiment" – Mario Pieper, responsible for the digital transition at BSH. German companies such as BSH (in this case, Siemens) are spearheading the drive towards the connected home. One can get a head start on one’s evening and start domestic chores before you arriving home: the Home Connect app can switch on home appliances such as the dishwasher or oven before one start one’s journey, making sure everything is ready in good time. Dr. Karsten Ottenberg also remains Chairman and CEO of BSH. Continuous professional development of employees is one of the key factors in BSH's long-term success. At hackathons, participants are given free rein to experiment and think outside the normal corporate box That is why the company not only offers its own internal training institute, the BSH Academy, but also diverse and tailored qualification programs. For many years now, BSH has had several development programs to give special support to talents at the company, in particular with a view to helping them make international careers. Meanwhile, demonstrating its “forward thinking” processes, BSH has honoured the winners of its first hackathon. In response to an invitation by BSH, around 40 engineers came together for three days earlier this year to develop new ideas for networking home appliances. The aim was to host an external event that brought together experts who would generate creative new ideas and solutions for performing household tasks, thus enhancing the level of innovation at BSH even further. Working in cooperation with relayr, a startup company dedicated to furthering the Internet of Things, around 40 software developers were invited to a three-day coding session in Berlin to work on connecting modern home appliances to intelligent sensors, thermostats, weather stations or webcams. An intensive event of this kind is known as a hackathon. “At hackathons, participants are given free rein to experiment and think outside the normal corporate box. Our goal is to be a partner and solution provider for all household tasks rather than ‘just’ a manufacturer”, said Mario Pieper, responsible for the digital transition at BSH. 50

SPOTLIGHT ON GERMAN SPEAKING COUNTRIES Region Quality as a Differentiator Part of a huge industrial group, Liebherr refrigeration division leverages excellence as a USP When they think of “quality” or “precision” products, the consumer’s mind thinks “German”, or “Swiss”. True to this concept, Liebherr, headquartered in Switzerland, is Europe’s largest privately owned refrigeration manufacturer - established in 1954. The brand has developed into one of the market leaders in the domestic and commercial appliance area and is a symbol of quality all over the world. Liebherr describes its refrigerators and freezers as “the epitome of perfect quality, timeless design and innovation”. Nowadays, more than 2.2 million appliances leave Liebherr’s various production plants every year. We asked Günther Sproll, Marketing Director -Liebherr Division Refrigerators and Freezers how design plays a role… GÜNTHER SPROLL Marketing Director, Liebherr Division Refrigerators and Freezers Design has the task of carrying the brand’s core values and making these tangible and visible. Design and product development always takes place in the context of social and societal developments. When we first conceive a design we follow the classic principle of “design follows function”. We consciously avoid conceiving our appliances around fashionable short-lived trends; instead, we focus on timeless, modern and harmonious design. When it comes to product quality, we stand right at the forefront. This has been demonstrated by the latest tests by the German Consumer Association Stiftung Warentest, which saw three Liebherr appliances impressively taking top spots in their classes. The test comprised of 25 chest freezers, freestanding freezers and small freezers. The Liebherr freestanding freezer GNP 3666 received a score of 1.9 to become one of the winners in its class. The GTP 2356 took the top honours with a score of 1.8 in the chest freezer grouping. In the small freezer category, the built-in model IGN 1654 came away with an impressive, class‐leading ‘Good’. How important is the IFA to you as a pivotal marketing place and how do you leverage the show? The IFA is the most important domestic appliance show for us, and our visitors expect exciting themes and discussions about our products and services. This is why we, as specialists in refrigeration and freezer appliances, find it the perfect platform for presenting innovations such as our BluPerformance generation of appliances to our national and international trade partners. SELECTED EXHIBITORS FOR GERMAN SPEAKING COUNTRIES AT IFA LEGENDARY GERMAN BRAND KÄRCHER INTRODUCES SMART GARDEN CONCEPT While everyone is talking about intelligent house control systems – the new ST 6 Smart Home water timer from Kärcher brings this concept to the garden using the manufacturer-independent platform Qivicon. With a specially designed app, settings can be changed remotely using a smartphone or tablet. Watering only occurs when needed: sensors measure the moisture in the ground and transmit the value to the SensoTimer via radio. Connected watering opens up many possibilities for the Smart Home system. A motion sensor, for example, ensures that the system registers when you are having a garden party, avoiding any nasty surprises. Or the blinds on the windows to the garden close before watering begins, for example. Even when on holiday, you will still have control over the garden watering. With the new Kärcher app, important information can be viewed and settings made at any time. It’s all part of a much “smarter life”! Hall 4.1 / Stand 213 MIELE’S ACTIVE CAMPAIGN TARGETS YOUNG CONSUMERS New entry-level dishwasher range for below € 600 Miele hopes to start a long association with young couples and families with its entry-level range of Active Dishwashers that start at the recommended retail price of € 599, which is up to € 130 lower than with previous models. The new price demonstrates Miele’s commitment to connect with and engage with its customer’s every day needs with products that offer quality and genuine value for money. “We know that our dishwashers enjoy a legendary reputation among young families, first time buyers who then unfortunately turn to other brands for pecuniary reasons,” said Reinhard Zinkann, Co-Proprietor of Miele. The Active range has been developed to target this key consumer group and provide them with a convincing alternative that is tested to last 20 years. Hall 2.1 / Stand 101 IFA International • Saturday 5 th & Sunday 6 th September 2015 51

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